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Saw a dietitian yesterday after a long wait due to Covid.

She didn't suggest a FODMAP diet immediately, but has given me a list of fruit and veg I can eat. Some are surprising as I'm type 2 diabetic (bananas and melon) and I'm to have only 2 portions of fruit and 3 portions of veg daily. What surprised me the most was only 2 cups of tea or coffee. Does anyone find that caffeine is a trigger? Flaxseed daily instead of Fybogel, Also reintroduce bread and potatoes, which I had cut out. Back in 8 weeks to see if this helps.

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I don't have tea or coffee during the day unless I WANT to go to the toilet. I find it helps it along. But, that being said, I think it has more to do with being hot than the caffeine as I only drink decaf coffee at home, and I tend to find the coffee has more oomph than tea, if you get my drift!

Interesting, as she said it was about the caffeine. She suggested peppermint tea, which is hot.

I think onions are what I'll miss the most - and cauliflower

I drink water, coke or milk during the day (all cold from the fridge) and they seem to be okay (well as okay as anything can be for me), but I am a bit of an oddball!

I don't really do vegetables except potatoes.

I love a cold coke, but she said no. Nothing fizzy or with sweetener

I have the original full sugar coke and I find it helps me burp and get air up that would otherwise end up in my tummy. I have never been one for fizzy drinks, not even as a kid, I always had tea as a little one and started drinking coffee as I got older. But since IBS have found it's no good having a hot drink if my IBS is playing-up which it is most of the time. I'm okay in the evening though so at least I can have a couple of coffees before bed and I always have tea in the morning as I have to go to the loo anyway. It was only recently, last year or two, that I discovered that drinking coke helped my IBS!

Oh that's interesting. I keep away from full sugar drinks because of my diabetes, but I love Coke Zero

It must be difficult coping with IBS and diabetes and all the other problems you have (just had a look at your profile page). Don't forget to let us know how you get on with the dietitian's advice.

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trying to be positive, always but life is not perfect. One needs to be very cautious to take an advise from a dietitian who's BMI is 35+ as I have seen on some of them. Also if a smoking doctor is telling me a smoking is bad I don't believe either. Do your research, be smart. don't take it for graded.



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Yes, I'm doing my own research and using her advice as a starting point. The hard part is juggling IBS, Diverticular and diabetes.

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a lot of juggling for sure. Good luck and keep us posted,



You don't have to use soft drinks to help gas problems (unless you prefer them). A teaspoon of fennel seeds can be made into a hot tea (or let it cool before you drink it), and all kinds of digestive problems get a wee bit better -- especially gas. Fennel is the seed they offer you at the end of your meal in an Indian restaurant (typically coated with colored sugar). They have used it forever for digestive problems in India.

I think I'll stick with the coke, thanks all the same. Like I said above I only started drinking coke a couple of years ago. It was by accident I realized it made me burp! I didn't really feel like I wanted to burp! But thought it was a good thing! I was really drinking the coke for hydration and the sugar, as I don't eat till after 4pm! It seemed to kill two birds with one stone.

I think I will give the fennel a miss though. I tried some fennel tea a couple of years ago, as it had good write-ups, admittedly I drink it hot, but it went straight through me!

But thanks again for the suggestion!

Your reply has just reminded me that the main rule the Dietitian gave me was to eat three times a day. I was like you and didn't eat until afternoon, but she made me promise to eat more regularly. She said that I had to train my gut to work properly, not lie dormant for long periods.

That is one reason why I wouldn't go to a dietician! I have tried so many things over the years. I just try to go along with what seems right at the time. I started this regime about a couple of years ago, before finding out that intermittent fasting is a thing but it works better than keep eating for me at this moment in time. Someone told me about 25 years ago that they didn't eat till after 4pm but at that time it wouldn't have worked for me. I won't say it works now, but nothing else does either!

My thinking was the same as yours. No food until at least 1pm, and it worked for me to a certain extent. Since I've started eating more regularly, I have less pain at night, so I'll continue for a while. This is the hardest thing about IBS - everyone is so different!

And it is always changing too, so you have to keep changing what you do to keep up with it!!!

I've started the fodmap too and onions are a hard one but I'm learning to adapt. Onion powder is in so many things!

Good luck

Hi...yes I do have to cut down on cafeine...its a big ibs trigger for me. Because you are diabetic advice may be different for you but I havnt drank coffee for many years now. I cut my tea drinking to 3 a day and always have third one before 3pm. My staple diet works around bread and potatoes plus low fodmap foods and its helped a lot. Am gluten free (am not coeliac) and lactose free as I find they are easier to digest. I also avoid alcohol, fizzy drinks , red meat and any processed food. All a bit of a pain but worth it to help alleviate my horrible IBS symptoms. Good luck

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Ps forgot to mention..I also avoid fatty foods and 'windy veg'

Thank you - that's useful

I am 10 weeks into fodmap diet and feeling much better. Wind and bloating practically gone.

I use asoefetida (hing) powder bought on line, quite inexpensive, to get a taste similar to onions. I just sprinkle it on before cooking.

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Thanks for that - I'll give it a go.

Did the doctor suggest you see a dietician or did you suggest it? I’d love to see one to help with my symptoms but not sure my doctor would refer me

It wasn't my GP, but a GI consultant at the hospital who referred me. Not sure yet how useful her advice is going to be, and I have waited a long time for an appointment, but time will tell. I do hope you get a referral.

That’s good. My weight has always been low and when I get a bad episode with my ibs I can lose weight quickly

I.m the other way and struggling to lose weight! Odd as I have so much diarrhoea

Yeah it is strange I think IBS effects both ends loosing and gaining weight

I don’t drink tea or coffee but I do like a red bull. It doesn’t give me a stomach ache but I go to the toilet shortly after having one everytime.

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