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Had a telephone consultation this morning and making me an appointment for a colonoscopy. I am so scared so wanting words of encouragement please.

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I was scared the first time I had one too. Actually, the worst part is the preparation the day before, as there is a limited list of liquids that you can drink. You also have to take something that will empty your colon, so must spend some time in the bathroom at the end of the preparation day and again the next morning. None of this is painful. For the actual colonoscopy you will be lightly sedated, so will feel no discomfort. Afterwards you rest for an hour or so, are given some cookies and juice, and then leave. You can then eat normally and there are no after effects. It is best to try to schedule it in the morning so you don't get extremely hungry. Your doctor will have the results immediately, unless some polyps were removed, in which case the results take a little longer. Overall, it is just a big pain in the neck, and somewhere else too. It is good that you are having it done and had the courage to make the appointment. Hope the appointment is soon so you don't have to spend too much time worrying. xx

ReadyMix1 in reply to b1b1b1

Hi. Thank you so much for your kind words. You have reassured me and I am giving myself a positive talking to as well. Hopefully it wont be too long before I get the appointment .

Ebele in reply to b1b1b1

I've had one and for me too the 'worst' part was indeed the preparation to get your colon clean before the actual examination, stay close to the bathroom ;-) . I don't remember that it was painful and yes you will get some sedation. It was 'interesting' to see the inside of my colon for the first and maybe last time of my life. So no worries, not necessary.

ReadyMix1 in reply to Ebele

Thank you for your reply and your reassuring words. I feel much more positive now.

Edgar77 in reply to b1b1b1

I agree with b1b1b1 except i would have an afternoon apt cos on the loo all am

The actual procedure is absolutely fine.You will receive the results while you are there.I found the worst part was the taste of the liquid you need to drink beforehand.But a couple of people I know didn't mind it at all.

I have had 3 and because I have polyps will behaving another next year,the preparation is the worst part,but really even that isn’t painful.You will be asked to eliminate certain foods leading up to the procedure,but I usualy start that a few days earlier then stated.

As someone else said you are sedated but aware of your surroundings in a dream like state.

It is actually quite fascinating to see your bowel on a screen.

I suffer badly with anxiety which is the main cause of my IBS,so for me the fear of having an accident while getting to the department in a very large hospital is stressful,but so far nothing has happened.And of course with my sensible head on,I know my bowel is squeaky clean due to the prep.

Yep the prep is the worst. But just think how much better you will feel after it’s done. Getting the answers to your problem, finding out what is going on. I’ve had 2 about 4 years apart. It needs to be done. Good luck.

Thank you for your reply. Wow 3, I do hope you are ok now. Again very reassuring post. I too have anxiety problems so I hope I will be calm on the day.

Please don't worry. It's not that bad at all. You will be sedated. Try to relax. I found it to be very interesting because you can watch the scope looking at your bowel. I personally didn't find it painful. You get a sense of something being pushed of sliding but for me it was okay. It's much better to have it done than to put up with horrible symptoms. Afterwards you are taken to relax in a recovery ward for a short time. While there the nurses will want you to hsve something to eat and drink so take something with you. They will offer you yes or coffee but take some biscuits or something with you as it helps stabilise your blood pressure and clear off the sedative. The laxatives arent too bsd either. Mine cleared me out straight away. But, i gave myself an extrs couple of hours, took them a tad earlier because I had to travel to the hospital.

Worry is your worst enemy. There's no need to worry. Keep calm and think of the end diagnosis. You will be fine.

I agree with everyone else. Just to add, the laxative colon cleanse drink is sweet and sickly tasting, so keep it cold in the fridge. Also, keep your electrolytes up with clear non fizzy drinks, I mention this because the cleanse gave me foot cramps. The cleanse just feels like lots of water gushing out easily. I also did my cleanse a couple of hours earlier than recommended and that worked for me with having a long car journey to the hospital. I had the morning appointment, as mentioned above, highly recommend this, as less time to worry etc, good luck.

You will have a nurse with you all the time. They are so lovely. Really supportive. You will get pain relief and a sedative, which really chills you out. It will be over with before you know it. Good luck.

I had one a few years ago and I do remember being fascinated watching the monitor to see the inside of my colon. At one point, the tiny 'grabber' snipped a polyp and I said 'Oh!' The operator asked, in a surprised voice, 'Did you feel that?!' I said 'No. I was just surprised by the process!' The nurses found that amusing and held my hand a bit tighter. I agree with everyone who has responded here. Be glad you have the opportunity to get it done. Worrying is probably the worst part.

I had a colonoscopy last month, it was so much easier than I thought. The prep isn’t so good but I had the colonoscopy done with gas and air and it was absolutely fine. The nurses and consultant were so reassuring, you’ve got this, you can do it. Good luck 👍

ReadyMix1 in reply to Lilq

Thank you for your kind words.

Oh maybe I should push for one too. If it’s anything like the endoscopy you have a shit of happy juice and suddenly it’s all over with no idea what happened.

HelloAs most people have said on here. The colonoscopy itself isnt...too bad. Ive had a few & one 3 weeks ago. I have sedation but it doesnt knock you completely out, just relaxed😊

The screen is infront of you & altho a bit dozey they talk you through & its really...clever. Its all over very quickly.

YES The prep is the hard part

I drink lemonade & black tea with sugar at the same time.....its the volume of the prep that is a struggle.....lots of fluid.

I start taking it earlier & spread it out....i find it easier that way!

I really hope this helps & you will be fine

Focus on something nice for when it is all over, it will help

Good Luck

The preparation is the annoying part, I have IBS-C, I hated the liquid they gave me to drink. And because I’m always constipated it was painful for me. But the procedure itself is much simpler than you’d think!

The preparation the day before is the worst part. I got told to have Lucazade with it and ice in a jug. I also used a straw. It takes a little bit of the awful taste away but it is vile tasting stuff. I also started taking it earlier than stated. I had a late morning appointment and made it to the hospital ok without needing the toilet.

The procedure itself isn’t bad at all. I worried so much beforehand (as have bad anxiety) and worried for nothing. They were so helpful and friendly with me. I was sedated and watched it on screen. Was interesting. It wasn’t painful at all. Just a pressure as they moved it around the intestine. Afterwards you get taken to a ward to eat and drink something.

The wind later is painful but gradually eases once you let it all out lol.

Good luck when you do get the appointment. You will be fine. xx

ReadyMix1 in reply to feelouise

Hi, thank you for the positivity. I’m pleased to hear it all went well for you too. I feel so much better now reading everyone’s experience and to hear that I shouldn’t be worried.

Hi there.... if not already supplied to you please follow the white diet for the week leading up to the procedure.. maybe on Google. It will help with the colon laxative .

Anyway. You will be fine, relax it's hard I know but you will be ok..and you will know what's causing your issues.

Let me know if you need more info on the white diet . Take care

Thank you how kind. I will certainly Google the white diet. Everything helps.

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