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My cure after 15 years


Hi I have had ibs for about 15 years I think I finally have found my cure when I say my cure I honestly think everybody as a different strain , type of ibs some people get the pain flare ups and struggle going to the toilet I'm the other end of the spectrum I could be driving down the road feeling fine not ate for a few hours then boom sharp unbearable pain in my stomached I would have from that point minutes to find a toilet , a pub a McDonald's were my favourite spots . With me doing a lot of driving in my job it was that bad I would no every available toilets on my route this is something that comes natural when you have lived so long with ibs if I got stuck in major traffic jams panic would kick in I'd pulled on the hard shoulder and jumped behind trees on numerous occasions.

I have tried loads of diets medications you name it I've tried it recently a friend who also as it put me on to symprove which had worked for him I tried this for 3 month but to no success at a cost of £80 a month then I stumbled on something called LEPICOL its a high fibre probiotic I have now been on it for 3 month and not had a single problem since the day I took it I can honestly say I feel like a new man I've gone from 5-6 times a day running to the loo with diarrhoea 70% of the Time to going twice a day and never with diarrhoea my gut feels better.

I got stuck on the motorway for 2hrs after just eating my dinner 3 days ago (not a problem) 4 month ago I didn't leave a cafe , restaraunt , until I went to the toilet after eating which to be fare was pretty much straight away. I no we are all different and what works for me might not work for you but it's very cheap think I paid £12 for 2 mont supply so give it a chance good luck people let me no if it works for you. It kicked in on me after 2-3 days that quick unbelievable after all this time but thank god I found something.

Good luck

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I have similar problems to you and have put up with it for 20 years (god knows why!) am now having tests at the doctors but may give Lepicol a try . Thanks.

Well done you, great news.

Hopefully others will find help with this.

It's pretty much a given that sufferers have to work out their own triggers and then a cure, given the often complex combination of events that lead up to an attack.

Just had a quick look on line, how much do you take and when. I am assuming you paid £12 for 350g tub. Holland and Barrat are a little bit more but may have a buy one get one half price offer on, so going up there today to get some.

I have been using a combination of Aloe Vera tablets, probiotic capsules, exercise and occasional Buscopan if I cramp up and that pretty much controls my gut, but there is still room for some improvement.

Thank you for sharing

47 yr old male IBS c or d with bloat

I took Lepicol for years. Fantastic product. However I do find the amount of water you have to drink was difficult. I my quest to improve even more I came across a hospital tested product called Symprove. Like you the benefits were very fast. It's just an egg cup of product every morning. I'm not bloated like I was with Lepicol. It is expensive but I feel while I'm working, I can afford it.

It's a shame it's the community that's doing the research. Good luck to you.

Hi where do you get symprove from.

Glad you found something! Wouldn't work for me as I found extra fibre makes mine worse!!! I do take a probiotic every day though and that definitely helps. :)


Excellent news and very


Oops my reply got submitted before I'd finished !!!

....Good news.

I found that the answer to my

Diarrhorea was a strictly dairy free diet but I never had any psin

Hi Craig p

I've suffered for years with ibs up until 2 years ogo was mostly constipated, these days it's gone he other way, I always like to know where the loos are . Where do you get lepicol from is it tablets or yogurt

Lloyd1 in reply to sophiezara

Got some from holland and Barrat today, buy one get one half price. Go for the 350gram as £14 180 gram is £11 !!!

Sounds really good. I actually suffer with IBS C, not D like you. I think I may give it a try. I've never tried Symprove as the price is high; both myself and my husband are trying to save for our retirement and won't be able to afford such luxury (luxury is not what I'd really call it but there is no-one out there to actually help IBS sufferers - I honestly think that medics think it's a small irritation!).

I seem to be struggling with IBS D even more than usual after recent Colonoscopy ( Jan 13, 2014 ), does anyone know if this is typical. In any event I feel I have to try something else quickly to try and regain some control. After looking at various options I`ve just ordered my first supply of LEPICOL. I`ll let you know how I get on.

fenbadger in reply to Martg

You had a "chemical clearout" before your colonoscopy and an irritant inserted so it's no surprise your already irritated bowel is settling back down. Give it a couple more days but if at any time you're concerned see your GP or whoever referred you for the procedure. It could be some time before anyone discusses the results routinely. I've had several and one was 6MONTHS after the incident that put me in hospital for four days. Of course by then there was nothing to see.

Martg in reply to fenbadger

Thanks fenbadger. Had first food for 2 days this evening along with my first dose of Lepicol mentioned by Craig-P. Here`s hoping.

Hi Craig-P. Took my first dose of Lepicol this evening but I`m a little confused on mixing instructions. I put 1 heaped teaspoonful in 250ml of water, gave it a quick stir and swallowed, I then followed this with a 2nd 250ml glass of water only. If I increase the dose to 2 teaspoonfuls I`m unsure whether to mix this with 250ml of water or is the mix supposed to be 250ml of water for each spoonful.

I found Lepicol to be good but the amount of water you had to drink made me look for an alternative. It did cut out the pain so is worth it.

I am new to all this and trying to figure it all out but my stomach and back burns and i can't sleep. I don't want to see a dr,because i can't stand the thought of going through tons of tests. I have had it before so I'm pretty sure it's IBS, but then fear comes in and i get scared. Most of these posts are 4 years old, so i hope it's still ok to post regarding this. Hope things are better for you all.

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