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New to this community

Hi everyone.

I am new to this forum and my first ever forum. I am suffering a lot recently with my IBS flare ups. I have purchased the cant wait card (does anyone know how long it takes to arrive in UK) and the radar key. Has anyone else given this a go in the UK and does it work? 

Also does anyone know any good ideas i can help with my flare ups. I am wondering if there is any medication i can take to keep my bowels at ease or any food/drinks to help manage it as well? 

Thanks in advance! 


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Your card and key shouldn't take long 

Have you tried eliminating one food group from your diet at a time say, dairy - do it for at least 2/3 weeks and keep a food and bowel movement diary to see what changes there might be.  Some people are also intolerant of wheat although they are not coeliac

You may also find that some fruits are not suited to you

All elimination diets are different for different people but a lot of people on this forum find that the FODMAP diet works for them


thank you for your reply. I haven't yet tried this properly. I did try it a little when I was being diagnosed and I know some foods and drinks I have to stay clear from. I will give this a go asap thankyou for your advice. 

Can't wait for the card and key to come through as well as that should help when I'm out and about.

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Hi as with all of us it is trial and error, we all have to find our triggers, mine lol is food overall. I take Colpamin, to ease the runs to the Loo , seems to work for me, but doesn't agree with everyone, as it is peppermint. I wish you luck with your Journey, which may be a long one.take care


thank you so much for your advice I hope you as well can get through this long horrible journey too 


Your welcome, I have been on this journey for a long time, and thank you.

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Lots of advise. Hopefully your find some of it helps. I take buscopan, 2 four times a day.  You can have it by injection if your really sick (vomiting) and can't keep tablets down. Low doses of amitriptyline is also good for intestine discomfort.  Good luck 

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