An update of my colonoscopy

Hi, just wanted to update you on my colonoscopy I had done last week. I was very scared of having it done and the prep as well. The prep wasn't that bad really, had no pain just rushing to the loo! The procedure was ok as well, I had sedation and gas and air. There was really nothing to be scared of. Just want to let other people know that are scared like I was. I had a diagnosis of diverticulitis and I am wait ing now to go and see the consultant for a follow up appointment. I would like to thank everyone for your support!

Linda x

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  • Excellent - having a diagnosis is wonderful - you can get treatment now

    Very pleased for you

  • Really pleased it went okay - I've been diagnosed with the same. Let us know what the consultant says so that I can compare it with the 30 seconds I got from my GP

  • Hi, well I went to the GP it wasn't my GP because I couldn't get an appointment with her! He said there was no treatment for it and to go on high fibre diet and eat bran flakes. I said that would make me worse as I have tablets to stop me going to the loo. He wasn't really interested so I came out of the surgery and went home. I really don't know what to eat or what to do, is have made an appointment with my consultant to find out but that's in two weeks time. I'm still not feeling well either and have been off work for 7 weeks with it.

    What did your GP say was he a waste of time too?

    Linda x

  • I was told to bulk up on fibre (I also have diverticular disease), I said but if I do that it will make my ibs worse.

    Doctor shrugs shoulder's

  • Hi I think it must be the fashion? I too had a colonoscopy yesterday and I too was petrified but it was not as bad as I thought it would be and T too have been told I have diverticula do disease! Due to see my GP on Monday.

  • So glad you were ok, but sorry you have been diagnosed with diverticulitis! Still at least you will be able to get things under control. Wishing you well.

  • I have mine next Monday, not my first but still feel nervous. Thank goodness yours is over. Wish you well, Val

  • Hi Val, you will be fine, I was petrified but it's not as bad as you think! Let us know how you get on!

    Good luck

    Linda x

  • Too much fibre slows my gut ,leads to constipation which is why I have diverticulitis in the first place ,once you have this condition I am not convinced that loading up on fibre is a good idea ,certainly not for me any way

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