I first posted on here a few weeks ago talking about my stress and anxiety about symptoms (ibs type ones) and bleeding resulting in my doctor referring me for a colonoscopy. So today was the big day and I'm so relieved that there's no cancer (I had convinced myself of this) and also no evidence of any other issues, not even piles (well not significant ones anyway). I've got a few small external ones. The prep for the test was pretty much akin to being tortured lol, 4 litres of not very pleasant tasting fluid is not my idea of fun, coupled with lots of trips to the toilet. Nearly gave up a few times! Anyway glad I didn't and that it's over with. Just want to reassure others in the same boat who are worried about the test or the possible outcomes. My symptoms were abdominal pain, on and off bleeding after going to toilet and a combination of diarrhoea and mild constipation. Basically medical staff are putting this down to stress. I had a very stressful year last year and I do think we under estimate the physical impact stress can have on our bodies. If anyone wants any detail about the test just ask and I'll help if I can. It's such an anxious time when you're waiting for your appointment to come around 😊

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  • Excellent news so happy for you

  • Thank you 😊

  • Thank you for posting!

    I'm very glad there's nothing very wrong in you.

    Amazing how much stress can cause... thank you for pointing out that we probably underestimate the physical consequences of stress. I believe you are right.

    Do you have tools to battle your stress?

    Mine are: wearing ear mufflers for a couple of hours each day; no more contact with mother in law or other energy-draining people; more taking baths and generally loafing around (meditation or mindfulness would work also); no raw foods; no cold foods; less fibre (colon specific solution); making my body feel safe and comfortable (wear thick socks, a hat, drink herbal tea) and an overall tuning down of my ambitions in life. No more wanting to become famous or rich. I'm much happier for it. More relaxed.

    But it's not natural yet, I have to remind myself to de-stress every day. But it works :)

  • Hiya, love your strategies for dealing with stress. Now that I have the test out the way and I know I'm ok, I instantly feel better. I was so worried about the outcome that any technique I tried to de-stress was short lived cos the worry about having a serious illness was always lurking at the back of my mind. So now I'm focusing on feeling well, being healthy and happy and listening to my body and being kind to myself. I had one hell of a year last year so this year I'm determined to take care of myself. I like the idea if meditation and mindfulness so that's definitely on my list 😊

  • So pleased you are in the clear.

    I am really worried about taking the prep due to the taste and smell

    I am going to add lots of cordial to it though so hoping that will help! I am also woried that i still may have an upset stomach in the morning due to nerves. Is this possible or will i be totally empty cos when im nervous i will normally take an immodium and obviously i cant do that

  • Thank you, it's such a relief. The prep is definitely worse than the actual procedure. I had to take 4 sachets of klean prep made up in 4 litres of water. Far too much liquid! The taste wasn't too offensive but it wasn't pleasant. I sipped diluted orange cordial inbetween taking the prep. My instructions were to drink the 4 litres over a 4-6 hour period but it took me 10-12 hours. In the morning I was still going to the toilet and feeling very nervous so don't worry about that. The actual test was relatively straightforward, a few sharp intakes of breath when I felt a twinge or some pressure but overall it was pain free and the staff were brilliant. Check what other fluids you're allowed to take, mines stated no juice that was red or purple in colour. Good luck, it's such a nerve-wracking experience but it's worth it to know what you're dealing with. Let me know how you get on x

  • Yes mine is the same, no dark liquids so I am going to try lime and hope that works. Im not too woried about the hospital bit as i will have as much sedation as im allowed lol its the prep and the worry of getting to the hospital without needing the loo haha got it next wkend x

  • The prep pretty much takes care of clearing you out so although you might feel the urge to go it's unlikely you need to! Hoping you don't have too long a journey to the hospital, 15 minute taxi ride for me along with 2 hours waiting in the hospital before I was taken in for the test and my bowels behaved during that time lol

  • I have had IBS for 50 years,although if course it didn't have a name back then.

    I know mine is mainly caused by stress and my bowels react straight away,I am lucky I rarely suffer stomach pain but have had buttock pain over the last few months.

    I am being sent for a another colonoscopy because I have spotted blood 3 times over a 9 month period.

    I have had it done twice before and always clear,but common sense tells me I must get tested again.

  • Yes absolutely go for it. It's a daunting thought but nothing beats peace of mind. If the bleeding is minimal and not regular it's likely to be related to the ibs. Reflecting back over the years I've probably had ibs type symptoms for a long time but it was only about 4 months ago that I noticed the symptoms being more persistent and severe then add seeing blood into the mix my stress levels rocketed! Hope all goes well for you, I'm sure it will 😊

  • Thank you,

    Yes I am not looking forward to the prep,I really hate the feeling of being out of control, but if I don't go I will have more stress every time I get discomfort.

  • Oh I know it's a horrible thing to go through but try and focus on the relief you'll feel after its all over x

  • My husband is due for his early on Monday morning, over an hour drive when the roads are at their busiest and not a single public loo along the 28 miles, trying to reassure him that he will be empty, though at his age he may well to hop over a gateway for a pee!

    So pleased that all was clear and you can now focus on getting on with you life.

  • Thank you 😊

    Tell him that after the prep stage he'll definitely be empty lol

  • Not necessarily, I have still been going whilst at the hospital, depends on which prep is used and how it affects you.

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