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Hi all, I'm really struggling at the moment with a "flare up", but this has been going on since early December, can flare ups last that long????. I have IBS D and right now I'm so scared and at my wits end...... I have had right sided lower pain in the abdomen, nausea and bloating, gas and loose stools. I just feel like rubbish right now. Went to see doctor who has referred me to a gastroenterologist but that is gonna be weeks away. In the mean time I am taking mevberine, stemitil, painkillers and lazaprozal. Any I put would be so welcome, I feel so alone at the moment, I also think I'm suffering from anxiety, all my rational thinking seems to have gone out of the window at the moment. Sorry for the long rant, just need some help with it all. My doctor is about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

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Hi cimmy. I'm glad your seeing a gastro. That should help put your mind to rest after the tests. Have you tried altering your diet, perhaps cutting out gluten and dairy. Also the fodmap diet has helped many, may be worth trying.

Cimmy in reply to ivesy

Hi Ivey, I just started cutting out gluten and I haven't had dairy for a while. I've had flare ups before but this 1 is lasting forever and I'm just feeling down I guess. I had a stool test in December which came back abnormal, so I'm waiting to be tested of IBD. I just feel unwell and so worn out. Thankyou for your reply it is greatly appreciated.

Yes they can.. I have been dealing with lets call it INCREASED symptoms for almost 5 months now. I think lately its more about decreased control of symptoms.

Anxiety is totally normal for all with our types of symptoms. And sadly it does not help our symptoms at all to have anxiety.

I sort of want to eat a chocolate teapot now.. but I cannot eat chocolate so that's out..

Hi Cimmy , I had a flare earlier this week and from years of experience with IBS ,diverticulitis and haemoroids which all go into melt down at the same time and becomes worse with stress and blood pressure , I find that normal painkillers are useless - so for such events in addition to mebrevine , buscopan and ibuprofen,I take co-codamol to bind my stomach and ease the pain, spasms and discomfort.If they do not work quickly enough ,such as to stop me passing red blood ,a tablespoon of kaolin and morphine liquid mixture works a treat! Your pharmacist should be in a position to provide over the counter liquid ,co-cod, buscopan and ibuprofen without prescription until you see the Gastro consultant.

I would like to emphasise though ,that this treatment is not to be continuous and only for a specific flare. Usually I can ovecome a flare within a day but the effects of one can take me a few days to get my strength back to face normal food and get my system stabilised.

A visit to your GP will also be good next week as a continuous pain on right lower side may be something else such as inflammation due to perhaps hernia or apendics?

I am not a doctor ,just a sufferer who has learned how to live with my ailments

Let me know how you get on as I know exactly how you are feeling........and hope you get better soon.

Hi. Cimmy, It's something you are eating or the Mebeverine Tablets. I cannot take them , I cannot have Fructose or Lactose ,I only have BuscapanTablets these work for me but I only have them when in bad pain as they. Contain Lactose. I have had Right side pain for four days and my stomach feels like I have been doing Stomach exercises even to sit down is painfull . That was because I ate 3baby carotts about one inch long . Because Fructose is the Natural sugar in Fruit and Veg I don't eat any of them . Hope this helps you .

You could try Optibac saccharomyces boulardii. Have a read of some of the reviews. I wouldn't be without it.

My last flare up lasted over a year with daily diarrhoea. It is now under control, although still not 'normal'. I take fybogel with mebeverine four times a day, you can buy this over the counter. I was also prescribed codeine but this made me woolly headed so I cut it down and then out. Try the fodmap diet as some foods are triggers.

A chocolate teapot:)) Hey, yes I remember when I had IBS I use to have regular bowel issues most days and at times I would get flare ups that lasted a while and it would go back to the usual IBS after that. One way or the other I always had it but some times it would get worse. My flare ups would happen during stressful situations and probably adding wrong foods. Anyway, after finding things in my gut that shouldn't be ther and getting rid of them I feel great. PM me if you would like more information on how to get rid of your IBS.

Cimmy, I feel your pain along with other sufferers we understand. Its great that you have been referred, try to be calm and nonchalant about your latest flare up, as tension and anxiety will make symptoms worse. Think about the light at the end of the tunnel and a positive outcome, positivity now will lessen your discomfort. Wishing you well.

Cimmy in reply to Amcc

Thank you for your kind response Amcc, it's reassuring knowing there are people out there that understand what I'm going through. My husband and children have had enough of my whining and don't understand how this horrible illness affects me, after all it's only IBS 😖😖😖😖😖😖, if only they knew eh

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