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Undiagnosed - what’s wrong with me?!

Hi from a newbie!

Before I start, I’d like to add that I’m going to see the doctor next week but I’m the meantime I observed I’d anyone could relate to my symptoms before they were diagnosed.

From September last year I suffered with a tremendous amount of stress, up until Christmas when I was off work for a week - it was then I realised just how much I’d been suffering I.e working ridiculous hours because of workloads, sometimes not having time to break for lunch Or go to the loo, wasn’t sleeping, mind couldn’t shut off and when I did eat it was always the wrong foods!

I am overweight and have had a constant battle with trying to lose weight.

In February, I found myself a new job (which I’m not 3 weeks into and still having symptoms) but the stress didn’t end there, I was in a position where I couldn’t focus on my handover and had to keep it quiet about my departure - I realise now I probably should’ve seen a doctor well before then!

Since mid February I have then started to have symptoms such as:

- bloating after eating

- loose stools with mucus

- change in colour of stools

- undigested food in stool

When I look back, there have always been certain foods, particularly when reheated (pasta, potatoes etc) and things like salad which tend to bloat me.

I have made things worse for myself by consulting dr Google which in turn has put me off making an appointment for great of being told I have something really sinister.

I have also significantly increased my exercise as part of a charity challenge.

I only get cramps when I need to have a BM and it disappears afterwards. It’s not always loose either, but I wouldn’t say it was what I’m used to passing either.

I experience reflux sometimes too.

I recently started taking probiotics and that has helped to relieve some symptoms, I find BMs less frequent

Really sorry for the long post, I’m just desperate to get to grips with what is wrong ☹️

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Do you usually get the loose stools and cramping right after a meal? I'm not an expert, but when you mention undigested food in stools, Have you heard of dumping syndrome? I guess you can get tested for this or talk to your Doctor. My friend had this occur to her, but it was because she had gastric/abdominal surgery..then the food bypasses and moves to fast and goes right to her large intestine where it is not given time to digest thoroughly, changing the consistency and color of her stools. I guess the best bet, so as not to let things on the internet overwhelm you (I also "Google" all my symptoms causing alot of unneeded stress and anxiety.) is to try not to take information on Google to seriously..most of it is outdated. Just try to relax if you can..listen to some soothing music, aromatherapy, enjoy a good book, until you get in to see the Doctor. If they don't give you the answers you want, then see a Gastroenterologist or even a colon and rectal specialist. Keep us posted.

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It can vary, sometimes straight after a meal, sometimes a few hours later. Thanks anyway, I’ll keep you posted x


Hi there! Thanks for the info!

I’m making more of an effort to chew my food more but it’s too soon to tell if that’s working.

I had a really good weekend, stool wasn’t as loose as it was then on Monday it happened again, I worked out that I hadn’t had any dairy products at the weekend until Monday and so decided to cut it out since then, the dull aches have stopped and I haven’t had any grumbling, just the usual cramps when you need to have a BM - still not the consistency it should be but improved - colour is more of a tan brown colour.


HI! your symptoms are very similar to mine, especially the bloating and undigested food and I ve been diagnosed with IBS. Reheated pasta and potatoes are not a good idea because of resistant starch. Stress makes everything worse and I m realising that my mood depends on how my gut is feeling! Probiotics do help but I m always on the lookout for the perfect supplement. Good luck and try to relax!


Thanks for that! I was starting to think I’m alone! Did you have to have loads of tests before they concluded that’s what it was?


Hi there, MrsLwag, I think they will probably start out with the usual tests: blood panel, urine, and maybe stool sample... It is AMAZING what our upset minds can do to our bodies and cause ALL KINDS of symptoms!

I am glad you will be seeing the Dr because that decision alone has to bring about more peace....rather than just wondering. I am not meaning to undermine Anything you are going through, I know its rough...but I still think all of this could well be within the 'normal range of reactions due to stress/anxiety'..... You take good care now, OK? If you want to, let us know how it all turns out with the Dr visit. Loving best wishes!!


Hi Betty30, thank you for this post, just reading your comments and other posts and finally having the courage to talk about it to someone has helped no end, feels like a weight has been lifted!

I also came across this article below which really put me at ease


I’ll let you know how it goes next week!


So beennto the doctors today, I was so nervous before my appointment that I couldn’t keep off the loo for cramps in my stomach!

I explained my symptoms and the doctor had a good feel of my stomach, she was happy with everything there.

I now have to give a stool sample and I’m being referred for blood tests for absolutely everything just to be sure it isn’t anything else.

She wasn’t worried about anything out it that way x


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