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My appointment for a Colonoscopy.

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I took the first dose of Moviprep Wednesday after having a CT scan.

It was a introduction to Dysentry.

I had a hell of a time with explosive episodes that ruined the carpet in the downstairs loo. I took the second dose Thursday morning hoping it might clean my bowels out and start looking clearer.

It didn't and I felt absolutely lousy with stomach pains which I never had before.

I had to use kitchen towels in my underpants to try and help but all it did was to help stop more underwear needing washing just.

It was absolutely impossible for my brother to take me for the appointment as I would have ruined his car seat or even his car.

One of the nurses phone me a lectured me about that what Moviprep is supposed to do.

She did not want to hear about any of my concerns.

I went to bed and slept all afternoon and night with constant episodes throughout.

I have spent most of the morning cleaning up the loo and scrapping the carpet which was ruined.

I never want to go through Moviprep again.

With regards the Colonoscopy god knows how and when.

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I know, it’s horrible! I missed my 1st appt because the timing was too close to the second dose, and I wouldn’t have made it for the reasons you mention. There are other preparations available and they should offer one of those instead. The other thing which I did when I had a colonography was to take Imodium before going because, once the stool runs clear, the prep has done it’s job and there’s no fecal matter in the system so no need for more suffering; didn’t seem to affect the result.

The other problem I had was dehydration, because I was still having bowel problems the day after the procedure. They tell you to drink plenty of water afterwards, but you’re better off with an isotonic drink like Dioralyte or Lucozade Sport. I almost passed out in the shower because my blood pressure had got so low without the necessary electrolytes, which my GP later explained.

I don’t think ours are unusual experiences, and I think the medical profession would be doing themselves a favour by being more open and honest about the potential side effects of these preps, because there are things you can do to mitigate the problems.

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crucigera in reply to Superzob

Thanks for reply. I was told explicitly not to take Imodium and my my stools did not run clear and continued unabated like dysentery till 9pm 7 hours after my allotted examination time.

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Superzob in reply to crucigera

Obviously something wrong there, and I'm surprised they didn't show some sort of recognition. There is also a "best is the enemy of the good" attitude, because they could still conduct the exam, albeit that the results might not be to the 95% accuracy they normally seek. As it was, you didn't get an exam at all, which doesn't seem to be in anyone's interest.

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crucigera in reply to Superzob

I could not make the examination as walking around with dysentery is basically a big no no. Car seat ruined, hospital entry diabolical and examination would have been against a constant flood of excrement. I have spent a day cleaning up downstairs loo which looked like a disaster zone afterwards. Apart from that I felt very ill and had to lie down with all sorts of attempts to contain the problems from ruining my bed. I eventually slept for a hour when it started to slow down 7 hours after my appointment.

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