Is there anything that helps !!!

I think I have tried everything I can think of, Buscopan, Phenogram, Colefac, peppermint, FODMAP, food diary's, Gluten & dairy free, probiotics (Symprove & more) SilicolGel, Alo Vera, less fibre, more fibre, no fruit or veg, more fruit & veg etc etc etc and cannot find anything that will help my IBS-D, have been looking at the York Test but not convinced it is reliable, does anyone know of any suggestions of anything new I could try, it is really getting me down now.

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  • Hi Nick,

    Have you had a SeHCAT test for Bile Acid Disorder? This causes otherwise inexplicable diarrhoea and is treatable. Google Professor Julian Walters as he's done all the research on this.


  • Sorry Rosie, I meant to put IBS -C, although I get very occasional D, maybe once every 2 or 3 weeks.

  • Hi Nick , you are having such a bad time with this . Could I ask if you have given the treatments enough time to work? All over the counter remedies take about two to three months to get into your system . I'm afraid there is no miracle cure which works overnight. One or two of the treatments you have tried made me worse. Peppermint especially . Be careful you don't go into a depression worrying about it. I hoped the Phenergan would have helped you . I've cut it down to one every three days which is as long as I can manage before it all kicks off again.

    I wish you so much luck in finding something that will give you even a little relief.


  • Hi Shona do you mind me asking why you have cut the Phenergan down?

  • I just thought I would try and see if it was all in the mind which in my case has been for 41 years . I found Phenergan purely by accident on another forum and bought a packet . I've spent a fortune buying remedies over the years . Anyway, Phenergan worked for me and changed my life around BUT it does have side effects . Mine : restless legs at night so started taking it in the morning.

    Weight gain which is a common side effect so after a few months I've been trying to take one every other day then did without for two days but having tried three days the ibsD came back . So I'm back on every other day and doing exercises to try and get the weight off . It's been such a joy to be able to eat out and not be doped up . I'm happy now , can go out and enjoy life plus I'm in my fourth year of remission from breast cancer . My g.p gave me the all clear to try them as I worried they might interact with the cancer drug and Prozac but it's been fine .

    Doesn't work for everybody but at £7 for two months supply it's well worth trying.


  • Hi Shona thank you very much for the reply. I have bought some Phenergan but for a different reason to yours. I take one every now and then at night for use as a mild sedative, as I have horrible hot flushes which are made worse by IBS. I get worn out by the flushes so Phenergan gives me a reasonable sleep. BUT like you say it does have side effects. It makes me very dopey (more than usual!!) the next day so I only take one when I have to. I didn't know about the weight gain - but if I had a really bad bout of IBS, it's definately worth a go and I would take it for that purpose.

    Great that you can go out and enjoy life and brilliant that you are in you fourth year of remission!

    Thank you again.


  • Hi,have you ever tried fmt for curing ibs?

    i hope it can help us

    » Caitlin’s Story The Power of Poop

    Please read this

    this is the only way i didnt try

  • Hi mahsan,

    I had a look at your link yesterday and found there's an fmt clinic just down the road from me

    Fmt seems to be used in intractable cases of c. Difficile, with some use for IBS, I will look into it.

    I'm currently trying fermented foods, kefir and sauerkraut, nothing seems to help with my low energy levels.

    In the meabtime, thank you for your link

  • The only thing that helps me with C is magnesium citrate,I take 400mg before bed,you can take more,you just need to experiment to find the correct dose,I have had IBS and Diverticular disease for 20years and like you tried everything and spent a fortune on so called remedies,the magnesium citrate has sorted the C out,now also trying to sort other symptoms by taking foreverliving aloe vera drink(the cheaper brand did nothing for me) and digestive enzymes with my main meal.

  • Hello friends, all over the world. I am a Dutchman, age 73, suffering from IBS since I was 23. I tried 'everything' you can think of. Since 6 months I have less pain and flatulence, since I executed the advice of my new IBS doctor: irrigating my colon twice a week with warm water at about 40 degrees C.

    No matter if I have obstipation or the opposit. I don't have any commercial connection with the company that makes the irrigation device. Believe me. Look at the instruction video on Good luck, as I had good luck! Regards, Hansjelle Netherlands

  • Yeah .I take colafac , appercap, prozac and buscopan. Some times they work.but sometimes I vomit so they don't. I find the pain and diahorra lasts about 3 to 4 hours in the mornings but the eases off and I'm the ok. Seen Dr's had sigmoid oscopy and they found I also gave diverticulitis to . All Dr's say us they help you manage pain. I'm now looking on to symprove has any one tried this?

  • Yes I am on Symprove. I started last June and the relief has been miraculous. I bought the 12 week course from Symprove themselves. It works out cheaper. The bloating disappeared and my energy came back. I still have problems with constipation but not as bad as it was. I will stay on it for ever. It's expensive but I don't care. I have my quality of life back.

  • Hi Nick, been there and I know it's a nightmare. I even went through a stage of hardly eating, and lived on crackers for a very long time, that's how desperate I was, I recently take Holland &Barraett Omega 3 Fish oil 1360mg, my Husband came across it by accident, and originally got it to relax my Muscles, as a woman swears by it, Been taking it for around a month or more and I noticed it calmed my IBS-d. I am now eating small meals and I don't seem to be having a problem anymore, might be worth a try, I know we are all different, but maybe worth a try.

  • hi

    could try low sugar low fat.wheat free has helped me even though im not gluten intolerant.

    horrible i know, suffered for years. have you tried amytripline?



  • Hello. Been suffering with ibs for over 15 years I'm in my late twenties so it's been a rough ride. stop eating gassy and oily foods cut out all gluten dairy and processed sugars. Drink soothing teas and broths daily and take probiotics, enzymes, kombucha, anti spasms medications and Imodium if needed, there is a liquid medicine called flying rabbit which I wrote about on this website and helps loads. Take control of what you eat and when you eat it and cook as much as you can and feel free to check out my website for free recipes and tips :-)

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