Best Fruits and Veg???

Im in desperate need of more fruit and veg in my diet however im not too sure which ones are the best. I cannot tolerate '5 per day' as i would like, but i do need to increase my intake, since hearing about the FODMAP diet i havent eaten apples or pears but i find some of the veg on the list dont trigger me and some do. Also, i have recently had a problem with sweetcorn, anyone else experienced this?

Thanks :-)

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  • Sweetcorn is a definite no-no on the FODMAP diet, Lucy. However, you can eat food made with maize flour which is derived from sweetcorn as all of the bad carbs vanish during the drying-out process.

    Best fruits least likely to cause a problem are any berries, kiwi fruit, melon (not watermelon though) and oranges. Some people eat bananas with no ill-effects, but they give me a real problem.

    Veggies seem to be a very individual thing and I think you just have to experiment one-at-a-time with these. Carrots, swede and salad veg are usually okay.

    Ask your GP for a referral to a dietitian who's done the FODMAPs course as the NHS is putting together lots of printed info on the diet now which he/she will be able to give you.

  • Ok thanks, ive never had a problem with sweetcorn until the last couple of months. I watched a programme last year on channel 4, a woman on there was referred to a specialist and put on the FODMAP diet, she was given a booklet with everything on it, however they said it wasnt widely available as of yet. It was probably about a year ago, think it would be worth seeing the GP and getting a referral to try and get hold of one, think it might well be worth its weight in gold!!

  • Yes, we definitely need a comprehensive list of British foods for FODMAPs, it's quite difficult to manage with only the Australian (Monash Uni) and American (Patsy Catsos) lists as so much is different. My dietitian told me that it will be a while before there is a complete list available as foods are still being tested to UK standards, but you get updates as more info becomes available.

    Going back to fruit, if you avoid all those with stones in with the exception of olives which are okay.

  • Stop worrying about which fruit not to eat, all fruit is a natural part of the human diet. IBS is caused when an abundance of unnatural foods enter and block up the digestive ststem. IBS is ONLY prevalent in the unnatural western diet. FACT. Look at all other cultures that eat a natural diet - meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, rice, seeds. They simply don't get IBS and do not avoid certain fruits or vegetables they eat them in abubndance. I know people have allergies to foods but no one is broccoli intolerant.

    I cured my IBS by adopting a 100% natural human diet. MILK from a cow is meant for a baby calf! not a human being. The japanese live the longest on this planet and exist on rice, vegetables and fish, they don't eat tons of fish they eat more than the rest of the world because they eat no red meat and no milk form the tit of a cow?!

    IBS is your body crying out to be returned to a natural human diet after years of abuse. IT IS THAT SIMPLE.

    I am yet to meet anyone who has tried this without success but know 17 people who have been successful. My one friend says "I still get it when I eat bread though" - bread is not found in nature so doesn't make up part of a natural human diet.

  • Sorry, disagree with you. The modern world is very different to prehistoric man, and we have seen problems with bacterial overgrowth in the intestine that many of us now have to deal with. I am glad this diet works for you, but for many with IBS, this is not the case. Putting in capital letters that it is that simple is like a red rag to a bull for those of us that have tried what you are suggesting and failed. For me the FODMAPS diet has been successful, and many fruits are not allowed and indeed make me very ill. And I have met many people that have tried eating what you suggest without success. I would advise you you to take a gentler approach in your advice or you will be treating some of us likes idiots!

  • please read the china study. I do not care how you percieve me, please just take a moment to read the book.

    I'm not promoting a govt funded diet, so I'll be banned soon anyway

  • Medical professionals with extensive research dont know the cause of ibs but you do? And its un natural to eat red meat but not fish? Okay genious cure everyone if its that simple.

  • Hi lucycornwall. I have been to see a dietician and she will be contacting me again in approximately 3 months when her colleague has been trainined on the FODMAP diet. I have cut out broccoli, cauliflower and red grapes from my diet, all of which I used to eat nearly every day, or at least 5 days a week. Broccoli and cauliflower are both from the brassica family and is renowned for giving you wind etc, not something you want with IBS. I am going to report back to this forum once I have been on the diet for a few weeks.

    I have always eaten a varied diet, I also used to be vegetarian but eating fish and I didn't start suffering with IBS until I had salmonella in 1996. What I am saying is I have eaten meats, vegetables, sweet stuff, bread, dairy etc and never suffered until I had salmonella. My late mother had it purely because of stress and once that stress was out of her life, she no longer suffered with it. It's purely luck of the draw!

    Best of luck to you.

  • Hi again Lucy,

    One way in which I've solved my problem of not getting enough veg into my diet is by turning the ones I can eat into soup (cooked long and slowly) and freezing it into portions, then on days when I think I need to give the veggies a boost, I have a big bowl for lunch.

    If you've got an iPhone you can download an app that will tell you what's safe to eat and what isn't.

  • Hi Lucy, would you be able to give me the name of the app you was talking about. New to this site. IBS is getting on my nerves and I'm trying to get control of it. Just printed of FODMAP.

    Thanks everyone for all advice. Don't feel so alone with it. Especially what foods are best to eat and that other people stress over journeys.



  • Hi,

    You can download the iPhone app from:

  • It really does help knowing we aren't alone! Journeys are the worst, its a vicious circle stress=ibs, ibs=stress! Hopefully with sites like this and continuing research into FODMAPS we can all help each other and see improvements!

  • I find creamy fruit and veg are best for me, nothing even slightly acidic. You could give that a try. I eat bananas, avocado, parsnips, carrots. They seem best for me. (Sweet corn is definitely not good!)

  • Zucchini and squash! you can make all sorts of recepies with them including spaghetti and chips too :p

  • Hi I am following the lowfodmap diet and contrary to what ive read on here sweetcorn is allowed!! im seeing a dietician and have the most up to date fodmap lists!!however if you know that sweetcorn causes you a problem its best to avoid..some dairy is also allowed however I cannot tolerate most dairy and opt for the lactose free milk, cheese and butter available in sainsbury and tesco.

    The veg ive tolerated best are green beans, carrot, swede, potato, sweet potato. fruit wise I tend to stick to orange, pineapple (small amount) strawberry, raspberry and banana and grapes (again not too many). try not to eat too much fruit and veg I know it goes against the 5 a day rule but our stomachs tend not to cope particularly well. I have 2 portions of fruit at most and eat a small salad or portions of veg with my main meal.

  • Came across this post when researching and to be honest, I have no knowledge of IBS however a very close friend suffers from Chron's disease and many things are inflamatory and can set it off! including some fruits so he tried our product greenandfruiti containing extracts of 22 fruit and vegetables and after 9 months now, there has been no adverse reaction. Having read the frustration in many of your posts, I thought it was worth a mention.

  • I feel extremely sorry for the individuals who wish to ARGUE any of which ppl say, most of you sound like hypochondriacs to me who aren't willing to try new things or understand your body is NORMAL. Try meditation and learning to relax your body (might be completely irrelevant) but it's worked for me in just a matter of weeks. I have severe IBS and I find myself learning to eat all foods again with the knowledge that I am my own worst enemy not the food I intake. Don't sit here disagreeing with ppl for they are doing EXACTLY what this site is here for, sharing THEIR knowledge. fruits of all kinds are good and vegetables of ALL kinds are good. You've ate them in your past why the hell can't you now. Most of you probably turn to Google for answers when that is the most obscene and obscure thing to do.. live YOUR life don't let something that one day showed up to run ur life for you. Most of it is in your head believe it or not, the ones who believe it will find peace and happiness and the ones who pity themselves will forever be miserable. Open your mind to possibilities don't close it due to things you feel you can't control... God only throws things our way He KNOWS we can handle. Hope you enjoyed all the caps you saw and if YOU choose to take it as a bull seeing red would that's on YOU. Good day all :D

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