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Day before first colonoscopy!


I’m new here and am feeling really apprehensive about tomorrow. 3 weeks ago I was booked in for a colonoscopy but was given MoviPrep and had a reaction to it - vomiting and couldn’t keep water down. Am now on Picolax . Had my first dose at 8 this morning and it’s just started working so feeling fairly confident.

Does anyone know if you can have skimmed milk , maybe a splash in tea or coffee? Not worried about food but would kill for a cup of tea! Also, I read somewhere that you can suck colourless gummie bears! Is this true?

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Hi there June15

So sorry you had a bad reaction to Moviprep and what a horrible reaction you had, you poor thing. I was given Picolax and have to say I had no problems whatsoever with that and I see it's working for you. Don't have anything else apart from water, I know it's hard but it's worth it. I did suck on jelly babies but avoided the red ones as you are supposed to do.

If it makes you feel any easier I had a second colonoscopy in August 2016 and it was so much better than the one I had back in 1996. I have never felt so relaxed and remember going in for the procedure and being spoken to but not a lot else.

All the very best for tomorrow and you will be absolutely fine.

Hi June,

Not sure about the milk or sweets but I do remember drinking an oxo/ bovril type drink the night before mine and a black decaf coffee in the morning.

All the best for tomorrow.


No, you cannot have milk. Only clear fluids. This would be black tea, gatorade. There are a few others, but call your doctor's nurse to get the full list. I also think GREEN jello is OK, but no red, orange or purple.

I had thin chicken noodle soup, but strained out the noodles, it really helped with the hunger pangs and oh it was nice!

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