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Imodium the night before

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I've had ibs for years, I've never got used to it.....I often really wish it was chronic constipation is often under control with Imodium but occasionally in the morning I have an appalling bout of diarrhoea....horrendous....I sometimes make it to the loo...but sometimes not.....we have carpet in the bathroom so imagine! It has made me stay at home this question is would taking one Imodium the night before help with the next morning's diarrhoea?

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I am no doctor but with what you are asking i would say try it. Take one at night and see how it goes. I personally think its a good idea if that's when you problem is in the morning. Thing i would ask though is how long could you carry on taking one a night. Good luck.

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Hi.....many thanks for reply......I do worry about taking Imodium on a regular basis, I am concerned it will stop working.....

Hi Fudgerelle, I’m a big fan of taking Imodium last thing at night-it definitely helps with my morning diarrhoea.

Many thanks Girl, a relief to hear it works for you, keep well

hi i actually find galpharm diarrhoea instants work better for me , they work within about 30 mins . but yes your tablets the night before sounds a good idea , im so sorry u are suffering so much , it so affects out lives , good luck

Many thanks Peter, will find out about mother used to say she would take poison if it cured her! Keep well

Tell your doctor to prescribe Welchol or Colestipol for your diarrhea. These drugs are bile acid sequestrants and will stop chronic diarrhea in it's stupid, little tracks!

I have the same issue as you, but I found that by taking some liquid imodium with my main meal , it worked way better when I ate, rather than at just anytime. Be careful as too not over do the imodium as too much will give you very bad back ups and this can be just as bad!!! I take 1-2 table spoonfuls depending on how much I eat, and or what type of food I ate. I take less when I eat steaks or chops as apposed to softer foods I'll take the 2nd spoonful. Note that I found it best to take the liquid form of imodium as apposed to pill form, I found the liquid to perform much better!!! Hope this helps you, Good luck!!

did you try it and if so, did it work? are you still taking it at night?

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