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Hi everyone.

I’m having my first ever colonoscopy next Wednesday 22nd. I have an afternoon appointment. I’m really nervous (I suffer with anxiety anyway) about taking the moviprep solution more than the procedure itself. I’m going to take it with Lucazade and ice and through a straw. Can anyone give any advice on what else I can do to stop my anxiety about it all? If you have had one what was your experience?

Thanks in advance.

Fee x

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It is normal to feel anxious about something you haven't experienced before. I think the preparation for the colonoscopy (I have had a few) is the part most people don't like. I reduced the liquid they said to use by about a quarter on my last one and I found it much easier to drink. I also sucked clear mints. The procedure itself is quite simple, you lie on your side, wearing a gown and paper underwear to protect your modesty, use gas and air if needed or you may have had medication before. The tube is passed up your behind and you can watch it all on the camera. It is uncomfortable rather than painful. I had numerous biopsies taken and apart from the gas like pain which went when you break wind, I was fine.

I can't really help with your general anxiety as this is not something I have experienced.

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feelouise in reply to Smoq

Thank you so much for your reply.

I have thought about sucking on some clear mints. I think I will do that too.

Fee x

Hi feelouise,

I'm completely on the same boat as you when it comes to anxiety - health being the biggest worry.

I had a colonoscopy before and, I have to say, it was nice. I know, I know, it sounds extremely weird for getting a camera stuck up an exit only place, but it really was. The doctor I had was so nice. And don't get me started on the nurses; they helped calm every fear I felt the moment the specialist called for a colonoscopy all the way up to when I had to go back in for a follow-up.

I'm sure, if you have any worries, they will answer just as kindly and patiently. I know it's hard to convince yourself when you have anxiety that it will be okay, but try your hardest to trust your specialist and the nurses; they will take care of you the best way that they can all the while making this process as comfortable as possible. The worst thing about the colonoscopy for me - and I'm sure for a good lot of people who have to go in for the procedure - was the prep drink.

It normally doesn't have a good taste and the bloated feeling is pretty uncomfortable, but I've heard drinking Gatorade or Powerade (as long as it isn't a color you aren't supposed to be drinking) can help make it slightly more bearable. I'd also like to warn you that you will probably have loose stools or diarrhea for a while after so, it might be a good idea to stay at home, if possible, or at least be near a restroom and drink plenty of fluids when you can after the procedure. Some people are different in that department, but it took me a while to recover from the prep; I think I was going through an IBS episode at the same time, though, so you might be saved from that. You'll also probably feel a little sore down there for a while, and maybe a little bloated, too.

But, stay strong, okay? You'll pull through this and come out of it just fine. The test is completely worth going through and will help in the long run. I promise. And if you ever want to talk more, me and this community, are here for you and so is your specialist.

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feelouise in reply to Avaleex

I have had bad IBS in the past but it’s recently flared up quite bad hence why they want to do a colonoscopy to see if there’s anything else to worry about. I had inflammation of the bowel when I gave a stool sample that my GP asked for.

Thank you for your reply. So nice of you to give such good advice.

Fee x

Hey feelouise

I agree with Smog and Avaleex. I too have been through this and the prep was ok lasted a couple of hours late at night and wish I had thought of clear mints but drank clear tea instead. I was beside myself with fear, anxiety and panic, I knew I would have the sedation (was able to choose this or not to have it) so had to have someone with me to take me home afterwards so took my sister, she was brilliant although not allowed into the actual clinic. The nurses were excellent and the nurse in charge during the procedure was all I could ask for, in control and very supportive. The clinic filled up with women who had, had this procedure before and they also calmed my anxiety. All in all an uncomfortable procedure, not painful though and you keep your dignity. I had terrible wind afterwards but nothing else untoward, the nursing staff kept telling me to let it go and it was ok I was amongst friends. You also get the preliminary results after the procedure with a more detailed report going to your GP/Consultant a week or so later. Afterwards we went to a cafe and had a bacon sandwich and tea. The hospital did offer sandwiches but like all of us with IBS I have to know every ingredient. Good luck and try not to worry too much, easier said than done, I know. All the very best.

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feelouise in reply to Edith0

I’m wondering if to have sedation or the gas and air. I’ve heard good things about both so that’s something for me to think about this week haha.

Thank you for your advice. Much appreciated.

Fee x


I have had a couple of colonoscopies. I was fairly nervous the first time but the prep was ok. I had a different prep the next time but it was ok and I managed to finish it all ok both times. I also had to go on a low residue (very low fibre) diet for about 3 days before (I think this varies according to which hospital you go to) but I followed it exactly because I didn’t want to have to go back to do it again if the bowel wasn’t clear.

Anyway both times were fine. I had sedation (by injection, not gas and air) and it made the whole procedure very pleasant. I was treated very well and can’t fault the hospital I went to. Both times they found and removed polyps, so I have to have repeat colonoscopies every 5 years.

Good luck - I hope the prep is ok.

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feelouise in reply to Beezwax

I’m thinking if to have sedation or gas and air. Heard good things about both. Will have a think this week.

I too have been told to do a low fibre diet which I’ve started today (they’ve told me a week in advance to do it). I’ve also been told to take 2 senna tablets 4-5days beforehand before bed.

Thank you also for your advice.

Fee x

Hi, I came across this post late. But just wanted to let you know, I won't use the PEG/Golyletly/Miralax Colonoscopy prep. No way I'm drinking that huge jug. And I hate Miralax and that it smells like glue to me. I asked the Gastroenterologist who prescribed it to me (I called in and spoke to the nurse asking if there was an alternative to the jug and water..(by this time the Fleet phosphate that was a lot easier to take) was taken off shelves. She said they could prescribe something else they used a lot and if patient did not want to drink all that water and powder solution. It's called Supprep Bowel Kit and most insurance pays for it. It is 2 small 6 oz bottles of liquid.. it's not nasty and it's lemon lime flavored. It tastes a bit like Sierra Mist or Sprite. It comes in a box with the two small bottles and small plastic cup included. You fill the cup to the "fill line" with the first bottle. Then add to the 2nd fill line a small amount of water. The nurse told me that only one bottle of Supprep is usually all anyone needs and rarely does anyone need the 2nd bottle to be taken of "split doses". She was right. It did not taste bad at all..and after about 1/hour I was going to toilet and was "cleaned out" in about 45 minutes. I did not have to do the split doses that most solutions require. I think it is the easiest and best prep out there. To me..that was the easiest part, but the nerves of having the procedure was the worst, and that too was easy. They just put an IV in you and you feel nothing. No uncomfort after. This will be the only prep solution I will use now on. It's a shame more gastros don't use this easier prep than the jug of water and Golyletly. With this, you are not required to take an enema, another laxative or low fiber etc beforehand..I hope the procedure went well for you. I have to have my next one in four years since polyps were found. So, I'm glad the nurse told me about Supprep.

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feelouise in reply to Eliana5

Hi Eliana. Thanks for your reply. I was given moviprep when I went to see the Gastroenterologist. To be honest, I didn’t think it was too bad. The taste was yuck I admit but I had some Lucazade with it. I managed it down the evening before and the morning before my procedure. Made me go to the toilet about an hour in drinking it both times. The procedure itself went well. I had sedation. Everything clear but they took biopsy’s so awaiting those results 😊

Fee x

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Eliana5 in reply to feelouise

I'm so glad it went well for you. I don't like doing them and am always glad it's over with. Sending you wishes for great results. Which I am sure will be. :). I have had four of them. Three of them had polyps but luckily they were okay. Thanks for writing back and hope you will post again. x

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