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Just Got out of ER. Have to have surgery on hernias. Nervous. Has anyone had this done? Was Mesh used?

Hi, had severe pain and was taken to ER. Was diagnosed with several problems and feeling a bit overwhelmed. I know alot of these problems occur because of straining due to severe constipation. Unfortunately, Have to resort to a stimulant laxative as nothing else works. The Gastro does not want me to take any kind of laxative, such as Lactulose, Magnesium Citrate, Senna (which I take once a week, just to flush..I Take the recommended dose..3 on a Saturday night, as it has worked for me for years). When I was on Opiods due to a severe fall off a horse during a horse show, I ruptured several disks in my back, sciatica, bulging disks, bone spurs. After the accident was in physical therapy for a year so I could walk again. I wish I would have done the epidural shots, as when I went off the opiods a year ago, my digestive system shut down. I was on Hydrocodone, Naproxen 500, and muscle relaxers for seven years. The pain management doctor said to take Senna. Gastro said any kind of laxative such as the ones mentioned above will eventually damage your intestines if used on a long term basis. I think the opiods damaged by intestines..so I figure my intestines are already damaged. As I haven't been the same since going off them. He only wants me to take Miralax, or fiber supplements or Food with fiber, which does not work for me. I Had all sorts of tests and have to make appts with numerous surgeons..diverticulitis, gallbladder, 2 hernias. I Keep hearing horror stories from people and problems experienced from surgery from the Mesh that is used. I feel funny about anything foreign like that being put in me. There has to be a more natural surgery? Has anyone had this type of surgery and how painful was it and recovery time? Thanks for listening. ☺

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Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate that. I know I had a friend had the use of Mesh back in 2007, and he started to have alot of pain and problems and they had to take it out. He told them not to use mesh, so they did another way, so I guess I could ask for that. I guess there is a risk for any surgery. I had back to back surgeries in 2011, one was a ruptured apoendix, then they saw I had cysts on my ovaries, and they took out my left ovary and tube and a large cyst on my right ovary. Now, it is hard knowing another surgery is upcoming. This time, with no family as they have all passed. My friends are all in Florida. I am by myself in Ohio, but can't afford to move. It's really expensive to live there...in the part of town I used to live in. Anyway, thanks for the quick reply. ☺


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