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Can’t cope with stomach problems anymore won’t test me,Ibs with no investigation..what’s wrong with me?


I’m 32 year old female.

For years I’ve had stomach issues but they’ve got worse.For the past 6 weeks I wake and have really bad stomach ache and diarrhoea.I pass gas every 2-3 minutes all day long.

Really foul smelling gas and diarrhoea,sometimes there is black specs on my stool.

When I eat I feel full as I get gas moving round my stomach constantly..I can feel the gas in my stomach /ribs etc.

Without sounding awful-my stool always floats.

They are very greasy looking stools too.Doctor refused me a stool sample test as I have anxiety and says it’s connexted to that.

I’m so fed up of my life

What can this be?

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Hi Sarah, sorry to hear about your pain. It doesn't sound like your doctor is very interested in your issues. For me I would consider changing or talk to your friends about who they attend to find the best option. For me anxiety does exasperate the pain of IBS. My condition was diagnosed after on op for hysterectomy. In my head it is a food problem and anxiety that cause flare-ups. I cannot eat anything with chillies or spicy foods. My doctor who I attend is very thorough and sends me for lots of tests. I hope I have helped you even a little bit. Take care. Deirdre

It could be several things. You should see a gastroenterologist.

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It takes 18 weeks to see an NHS gastroenterolist these days.

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I understand, but you do need to see a gastroenterologist and the sooner you make the appointment the sooner you will see the gastro.

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Agreed. It was just a warning!


It can be exactly what your doctor told you it is. Anxiety can make ibs go crazy. It has happened to me in the past.

For the gas, try turmeric tea with some black pepper in it twice per day. Also a cup of ginger tea.

Hi Sarah,

I would definitely see another doctor for a second opinion, as you are not being treated with any tests, which is making your anxiety worse, I think you must insist on seeing a specialist! I know it is not always possible but you could see a Functional Nutritionist if you can afford it just a thought for you.

Take care



Only suggestions, but you could try probiotics, charcoal tablets and peppermint oil - and look at the FODMAP diet. It’s tempting to try everything at once, but then you don’t know what works and what doesn’t - so best to introduce one thing at a time.

I hope things soon improve for you.

Hi Sarah - sorry to hear you’re feeling so unwell :( I would demand to see another GP. My previous doctor refused to do any tests as I suffer with bad anxiety but I went to see a different one who took me seriously and sent me for tests at the hospital, which diagnosed me with having stomach ulcers and gastritis. It is upsetting when you feel you’re being brushed aside constantly especially because you have a mental illness. Keep pushing and get a second, third or fourth opinion! x


Hello Sarahlou,

Thought this article might help you move forward:


Dear Sarahlou,

Definitely change your doctor. The one you have is behaving unacceptably. Register with a new one, ask for a referral to a consultant gastroenterologist and please, please, for the sake of other patients, send a letter if complaint about your current doctor to the local Primary Care Authority or, if that elicits no joy, the GMC. GPs sometimes think that they know everything and not even testing someone with your symptoms is outrageous.

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