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Never ending Bloat

Hi Folks

This is a simple question- does anyone have bloating that doesn't really go away?

A flare up 6 months ago gave me bloating I hadn't experienced before. Usually I can control IBS with diet but now I'm thinking what else it could be. I go to bed with it and wake up with it

GP has done tests galore including Gynaecology route.

Waiting for results of stool test but had Flexable Sigmoidoscopy last year and all clear.

GP is becoming unsympathetic- just says accept its IBS and gave me Colpermin peppermint caps last week.

I'm now thinking Candida? Anyone got this?

Also has anyone tried Symprove?

Supposed to be a miracle probiotic and has good reviews but is expensive.

Thanks Frankie1955

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Try the FODMAP diet. It is available over the internet. Best site is Monash University in Australia, where the diet was invented. It has helped me.


No I have not have bloating constantly. As you are female ask for a CA-125 blood test and if that is within normal limits then you will have to look at ways of controlling the bloating by diet or other medication. Good Luck


I do and I have just stopped taking probiotic with prebiotic in because I am sure prebiotics make it ten times worse - I am fast thinking that even probiotics make it worse as although I have always bloated it has never been as bad since taking probiotics. I do though at the moment need to take just a probiotic for a couple of days to see if I can get this huge bloat reduced. I am now thinking of trying the artichoke supplement which I have is very good for bloating and better than probiotics for that and IBS


I tried Symprove and I'd ask you take a good look at ingredients first - like I say one size does not fit all - you literally have to try things for yourself - what suits other people may not suit you


Maybe take a look at the Optibac range and read the comments/reviews. They are cheaper. There are ones for different reasons too so depends on if it’s gynae or not. Also I recall there being one that particularly fought Candida. I hope this helps.


I took symprove for 4 months, and I'm sorry to say it did nothing for me. I'm most disapointed


It could be Candida. I would suggest getting checked out for Candida and Sibo: sickofibs.com/ibs-symptoms/...



Hello Frankie1955,

I too suffer from this and I personally don't believe it is food related. This is the second time I am doing the Low Fod-map diet (this time under the guidance of a nutritionist. Once again, so far I notice no improvement whatsoever. However, I respect that many people do benefit from this elimination process.

May be worth checking if you have any gynae-related issues that may be causing this i.e: endometriosis (another complex condition to diagnose) notorious for its "endo- belly" bloating symptoms.

I have been diagnosed with IBS (over 2 years of non-stop suffering, mainly incapacitating pain), however I have also approached a private gynae (at a BSGE accredited Hospital) and will leave this avenue open for a follow-up once my gastro/dietician explorations conclude. It may well be the case of suspected endo (I've done ultrasound & MRI scans, however these don't always show endometriosis and/or adhesions specially of the superficial type or if concealed behind certain organs).

If it's any consolation, many times I resemble a 4-6 months pregnant lady (3 months on a better day).

Best of luck X


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