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What to cut out and take?

I have been ignoring since my diagnosis how to help myself with IBS. My doctor was not very good at giving me advice and just gave me a print out which explains IBS!??!!

I have looking it up and looked it up and know somethings I should try like food diary ect and cut things out of my diet. How ever I find that hard. I need some real advice. I take some herbal tablets which can help with constipation and bloating sometimes. I have now got lacto free milk to try. What els could I take or cut out?

Its hard where I live to cut out wheat and gluten... I always cook only fresh foods and no processed. I cut down on coffee and I am going to give cutting it out completely a try. I was thinking of just having teas no milk. What teas are best for IBS?

I am finding what to have for breakfast the hardest as here in Germany the are very big on bread and their continental bread, cheese and meat breaklfasts!

When I get to GP I will ask for more help but as I am learning the language I have to wait till my partners of work to help me. :/ lol its a real pain.

Thanks for any advice! :) just really want to get things under control now.

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I'm trying FODMAP's -- desperately searching for menus and meal plans. Coincidentally my son told me he's suffering from gas and he's cutting out a lot of foods on the FODMAP's no list. So far I've reduced pain from irritating foods, but constipation is still bad.


hi my name is ann iv found it hard 2 cope with this glutton wheat free also iv stopped hvin normal milk iv gn lacto its workin 4 me at tha moment it isent easy in fact its bloody hard but gv it few weeks or sooner and u will feel the difference gud luck nice to hear frm u xx

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Hi Calley my name is Alicia (Grandmother) and I have also tried phsyllium husk but unfortunately it didn't work for me. I have been to see a dietician and am waiting for her to get back to me when her colleague has been trained using the FODMAP diet. I know this is going to be really hard but if it works, it's certainly worth it. Best of luck


I found something helpful- if u r familiar with the hungry hungry hippie, she has some recipes here...http://ibs.about.com/od/FODMAPsInformation/tp/Low-FODMAPs-Recipes.htm. Although, I consider myself knowledgable around diff foods and health food stores are something I love, some of these ingredients I either don't know and am researching ( Internet and pestering my local vegan stockists!) or can't find - such as 'tempeh'.id never heard of it before last week, but apparently it's an excellent high protein meat substitute.if ur following FODMAP however, make sure ur not one who reacts to galactans, it's a fermented soy product. Good luck, I have other lists and link pages. I will look em up and add, some are helpful, some are not...iv not even finished goin thru em yet. @kerrym212, I'm interested in ur report too! Am I ok to inbox u as well? Good luck Calley n evry1. TraciN


Also, look at:


: ibsgroup.org/brochures/fodm...

A breakdown of what FODMAP means and can do from boots: webmd.boots.com/digestive-d...

And a blogger who concentrated on her carbs using FODMAP: webmd.boots.com/digestive-d...

As I said, iv not looked through all of it yet, so happy hunting!something to be gettin started with at least :D enjoy!



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