i'm new here... please help

I've had diarrhea everyday for the last 9 months, back and forth to the doctors and hospital trying to find out what is wrong. I had been diagnosed with IBS and am waiting for another sigmoidoscopy. I was trialed on medication once, which didn't work. I get anal fissures almost everyday and the pain and embarrassment is getting too much. How long have others had to wait to get treatment started?

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  • Fibre, probiotics, coconut oil have helped me big time.

    Are those fissures hemorrhoids?

  • I'd love to know more on how you found coconut oil has helped you jimtom. I have been using some for a couple of months, but as I beat my IBS symptoms already before that, I don't really know how it helps.

  • It soothes inflammation in the gut and actually kills of the bad bacteria that can cause ibs symptoms. I find since I started using it that I don't get gut inflammation so often.

    It works for me, but might not work for everyone.

  • Thanks for that. I had seen an American study where coconut oil was used to help kill bad bacteria, but I couldn't test that.

    Can I ask you roughly how much coconut oil you use a day for it to be effective (this was not clear in the study)? And do you use a particular type (extra virgin) or brand?

  • I started with two tea spoons of it per day then increased to two table spoons, I took first one when I got up in morning then the other about an hour or so later. I sometimes would take it in tea or coffee instead of spoons. You should start with small quantities and work it out from there yourself. If you are running to the loo after a few days or so then reduce the quantity. I use a brand called ktc, it has no flavour, I did use Virgin but got sick of the taste. But apparently the Virgin stuff is better but I don't know for sure.i hope this works for you if you try it, I didn't get technical with measurements, just thought easiest way was with spoons. It might not work for you as everyones ibs is different.

    Good luck and you are always welcome to ask me questions or chat.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks for this useful info Jimtom:) I prefer the stuff with no flavor too. It's a good swap for butter on toast and for olive oil in cooking (takes high heat in cooking).

    You can also use a small amount warmed in your hand applied to any dry skin too.

    Have you got rid of your IBS or are you still struggling?

  • Yes it very good for cooking, my skin,hair and nails all improved since I began using it.

    I manage ok now with my ibs, have an odd flare up but nothing to worry about.

    Yours is under control?

  • Yep totally thanks. I came a long way from chronic IBS and a start of Fibromyalgia. Never thought I would make it.

  • So how did you do it?

  • I spent a long time researching the subject and did a lot of trail and error. Once I had really understood where my IBS was coming from I devised a multifactoral approach to beat it. Taking baby steps and slowly changing habits and attitudes improved things - and ultimately got me out. I still have fructose and lactose intolerance, which I have always had, but I'm working on those now too. I am convinced that our bodies can heal, if we learn to hear what they are telling us. Fascinating stuff!

  • I done similar it's the only way to sort it out, trial and error. I agree when you say the body can heal itself. Thanks for replying, it has been interesting and good to chat with you.

  • For me too:)

    Have a great day,


  • Ibs is a chronic illness for which there is no wonderful cure. Most of the management is lifestyle and diet.

    Have you tried the Fodmap diet? It's usually helpful

  • Most of my 'treatment' has been dietary changes. It took a long time to see the specialist, then a long time to do all the tests. And then the process to figure out what is affecting you, and find ways to manage it is an ongoing, never-ending journey. Hopefully you can find some dietary adjustments that work for you.

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