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Colonoscopy and moviprep


Undiagnosed but got my first colonoscopy next week. Does moviprep cause anyone to have a painful swollen and bloated abdomen and stomach? I find that only 2 sachets of movicol in 48 hours do that to me! As they look to have similar ingredients I assume the same and worse will happen when I take 20 times that amount in 12 hours. Any thoughts on how to counteract that problem? Painkillers? Thanks!

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Hi there, did they give you a choice of prep? Movicol can cause gas and boating yes

No they didn't but I will call them and ask for alternatives.

I had Picolax here in the UK, I know something similar is also available in the US, its an amazing prep.. no bad feelings, no cramping and no bloating and VERY effective! lol

Great I’m in the UK wonder why they don’t use that instead! I’ll ask for it.

Its available oer the counterat any pharmacy and is the most popular prep.. two sachets, take them 6 hours apart.. nice lemon flavour powder thats makes like a lemonade, god though fastest acting laxative imaginable.. for me anyhow.. says can work in 30 mins to 6 hours, I though yeah! 30 mins, impossible, took it and went out in the garden to put out a big load of washing about 40 mins later and OMG.. caught short hanging out a sheet! haha

Great I’ll look into it! Haha that sounds like good stuff 😁

Sent you another PM, also can we be friends? is it even possible on here?

I had moviprep and had a reaction after first litre so didn’t take any more on advice of 111. It still

Worked though! But hospital said I couldn’t go as hadn’t had 2 litres ! So then I had picolax much less to drink, under supervision on ward

Definitely ask for picolax

Thank you that’s really helpful. I will ask for picolax otherwise I think I will be in the same situation.

I have used picolax three times (lucky me!). I agree with Kirstyls - it’s VERY effective. I had no pains or bloating - just felt very slim after 😂. It makes you feel a bit tired and washed out. I would ask for that if you react to Movicol. I hope you get on ok. X

Thank you for replying! Yes I will certainly ask to use picolax. Poor you 3 times! Did you lose a few pounds lol 😂 thank you x

Hello swishymichy,

You could ask for Picolax instead.

They always send me movicol and I always have to contact them to request Picolax which is much easier to take and doesn't require drinking huge quantities of water. So far they have always let me have the Picolax instead.

I don't understand why they seem to mostly use movicol. I'm in the UK.

Good luck. Katerina1

Thank you Katerina maybe it’s to do with cost?! I’m waiting to hear from the consultant to discuss it. Thanks x

Hi there! I'm late to this party, but here is the US, I was originally given the standard colonoscopy prep (forget what it's called, but it's like 1 gallon of water mixed with awefulness). It actually made me throw up with a migrane and ruined my prep for colonoscopy. I called the nurse line and she got me on the phone with the doc to do my procedure. He ok'd to push it back a week and try a different prep. Moviprep. It was amazing. I'm not sure if this is the same as what you are describing, but it's literally half the amount of fluid and tastes soooo much better. Lime flavored I believe. It worked, but my body hated me prepping twice in a week's time. Thankfully, my results came back ok and I'm not due for another colonoscopy for like 20 years. Lol. The ONLY good thing about a colonoscopy is that with a raging headache after all the prep and not eating and such, I tend to get a little nap during the procedure. Whatever they inject into your system to "relax" you is like morphene for a headache. I have had 3 colonoscopies by age 31. Ugh.

Hi there, there’s always room for late comers to my party! Thanks for your reply and sharing your experiences. Glad your colonoscopy came back clear after your awful prep experience. I’ve got picolax now which is a small packet taken with 150ml of water. Can’t wait to take it tonight! 🙈 I’m going for sedation too I don’t want to know what’s going on down there lol! Take care x

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