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Holiday with IBS

Hello All

My IBS has become a bit more manageable, still living with pain (although, this is more like discomfort now). One thing that's unusual, is that I seem to go to open my bowels once a day and it always seems to be between 9:30 and 11:30.

Except for last Friday when I did have a bit diarrhea (not proper, but 'gloopy') but the day before I did eat an ice cream from a van and other bad things.

When I normally go it isn't diarrhea, but it is easy to pass and whole/solid, but I get the feeling I can't really hold it in much.

This is getting my nervous as I go away on holiday to New York in a fortnight, and am worried about needing to go on the way to the airport and such and i know nervousness can set it off.

Wondered if anyone had any advice or inspiring words to help me to confirm that my bowels aren't normal/are normal wit what I'm experiencing.

Anything will be really appreciated.

Best Wishes

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Take an immodium before your leave for the airport and put some in your hand luggage just in case. Also, watch what you eat the day before and on your flight.

Have a great trip!

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Even if I don't have any problems will the Immodium have any side effects on me?

As it is mainly precaution, once I'm at airport I'll be fine.


It seems that you may be intolerant to lactose and dairy if ice cream affected you - most tablet medication contains lactose and therefore may give you a bad reaction - even immodium contains lactose.

You can get a RADAR key which will open any locked disabled toilet in the UK here is the link

crm.disabilityrightsuk.org/... (although they can be bought from other sources)

Also the IBS Society have 'I can't wait cards' for sale on their website which you may find useful

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I have seen his and thought about it. But once I pass my morning bowel movement I'm absolutely fine.

A bit of pain, but nothing wrong with going to the loo.


I'd agree with the others...plan, plan, plan is the name of the game. Pack and take what works for you. There are lots of homeopathy remedies you can try plus acupuncture to help with the nerves. Drink lots of water and DON'T eat the plane food. Take your own. Above all, it's tough and don't expect it to go smoothly, but, you'll survive and have a great holiday. Travelling and I still don't go together but I try to plan what I can and then it's a case of take the bad with the good!

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Yeah, this was booked as my special 18th birthday present, before the IBS came on.

Hopefully for my 21st (my next BIG birthday) the IBS will have subsided... Ahahaha.

My biggest problem will be nerves on the way to airport. As I've said above, once I'm there I'll be fine as there are toilets I can use.

I'll take Immodium incase the nerves mess me up a bit.



Loperamide works a treat to stop diarhea n give confidence to travel. Our culprit is sugar n sweets. Bake beans n broccolli

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I don't eat many sweets, but will eat very plain food the days before I travel.

Loperamide... I'll look at buying some just incase.

This is all very precautionary, I hope it will go fine and once I'm up and away I should be fine.

Then when I'm in America, just need to find out when my daily 'opening' will be and work around it :)


Lopramide works a treat. Give confidence to travel

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Toilet roll for emergency stops! x

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AH, good point!

Thanks :)

My mum and dad are supportive, as I'm going with them.

Saying we can take spare clothes if the worst does happen. My mum is used to this as my gran has toilet issues.

I hope it'll all be ok. As long as I have a loo near me for the first one I'm fine.

For example, it's 1:50pm now and I feel fine!

It's nerves more than anything :(

Thank you too you all.


If it helps both my boyfriend and I (and he doesn't have IBS) have had "accidents" when out running. Yes, it's horrendous but it's nice to know others that have had the same. Toilet paper and a bush is the way forward in case of emergencies. Nerves are fine....we wouldn't be human if we were happy all the time...it's how we learn (I'm telling you that as much as I'm telling myself!). Have an amazing time!


Hey! Thanks.

Yeah, I will take all supplies just in case.

It's true, we all have accidents, IBS or no IBS.

Thanks for the vote of confidence :D



Thank you! It's good to share! Don't forget "emergency" safe food supplies too, although America is much better than here in my experience

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I don't tend to have any troubles with food. Nothing I eat seems to affect what happens to me. I've ate everything under the sun in the past week, and still same outcome. One bowel movement every morning.

I'm starting to wonder what else it could be?

Or is it still classic IBS?


You're fortunate that food doesn't affect it. May be look at what time you eat and IBS has so many differing symptoms that it's hard to say what the classic case is. It sounds like your body stores up it's waste? Have you tried adding more fibre to your diet?


What type of fibre would you suggest for this?

Insoluble or soluble, as I would it to be a bit more manageable.

In an ideal world, I would just like to have the feeling of holding it in a bit more.

Any recommendations?

Thanks :)


I have been told stress exacerbate the condition. We tried to enjoy ourself but watch input into stomach. Thats all. Now its pretty quiet on that front but we had not crack it all yet. Just avoid the food thats the culprit n so far it works. Hot chocolates rather gassy n best to avoid.


Also worth noting is to pay attention to your gut issues when you've arrived. I find when I travel to some counties my IBS is better and in some it's worse. The changes in food/amount/time you eat in new places can sometimes clue you in to what is bugging you.


Hello all!

Just to say I'm back from holiday and it all went well! :-D

Food didn't affect it, but ate a bit conservatively (which I don't mind).

Had Chinese meals, greasy meals all didn't do much. I had 1 bowel movement every morning and that's It. A bit of pain here and there, but otherwise a good trip :-)

Thanks to everyone for their help!

Now I'm back I'm off to the docs soon to see if there is anything else that I can do. Maybe see a dietician and ask about my nervousness whilst on the loo.


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