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swollen stomach due to ibs

I have ibs and have problems with swollen stomach yesterday my stomach nice and flat had a omelette for lunch 2hour later my stomach just seemed to swell before my eyes was still swollen this morning is much worse again now maybe because had slice sausage have been advised to avoid wheat and dairy and slice sausage has wheat seems to be wind swelling stomach up any suggestions what can take

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Are you taking a 'good' probiotic?? The cheap ones tend to not help...but the 'good' ones can work miracles. You might give it a try. Wheat can definitely be an enemy...and its amazing how often wheat gets placed in SO many food products... Good luck to you!


do you keep a food and symptom diary? there are certain foods that do cause bloating/gas and pain. for example even eggs do irritate some people. and if you had milk in your omelette that could be a problem too. the best thing to do is take probiotics regularly to build up a good gut and during these symptoms, have a hot water bottle as heat relieves the pain and take lemon and hot water drink and ginger as this soothes the tummy. exercise helps take away the swelling and gas and also buscopan cramps can balance symptoms. do you find it had happens after certain things you eat? sometimes once you have an attack like this, everything you eat and drink can affect and swell your stomach as the gut is irritated so keep to basic food and drink during this time. i think the best remedies for things like that are natural ones, heat gets the gas out and soothes the inflammation


i use soya milk the swelling has got worse over last couple of months with a pain pain in right side just below waist the doctor put me on dcyloflorine for cramp i said i didn't get cramp she said it was presenting itself as pain went for internal scan found fybriods and thickening of lining of womb but was told as it was only 8mm thick and do not get concerned unless was 11mm so was said it must be my ibs how long do you take these tablets for as pain comes back whe

n i stop them also it comes on after going for a pee but doctor just says its all connected


I have heard that soya can still be very irritant for people with ibs and shouls try to have only lactose free milks like arla lactofree or almond milk or oat milk. Unfortunately i think until you find a reason behind all the links, its lifelong and you would need to take tablets if they help all the time. Have you tried a holistic approach like acupunture or amnfo fu?


Hi, it's depressing and painful, but the answer is probably in your diet. You may have to completely change diet to find which foods are your triggers, even foods which you may have happily eaten for years!

Try the low FODMAP diet, but it does require some dedication. Many people on this site have had a lot of success, but it's not in itself a miracle worker.

All the very best,

No biker


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