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Is this typical of IBS?

I have slept badly for a few hours, and am now up because of nausea and general discomfort/aching/pain from the middle of my chest down to my abdomen. :(

I know that gluten, or at least, wheat, is a trigger for me and i have been eating wheat. I tried to make gluten-free mince pies and they were rubbish.

I am just wondering if this horrible feeling im having from my chest down, along with the nausea, is typical of IBS?

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Yes, I often get it. Heartburn and/or acid reflux and/or hiatus hernia is very common alongside IBS and can produce these symptoms. Having said that, if you know you're wheat intolerant and you've eaten wheat, it could be that too. Have you been tested for coeliac disease? (I don't mean just the blood test, which isn't always conclusive, there's a biopsy of the small intestine which gives a more accurate result.) Otherwise, visit your doc and get checked out, there are medications that work well for acid reflux and there are also drugs to help with nausea. Good luck! :)


Yes sounds pretty typical and what I suffer from regularly with IBS c could be the wheat or some combination of wheat with something else which coeliac tests will not nesceraly show up early an pain radiating up to chest and downto anus is a nightly occurrence for me .i sleep on a wedge pillow for acid reflux /heartburn ,


I have had the blood test for ceoliac disease but it was inconclusive.

Should i perhaps push for a biopsy?

I'm relieved to learn that this pain is typical, it was really concerning as its such a large area to be in such discomfort.

I'm doing better today.

I know i shouldn't have eaten wheat/gluten, but i can only have mince pies once a year! lol. i've thrown the rest away, im having a couple of yorkshire puddings today and that's it.

i was able to eat wheat/gluten without any noticable effects when i was young :(


biopsy of what? If you have a colonoscopy, whatever polyp or anomaly they find, they biopsy. I had it done and all biopsies were negative. I have some diverticulosis but my pain is half neuro-muscular and half IBS. I'm on low FODMAPs diet so mince pie would be out for me too :( because of wheat crust and dried fruit.


be careful of heart symptoms


Okay, so how do i get started on a FODMAP diet? it seems that it's the only way to go.

i suppose any diagnosis isn't going to change anything, i just need to work out exactly what my triggers are and cut them out forever. i can't keep going through this, a mince pie is NOT worth it :(


General recommendation is to seek dietician oversight of FODMAP. If you have an iPhone/iPad there is an official app from Monash university.


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