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Moviprep... Rectal Bleeding?

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Hi everyone!

My colonoscopy appointment is 2PM today. Yesterday I started drinking Moviprep at 6PM and it took me over 5 hours to finish 1 litre (absolutely revolting, gagged the entire time).

I had a LOT of bowel movements (more than 20) after the first litre

Anyway fast forwarding to now. Woke up 4.30AM and began drinking second litre at 5AM. I’ve managed another glass and a few more sips. Been to the toilet over 4-5 times now.

My anus had been getting extremely sore last night so I kept reapplying Sudocrem. It hurt so bad to pee as it stung intensely, I had to end up covering my butt....

Now I’m getting rectal bleeding as it’s so sore, should I stop the prep?

It’s mostly yellow liquid coming out now (sorry for details)

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If you really can't finish the rest of the bowel prep off, phone the hospital and ask the radiographer or consultant. My own advice would be to continue, if at all possible, because if they can't see what they need to, they may have to do it again.

Hello, I feel for you. I've just been through this. I managed to get the Moviprep down though, in spite of the horrible taste and feeling utterly nauseous. I was passing yellow water and trapped in the loo for many hours. My partner kindly fixed up a TV in there which helped. Probably best to contact the hospital if you are worried. They are used to all the problems.

I got the rectal bleeding too and so sore in spite of Vaseline. Also had to wear incontinence pads to make it to the hospital.

Hope you were able to get your colonoscopy. Mine was no problem with the sedation, although since then have ongoing diarrhea.

Definitely phone the hospital. They are brilliant when there is a problem. Good luck I know how bad it gets x

Hi thanks for all the replies. I’ve just got back from my colonoscopy. Bowel was pretty much clear from the 1.3 litres I drank. Ended up having both sedation and gas and air, was pretty excruciating and traumatising.

Hi Kiisa

I had to take Moviprep myself for a colonoscopy. I agree, it was revolting. I even felt nauseated by it.

Please see your GP straight away and call the colonoscopy department and ask to speak to the colonoscopy secretary. Give him/her your concerns and they should be able to tell you if the colonoscopy should still go ahead. I never had rectal bleeding at all. There is another bowel prep better than moviprep, but I cannot remember the name, sorry. I could not finish the whole moviprep, so when I went for my colonoscopy, they has to abandon the procedure because my bowel was not clear of waste.

Best of luck!

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