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Moviprep colonoscopy with IBS constipation

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I'm having a colonoscopy in 2 days time and really worried moviprep is not going to work and make things even worse with my chronic constipation. Any experiences with moviprep and chronic constipation?

Thank you for reading

18 Replies
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For me, it worked like a charm. Of course, it seemed like I spent hours on the loo. It will definitely clean you out though. And well worth it to get your bowels checked out.

Is this your first time? I've had it several times now. The anticipatory anxiety is probably the worst part. It's pretty old hat now, for me at least.

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Bluemon75 in reply to winfong

Yes, my first time, and you probably are right about the anticipatory anxiety....

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I can assure you moviprep will work.Stay near a loo all the time.I was unfortunate to have to have 3 colonoscopies last year.Drink it with a straw it will be more palatable.Good luck.

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Bluemon75 in reply to Chocolate41

Thank you chocolate 41...i hope it works and get clear out...

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It does work ! I only managed one jug though and threw it all up , dont panic if that happens I just had picolax instead which was much much less to drink and I would have again instead

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Bluemon75 in reply to Purplewoman

Thanks purple woman, not really worried about drinking so much fluid, just more worried that it won't really work for me and my bowels won't be clear enough and that all will be a waste of time but as you said they can give me another thing instead if that happens...

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Meleber in reply to Bluemon75

maybe you could reschedule the colonoscopy with a day and take some more laxatives? just tell them about your worries of not having a clean bowel.

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tansy-ann8 in reply to Purplewoman

Absolutely right, I agree. I opted for Picolax as this other prep is way too much to take and makes me quite ill, it's like trying to drink a bucketful of wallpaper paste. Picolax is brilliant and easy to take, and it works a treat... I would stick out for Picolax every time, don't know why they are trying to force this other stuff on us.

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I have IBS-C. Moviprep definitely worked for me.

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Thanks all, I think I just worry too much! Many thanks to all

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I have chronic constipation & take Laxido daily & occasionally Senna. I had Moviprep which didn’t do anything for 24 hours so I rang the colonoscopy Dept who delayed the procedure & it worked the following day. Maybe a good idea to share your concerns with the department. Good luck

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Have used moviprep and was advised at the hospital that they also flush out patients with Buscopan if needed. I also followed another person's advice and started the moviprep an hour earlier the afternoon before as I had a 07.00 appt. As a precaution for the night before appt and the long drive to my local hospital I bought some incontinence pads from Amazon or Local chemist, cannot remember. Good luck anyway.

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Purplewoman in reply to Bumpity

Yes I went in tenna pants lol

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Thank you for all your replies. The preparation worked to some degree for me and though my bowel wasn't fully emptied and some debri was in it the endoscopist was happy with it and nothing alarming seen. I know it doesn't sound very nice but I actually enjoyed seen the inside of my colon on the screen!

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Bumpity in reply to Bluemon75

That's great news.

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Hi I recently was booked for a colonoscopy and gastroscopy at the same time. I have IBS-C. I started the movieprep 2 hours early and drank the 1st litre OK. No movement after 4hrs. So called the hospital for advice they just said take 2nd dose. I started the 2nd and was struggling to get it down. My stomach and mid riff area was visibly swollen and felt full of liquid. No movement but lots of gurgling. No desire to open my bowels. I set alarm to get up every 1 through the night. Still nothing. I had to cancel the procedure as I had not been to the toilet. It took 30 hrs before I had a result. Then it took 4 days to clear my system a dcget back to a normal routine for me. They were frustrated with me but I did manage about 80% if the second litre. It felt like it would just come straight back out as it did not go anywhere. I have always felt I had a sluggish digestion. I have never been able to drink large volumes of any liquid. I have asked to speak to a consultant before rebooking the procedure as I feel any prep would not work.

Luckily I don't think there is anything sinister going on that I am worried about. My issues are more physical problems.

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Bluemon75 in reply to Pearlite

Yes, it happened to me also, I had sort of diarrhoea for 10 days after the procedure. Most of it water, not really faeces. The moviprep did not fully work for me on time of the procedure, which is annoying, but they managed to do it. I think with people like us with chronic constipation these things happens. You can always try a high dose stimulant laxative like Senna, I know other hospitals they give it instead of moviprep, but I think the cramps will be unbareable... Did they offer any alternatives to you?

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Pearlite in reply to Bluemon75

Not at the time. If I still need to have a colo occupy I will ask for the pickaxe and make sure I take it early.

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