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Hi all, I have been diagnosed with IBS-C recently and it is a major source of discomfort. I would rather suffer the pain of fibro and spondilosis than have a bout of !!

I have many medications because of the different illnesses and have been given Lanzaprazole and mebervine for IBS but even though I follow a strict free from gluten, wheat and lactose diet and dont eat red meat, dont have any of the known triggers it is sill the most debilitating illness. I had soluble fibre for breakfast (bananas mashed) and wheat free bread, Microwaved potato and runner beans for lunch with a small piece of roast chicken breast and still uncomfortable rumblings inside keep occurring! Has anyone any ideas?

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  • hi, i think the rumblings are good , it means food i s moving along nicel y ,its when it sticks the problems start ,, you get pain that sticks n stays there for hours , can be as long as 12 , sometimes ,,, moveing along ,,really slow ,,,,on lower left is mine, it leaves a nagging dull collocky pain, that goes on for hours ,,,,ive tried loads of pain killers that dont touch it ,,,,any one know one that will reach it , , !!!!! thanks , val136

  • IF you have IBS -C i would have thought that unsoluble fiber would be best such as broccoly and Banana are Part of the BRAT diet which is supposed to help with D.

    Drink lots of water.

  • hi their i agree with val if ur rumlin great im on so many tablet,s for my illness hv u tried colpromin and gaviston i take these colpromin take 20 mins be4 meals and gaviston after meals that,s the advice i was given i hope it work,s 4 u

  • colpromin dont work at present and not able to have gaviscon because of other meds. mebervine is good but i must not deviate from the diet and have meds/food at the right times.

    not been given much info, so have not heard of BRAT diet. will look for it on net. thanx 4 that. do have banana for breakfast. it works well on 'free' crumpets or 'free' toast (not burnt) and I love broccoli. i am making some veg soup right now with all good stuff in. if i am bad with fibro over the weekend it will be something to fall back on. I cannot cope with being organised - its not in my nature!!! thanx all xxx

  • I spent almost two years after I was diagnosed searching for some sort of medication that worked and honestly no painkiller or anything my GP prescribed worked. BUT, I have found some relief in a probiotic drink called Yakult and would highly reccomend it to anyone who suffers from cronic pain as it really really has worked wonders for me. I even went a week without it just to make sure that it was helping and after 3 days I was back crippled with pain, when I started drinking it again the pain has mostly disappeared. I hope this helps :D

  • yes I have tried Yakult. It has some effect and I like it but still have to have pills. Are you on wheat, lactose and gluten free diet? I cannot deviate from diet food at all or it flares up again! I did think about just getting probiotics from health food place. xx

  • yakault,is very nice , but small , do you have one every day ! as theyyyyyyy,re so small ! could it help , with two a day one morn n one at night , do you think ! val is there any one from burnley o n here ,,,,, where is everyone from ,,, its nice to know your not on your own ,,, i sometimes feel i am ,, , hope i get some replies ,,

  • one a day is recommended, but if you need more then get some probiotics from health food store.

  • ur not alone val im frm edwinstowe nr mansfield i hvent tried yakault at the moment im on free frm and it,s not easy 2 find anythin that,s free frm u go in store,s asda tesco morrissons and it,s virtually the same so trust me val ur not alone lv hp u hv a gud day tk care ann xx

  • I am in a bad bout of IBS since last Friday and have only joined this forum which I found quite by chance in desperation knowing that the docs don't seem able to help with this once they have sent you for a scope or two and find nothing sinister - i.e. cancer I suppose. They just say it's IBS. I find omeprazole better than the gold standard lanzoprazole.

  • Hi 686868, do you have a name? I have mebeverine as well (before meals) and have cut out practically everything ie dairy, wheat, gluten, red meat, oily fish, nuts, alcohol, Specialist foods are very expensive but with them and fresh fruit/veg, I am now able to sustain a fairly even existence until the dreaded stress kicks in! I must also have enough rest. I wish you luck in finding the triggers and good health.


  • Hello gypsycrafter. Call me Wattle if you like. It must be great to be able to eat everything at present for you. Unfortunately my big problem on the iBS front currently is the diarrhoea so I have a very limited choice to go for at present. As soon as I think I am winning I regress and starving doesn't work.

    This forum is a good idea. Best health to you too.

  • Hi Wattle, I went for the last 8 months , like you struggling with what to eat. I am IBS c and lived most of the time on movicol! I am not taking it at present. Have you tried the Juvela site? although primarily for coeliac sufferers they send a free box of goodies which is quite useful. Holland and Barratt sell a product which might help you called Regucol. infact they are a very helpful company.

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