First results after Colonoscopy/endoscopy are in

Today I had my procedures and the intial results are, Gastritis, inflmmation of the small intestine, some erosions on my stomach lining, a small polyp, and internal hemrohids..😮😮..nothing super serious thus far, so that is good news! I was told to start a low carb diet, i will be taking 2 different meds to heal my stomach and some major diet changes and no more asprin/anti inflammatories..hoping i am on my way to feeling better 😆

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  • That's great news! Your tags say nasal polyp. Did you have one of those or was the polyp in your colon?

  • The polyp was in my colon, so im not sure why it said nasal

  • Oh OK! I had a nasal polyp a few years ago, and have IBS, and was told not to take aspirin or ibuprofen So I was just seeing if there was a link. I'm so glad all of your tests came out ok! Keep us posted on how your diet change goes!

  • All sounds positive,i wish you well.

  • Sounds good Meghan. I wish you well:)


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