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Finally got my appointment through for a colonoscopy next weekend but they've sent me moviprep. Heard a lot of unpleasant things about the moviprep and it's starting to worry me again :/ any advice on drinking all the mix?


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Hi, I had to take Moviprep a couple of weeks ago for a capsule endoscopy. My tips would be make up the mixture a few hours before you are due to take it and put it in the fridge, it's easier to drink that way. It doesn't taste great, I took gulps over about 1.5 hours and after each one drank some lemon fizzy drink to mask the after taste!!

It's not fun but you'll get through it, good luck with everything 🙂

I had it for a colonoscopy. It wasn’t that bad, drinking it through a straw might help not to taste it. Try to follow the instructions exactly so you don’t have to go back for a second appointment. Also make sure you follow the diet advice they give you for about 3 / 5 days before.Good luck and if you have the option when you go for the colonoscopy, ask for sedation.

I use picolax now as moviprep did not agree with me , much less to


I recently had moviprep to have colonoscopy.I also put in fridge & managed it all.Wasnt as bad ad i thought the surgeon was really impressed & could tell by images i had took it lol.Good luck hope all goes well.

I had moviorep in June before my colonoscopy- they gave me four sachets but I only managed two of them. Slow transit is one of my digestive problems and the moviprep just got stuck and wouldn’t go down quick enough. I also didn’t have the sudden urgency to go to the toilet, but to be honest, I hadn’t eaten a great deal. I was worried when I went to hospital, that I wouldn’t be empty enough, but I was fine and they said my colon was clear- just do your best and I’m sure you will be fine too- good luck 😀

I had Moviprep too, and it was not as bad as I expected. Like you, I had been dreading it. It is a rather strange citrus flavour, sweet and salty, but I didn't have too much trouble with it. Some people have reported cramping, but I had no pain at all. It just takes time.

Something that also helped me was vaseline before a movement and nappy rash cream after. Moist wipes help too, but bag don't flush these as they clog up the sewage system. You are aiming to 'run clear'.

The deed itself was not as bad as I had been expecting either. A bit of an anticlimax really. If I ever have another colonoscopy, I will not be worried about it.


I had moviprep before my colonoscopy and endoscopy in August. My procedure was on Tuesday and I started the low fibre diet on Saturday. I also increased my water intake. My procedure was in the evening, so I had to take my first dose of moviprep at 6am and my second at 11am. I got it all down me no problem - make sure you also drink plenty of extra water - you do feel thirsty for it as the moviprep is clearing you out. I wasn't allowed any fluids from 2PM but tbh, I had to take sips up until 4 as it was a very hot day. On camera I could see I had only one tiny bit of waste left in my bowel, my gastro was really impressed :) I didn't find the taste anywhere near as bad as I feared from reading Google, it's sweet and a bit lemony. I made both batches up the night before and refrigerated overnight, I didn't feel the need to drink anything that would clear the taste away and I allowed about 1.5 hours to get all of each dose down me. Vaseline is a life saver - it gets very sore down there. For me the moviprep started working after about 20 mins, I didn't get cramps or anything like that. As for the colonoscopy itself, it was a piece of cake - and I was found to have a very very loopy redundant colon so there was quite a lot of struggle to get the camera round! I watched most of it on the screen, it's quite fascinating. Afterwards you do feel a bit violated and my bowel was not overly happy, I felt quite sore, but it had been stretched a lot by the camera getting round all those loops, so to be expected I suppose. I ate very lightly after the procedure and ate normally the next morning. It really is nothing to worry about and this is from someone who cried when she found out she was having the procedure she was so worried!

Use a straw, if you can still get them. I'm assuming you're in the UK..I'm in the US and the US has now banned straws (can you believe that???). Anyway, put the straw as far down on your tongue as possible...that will bypass some of your taste buds...good luck!!

I added some cordial to mine - if you can manage three satchets that should be enough - mind the description but i did three and the consultant said and showed me it was very clear and clean in the area he was investigating. Do it properly first time and you shouldnt need to go back - try not to worry its not bad, the mild sedative is ace!!

Whenever a person has an appiontment for any medical procedure there are always people who say this,that and the other well a few years ago had a colonscopy and had to take the moviprep I just knew it was necessary so I took it, do not let what people say put you off this check is merely a preventitve measure t ensure your future health and well being

The prep is the worst part of the entire experience. The colonoscopy is easier by comparison. I've had to do prep twice, here are some of my suggestions:

1. Maybe start limiting your diet the day or two before your prep. Stick with light foods like soup, the less you have in your system before prep day the less you'll have to pass on prep day :)

2. Get the bathroom ready because you'll be in there for a while. Make sure you have lots of toilet paper and baby wipes on hand. Maybe crack a window or keep the fan on. Have a book or tablet/computer to watch movies on.

3. Follow the timing instructions from your doctor as to how much of the prep to drink and how often. I mixed mine up in advance in one of those lemonade dispensers with the little tap and kept it in the fridge. Maybe set a timer on your phone to remind you when it's time to fill your cup again.

4. Drinking through a straw is a good idea. I mixed mine with lemon Gatorade. The taste isn't bad, but by the end you will never want to drink it again.

5. Stock up on chicken broth and lemon popsicles and whatever else you're allowed to have. You don't want to eat much but it's good to have something since you'll have to stop eating and drinking completely usually by midnight before your procedure.

6. Though I've been told it isn't common, some people suffer nausea and vomiting due to all of the liquids being consumed. I have unfortunately been one of those people both times, I think because I might have been drinking too much too fast. No need to worry if you throw up, I just make sure to have an empty trash can nearby so I don't have to use the same toilet I've been sitting on for hours. Also if you do throw up, you can take a break from drinking the liquid.

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