Immodium - friend or foe

So I had a bad episode of D on Saturday morning (probably caused by too much bread and carbs) and I had plans so I took 2 immodium. Then had another bout so took a further tablet. That's 3 in total.

It's now nearly Wednesday and I still haven't been to the loo since! Feel so bloated and it's painful when i bend forwards. I love that immodium is so effective and makes my symptoms go away for a few days (mostly) but then it gets to this and I start feeling gross again. The worst thing is when I finally do go again I know it'll be painful and probably followed by D that has been backed up (sorry for the imagery).

Anyone else have these issues? Anything I can do to help resolve it? Gota love ibs - it really is all or nothing.

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  • Half tablets increments of Imodium is my trick. Too much and I'm bloated and in pain, same as you.

  • I think it's all about finding your ballance with Imodium. You have to judge what works for you at that episode. Hope you are ok now.

  • i find one is enough for me and i love the ones that melt in your mouth, Works better.

  • Yep same happens to me. Great innit NOT.

  • The instructions advise you to take 2 tablets to start treatment and then another tablet after every loose bm. But I still haven't managed to go and all I can think of is how much food I've eaten since Saturday :/ feel gross.

    I also use the instant (melt on tongue) tablets. This has seriously put me off though.

  • The chalky disgusting chewable tablets are easy to cut smaller and self dose. I'd also take the first dose quite early, expect a BM or two and then see how it goes before taking another half tablet.

  • You could try magnesium citrate , they are more gentle for getting you started but go steady on dose to start with

  • Same happens to me I find that after I take two Imodium I usually have another go of the dreaded diarria then about fifteen minutes after all is ok . If I happen to being going out for any length of time I take two Imodium just in case I'm caught short , Good Luck x

  • This used to happen to me,but I now find that I am back to normal the next day,I worry about the time when they don't work for me at all.

  • A lot of tablet medication contains lactose and if you are in any way intolerant then Immodium will do you no good at all

  • I use these for 'security' if I feel that I may have problems when going out. I have had the same issues with C for several days after taking them, followed by a normal BM and then D for a hour or so. I agree you wonder how much food can remain inside you! Now, as I said, I only use them when I am out and have problems, I consider the effects preferable to accidents in public (I have had quite a few and it is like a living nightmare!). Good luck, I hope you find a way of using them to suit you and your life. X

  • Imodium makes me worse its not my friend.

  • Lets look a bit more deeply at this.

    You eat bread and carbs and they give you diarrhea. We should think about why that is. The most likely cause is that you are, for one of many reasons, not digesting these properly. A better approach, if you have not tried this before would be to take digestive enzymes (two or three tabs full spectrum enzymes) when you eat. This may treat it at the cause, rather than just slowing down the bowel's movement, which is what immodium does.

    An even better thing is to avoid eating bread and complex carbs if they bother you in this way. You don't need them to live. Eat whole foods, nonprocessed, fruits veggies and meats you cook yourself. Then you know what is in it. If you still have irregular bowels take digestive enzymes every time you eat. See what happens after a few weeks of this and let me know.


  • Peppermint tea helps me when I'm bloated and in pain- or you could try to get something with peppermint extract?

  • If I'm really bad I take 3 . Have a hot bath and a hot cup of ( apple cider vinegar, raw honey, fresh ginger ) but I don't drink it until atleast four hrs after taking Imodium . I took drastic measures though. I was so bad with my IBS that a dr said " maybe when you go through the menopause it will ease " I was 38. So I got a hysterectomy . I would say it's helped 80% of problems. But I still get a week sometimes of really bad trapped wind 😢😢

  • Hi,

    Same problem. I think I have previously posted on this subject. When I don't get a BM say after two days , I take Fybogel ,soluble fibre in a drink. Usually works me the following morning. Not always entirely predictable but it gets rid of the constipated feeling in due course , in a comfortable and easy way --unlike chemical laxatives.

    Immodium is great when you have to go somewhere ,like travelling and cannot always be running off to the loo . My concern would be that it continues to work.


  • ibs realy bad along with diverticular desease wicked painfull

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