Im new to this group and need help

Hi ive had ibs or digestion problems for years, but really bad as 10yrs. i have tried everything that the drs suggested but nothing has ever really helped. as last two months i have been juicing mainly veg to try and control my weight problem and bloating. im not too bad in the morning but i just keep getting bigger as the day goes on even though i dont eat a big lot. i am mainly constipated with painful cramps and i do take probiotics. I feel like my stomach is going to explode by the evening. Its affecting my life so badly. Any help would be much appreciated:-)

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  • I'm the opposite to you. I keep loosing weight....I have lost almost 4 stone in past 6 months...which first 3 stone in very short 4 month. I have similar pain like you. If I don't go to.loo and empty cramp and pain sits there and spasm. I used to take me beverage and buscupan but didn't help. So only rely on hot water bottle on my stomach n star fish on it lying on sofa or bed and push it out. But specialist now give me gabapentin 100g n now increase to 200gr...this helps the pain before I need to go and during. Bloated essential seems under control too. I got introduce drink ginger water.. ie grate or chop ginger n add hot water n drink it and also buy ginger sweeties from organic shop such as Holland and Barrett. Really helped me. But I'm still having diarrhea problem....

  • Are your drs not concerned about such a dramatic weight loss. i put ginger in my juices. thanx for your reply

  • You could try peppermint oil/tea, and also add wheat bran powder to your foods, start off small and build up to an amount that is suitable for you, you may have tried these already though, hope you feel better soon x

  • Thank you for the reply but wheat is a no no for me, peppermint i take in capules

  • It could be the veggies you are juicing which is causing the bloat.

  • I have had the bloating for years b4 i started juicing. i will research it as well thank you

  • I gave up wheat and had big results on the bloating/gas front. Read a book called Wheat Belly which was an eye opener. Still get constipation and night pain. But at least the general bloat and gas have stopped!

  • thank you i will give that a read

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