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Hi. I'm new to all this. Need some help. I've had IBS for about 10/12 years. I get NAD cramps,bloating and diarrhea. I've had diarrhea for 4 days now,started badly,just like usual but has slowed down a bit now. I have haemerroids now which are very painful. Been to see my gp who has given me uniroid cream and suppositories. The cream isn't working because I still have diarrhea. Just want to know if its safe for me to take immodium to stop it. Tia

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I have ibs but c not d.

Have u tried taking probiotics and digestive enzymes for ur belly? In long run it could help with the problem.

I have had hems oh man they hurt i found covering them in vaseline helped coated them so the goin to toilet didnt hurt.

I healed my hems with chinese medicine after seeing a acupuncturist it was pretty amazing. This stuff called maejinglong cream and suppositories. They believe that if u have hems the heat not flowing well and it has a heat to it this cream but mine literally went in two weeks

Thank you. I've tried everything!! Its never been this bad before,putting it down to a stressful week. Been using the cream doctor gave me and it seems to be settling down slightly. I'm on holiday from work and supposed to go back in 2 days time, not looking likely. Think I'm going to give immodium a try,think if the D stops the hems will settle. Thanks for your reply. X

I also suffer really badly from haemmhoroids and the toilet bowl is full of blood every time I upsets me a lot so I have been referred for a banding procedure to the hospital but there are very long waiting lists..........I tried immodium but it does not help me - what about trying the FODMAP diet? It really has helped me a lot.

Hems are not that bad,just blood when I wipe. Thought the D had stopped last night,ate a plain meal,toast and fruit juice. Woke up this morning and its back!!! Hems were settling but starting to get worse again after this mornings episode. Trying immodium at the moment,fingers crossed it helps. Thank you for your reply.

Take Imodium to get you through the worst of the diarrhea. This will HELP the hemorrhoids improve. Then get on to probiotics or and fodmap diet. You need to find our what your triggers are. It can be a long process. I have Been a sufferer for 20 years now. It takes time to work out what works for you. I still have slip ups. Good luck 🍀😊

I'm taking immodium now,fingers crossed it works soon. Stress is my main trigger. I've done food logs and cut certain things out of my diet and nothing has worked so far. Thought it had all stopped last night,had a plain meal (toast and fruit juice) woke up this morning and got D again,although its a bit more solid today. Thank you for your reply. X

Hi there Singe_millie, have a look at sweetsusie 's post a day ago re the Diarrhoea, it's certainly worth a read.

Take care

Try activated charcoal for your diarrhea. It'll work quickly.

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