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Moviprep working or not? Please help!


I have my Colonoscopy at 8am today and I'm really nervous that the Moviprep hasn't worked.

Without going into to much detail, it just seems/feels like the Moviprep is being flushed out and that's it. Nothing else is there.

I've also been up and down all night and still feel the need to go.

Is that normal or does it mean it's not worked? I can't go through all this again if it hasn't.

Please help!


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It's working!

Keep going!

Cry and swear a lot!

Bon courage!

That is exactly how it works. Drink plenty of water so you won't get a horrible headache to go with your lack of sleep and sore behind ! Good luck with your tests.

Hi there, exactly the same thing happened to me. I told the nurse when I arrived at hospital that I felt it hadn't worked. She gave me an enema, which wasn't unpleasant just to make sure. They only actually want the part of your colon closest to your bottom clear, not your whole colon.

So what I'm saying is don't worry! Even if it's only a small amount of poop that's come out you'll more than likely be fine. Do tell the nurse when you arrive.

Good luck!


When I took Moviprep it just seemed like weeing out of my bottom

Hope it goes well today

Thanks everyone for your help and advice.

Had my Colonoscopy on Wednesday and it wasn't as bad as I was thinking it was going to be. It did hurt a little after the scope was put in and then around a couple of loops but I get worse pain during my period.

Glad I only had the gas and air as that was all I needed...I must be one of the lucky ones.

Everything was was and he just took some biopsys for further testing. Just to see if anything comes up under the microscope.

He thinks it's just IBS but I'll be talking to him about it during my follow up as when I have my symptoms I get inflammation and a raised Lymph count as when I don't have symptoms there is no inflammation. I didn't have any symptoms on the day so I'm a little worried it's not gonna show anything to back me up.

I think I've got IBD and/or Lymphocytic Colitis.

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