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Colonoscopy prep

I have a colonoscopy tomorrow morning at 9.00, I've been given moviprep to drink today, I started at 5 this evening but I've only been able to drink half a litre out of 2 I feel so sick and drained it is literally the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted and I can't keep it down! Has anyone else had moviprep before? If so how did you drink it?

Thanks :)

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Add orange juice and don't tell!

There are alternatives

I go on bouillon and jelly for 72 hr and have insisted on an alternative laxative

I throw up all movieprep


Mix with lemon squash but you must drink it all otherwise they may not do it if your bowel isn't emptied. Good luck.


I made mine in a drink of lemon squash and found it hard to drink the last glass

However, if you are not cleaned out properly that colonoscopy will not be good enough for the consultant to make a diagnosis


I have had to have 2 colonoscopies and for the second one I found the best way to drink it is through a straw,put the straw as far in your throat as possible and you hardly taste it as it by passes your taste buds I drank it this way with no problem,the first time was horendous,hope this helps,I doubt they will do the colonoscopy if you havent drunk it as it will be waste of time your bowel needs to be clear x

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I just went for it too. It is indeed horrible and I think the hospital suggested orange juice. Key thing is there are no solids present during the procedure. Don't do it with milk, the fats will still be going through you.


Hi, I also was told by the hospital to put a bit of orange squash in it, it's not nice but essential. I never found it to bad with squash. Good Luck.


Its horrible stuff and last glass always the worst but add cordial and drink water in between to clear your mouth but like others have said if you dont drink it then they wont be able to get proper results


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