New member ibs for 4 years help needed for diet

Hi I've just joined and looking for diet advise for ibs symptoms are bloating wind abdominal pain and constipation I'm fairly healthy following slimming world for few years just recently cut out wheat and cereal and taking a yakult a day ... anything to avoid would be great ? Thinking about trying gluten free ? Thanks

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  • Yep.....try FODMAP. It eliminates a lot of things....but very effective. Good luck!

  • I found low FODMAPS most helpful. Have to discover what foods are triggers. For me broccoli, soy protein, and calcium carbonate. I have to stick to whole foods except for deserts.

  • I find that low FODMAPs help me too

  • Hi, I've had IBS for 17 years and I can tell you now there is no diet out there that has ever worked for me and I've tried most of them. The only decent relief you will ever get from IBS mostly consisting of constipation is laxatives. Obviously you should also eat healthily like have high fiber cereal for breakfast with fruit etc but diet alone will probably not cut it. I just answered a question just like this which gives more details about this:

    Another thing to point out is that with IBS usually when the constipation starts to get sorted then the diarrhea does as well so don't thing you can't take laxatives just because you get diarrhea

    Hope this helps a bit and good luck!

  • Hi Shelbydog

    Have a look at Dr Sarah Myhills web- I've consulted her and she insists that one has to cut down on carbohydrates, fruit and no sugar which casue the fermentation and bloating plus pain. I have a lot of both but can't do without some carbs as am very thin. Trial and error with constipation; I try not to take prescribed laxatives anymore - bowel got lazy after doc put me on Movicol for 12 years!

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