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Are using stool softeners (Colace) every day plus a stimulant laxative on a weekend day..**really enough** for Chronic/severe "C"


Just feeling confused right anyone in this situation and can relate? I take several medications that make my digestion slow and very constipating. Before finally resorting to a stool softener, I would not have a bowel movement all week..and have to wait until Saturday night ) due to my living situation) to take Senna..but it got tiring and extremely uncomfortable because I would start feeling "backed up" the following Tuesday. I could only go, maybe, if I had several cups of coffee with Stevia only in it. Now, I take Colace, and use restroom now about 4-6 times a week..(sometimes twice a day)..but I am just having several (about 12-15..sorry) "pellets". I also don't have to strain enough. However, even this..4-6 times a week and many "pellets" is it enough? What really defines constipation? Yes, I have asked Gastroenterologists, have a new one I am going to see in October..but I get dismissed or conflicting answers..when I ask this question. I feel it is not enough? But my abdomen seems soft..and by Sunday, I wonder if the Senna I have been prescribed for seven years, if I can go off of it. All so confusing. I really want to get off Senna, but it is frustrating,to know if have produced enough over the week, etc. Tonight I don't even want to take the Senna. But I keep taking and taking it..every weekend might thinking "what if I am not "C"..I wish we knew how to tell. Rabbit pellets don't seem like enough. Have seen Doctor's, and No one has a clue. Thanks for reading..just seeing if anyone can relate..

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Eliana - I have always had IBS d, however a few months ago it changed to--guess what--rabbit pellets. I had never had this so I thought it meant I was constipated. I told the gastro I was constipated and just having rabbit pellets. He said "that is not constipation." It sounds to me that for you this may be an improvement, as it is better than nothing. It is good you are seeing a new gastro and hope he will be more helpful. xx

Eliana5 in reply to b1b1b1

That makes me feel better..thanks. I guess when I looked at the "Bristol stool chart", it said "small peices or rabbit pellets..marbles"..means "Constipated"..but it gets confusing, because they then (Doctors) that fewer than three bowel movements a week mean "constipation"..but I have been averaging 5-8 with stool softeners. I thought that the stools had to be "formed" and not all broken up..but when I have a movement, it looks "formed" I guess..but it's actually lots of "rabbit pellets"..interesting. I'm still your post did make me feel very relieved. I wish there was a way to tell if I am "C" like feeling somewhere on my abdomen..the way Doctors do. I have no idea. Definitely will talk to Gastro..I don't feel "C" at maybe that's a good thing. am the "what-iffing"..and keep turning back to the Senna "just in case".. I wish I could just throw it away, once and for All. Tired of living with a laxative every Sunday. No way to live. Thanks for your reply..☺🐼🌹

b1b1b1 in reply to Eliana5

Can you take a "half" dose of senna and see what happens? Just so difficult. xx

Eliana5 in reply to b1b1b1

I have..and nothing..unfortunately..

I have the same problem as you hun but I started eating 5or6 driedprunes a day big ones in a flat packet from Morrison’s and I constantly drink water I also eat pears porridge plums carrots and broccoli with no ill affect oh and lots of rich tea biscuits seem to settle my tummy I am feeling much better than I did and I don’t get constipation like I used to I go every day now and my poo is passed easier and is softer don’t know if it will work for you but worth a try 🙂🙂🙂Chrissy x

Eliana5 in reply to Tandc

Thanks for replying. I have eaten prunes, but they have moisture in that what you are using? One night, I did have two small prunes (moisture in them) and the next day, it was like I took a stimulant laxative..cramping..going all day. I can't go out that day because I'm on toilet all day. I sometimes have oatmeal (porridge?)..the instand kind..but it just feels heavy like it is sitting on my rectum. I can't eat fruits with skin..but I did eat canned pears..the stool softener makes me go more than just eating fiber..which just tends to accumulate. I guess I have slow transit colon. I wish I knew the answer..the stool softener I go once a day or every two days and stools are easier to pass, but unfortunately rabbit pellets..(usually about 10-15 of them. I wish I had some way of feeling my abdomen to see if stool is there or constipated..that way if I am not, I wouldn't have to take a harsh laxative weekly. Another question hopefully New Gastro in October appt can tell me. It all seems much I should have a bowel movement, frequency..if I am producing enough..etc..

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I really understand your concerns as have very similar ones ie I just never know what’s normal. I’m on Constella for IBS-c/ dysmotility due to having an autoimmune disease.

Currently I’m nursing a cracked rib and haven’t been for no 2 since Thursday, despite taking my Constella as usual. I am guessing it’s all the pain killers (not including codeine) and pain blocking me. Then rabbit poops might start tomorrow.

Then I will have a day or two of diarrhoea and that’s the new pattern.

Eliana5 in reply to Hidden

Thanks for replying. I too took Prescription Opiates for seven years due to severe back spinal degenerative disease. I was on the lowest dose. That is when I was prescribed the worked well, and still does to this day. Have you tried a medication called "Levsin or Bentyl? When I was on pain meds, could eat anything, no cramping, no "trigger foods" it's when I went off opiods, have not been the same since. I think being on them ruined my digestion. Now, all sorts of problems..cramping, even more constipation than what I had during opiods. Stool softeners are great for things like cracked ribs, as it provides a lot of help make stools easier to pass. I hope we both find the answers..

Hi 🤗

Ive had IBS for a long time now and i can go either way when i have an episode! I have for the most part been able to manage it for the past 18 months or so by drinking a cup of slimmatee. I have 2-3 cups in a week and this helps me stay “regular”. If i have more than that though it unsettles my system.

You can massage your abdomen area to also help move your bowels - this works for me too !

I think its trial and error until you find what works for you but i dont get pellets very often anymore with this tea!

Eliana5 in reply to Misslovely

Thanks for replying. Have never heard if this tea..I'm in the states. I wish I knew where I could buy it? xx

Misslovely in reply to Eliana5

I buy it from Hollands and Barretts but im sure you can get it elsewhere x

Eliana5 in reply to Misslovely careful of this tea. I just read up on it, and it says they are trying to ban this tea..even though it's herbal..due to some harmful ingrdients. It's not FDA regulated..and may interact with medications. They say you should not drink every day. It's also used for weight loss, and I am already underweight. It has "Senna" in it, a stimulant harsh laxative, which I already take once a week..just be careful..xx

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