Never ending stomach problems

I feel like I'm constantly going through a cycle of different stomach problems and symptoms. Everyday I never know what symptom is going to show up. Bloating, cramping, nausea, contstipation, diarrhea, greasy feeling in my stomach, gas, misc pains in weird spots.... ALWAYS something. This is ruining my life. I've tried different diets, consulted with doctors and nothing has ever helped. Can anyone else relate? Any advice? It's nearly impossible to make plans (and stick with them) as well as travel. My family thinks I'm a hypochondriac and my husband doesn't understand. I feel like I've become a nuisance to everyone around me.

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  • I began with b12 deficiency last year Have had stomach problems for a few years Cos I am only on a low b12 replacement regime with doc every three month injection ,since then have developed Spondolosis and since new year have had stomach and gut problems Just really come to conclusion that it prob ibs Tried everything, Manuka honey,apple cider vinegar ,Yakult Etc now can't eat bread and other foods ,I just starting this journey and feel for you ,that every day health is constantly on your mind Other people ,and I include doctors in this, don't understand the constant battle. Really hope you get some answers ,and your flare up subsides .Good luck

  • I'm the same, iv been suffering for 14 years now and it never gets any easier. Iv 4 children and I feel I let them down and my husband just thinks I'm mad. My biggest problem is I often get the urge to need the loo & im so worried il not make it to the toilet in time, I plan everything around knowing where the toilets are and if we go any where I take immodian an hour before then I know il not need the loo. If iv a slightlest tummy gurgle or pain I just refuse to leave the house :( it really gets me down to the point I feel like asking for my bowel to be removed and a bag fitted then I can live a normal life.

  • Exactly! I can rarely follow through on plans because I'm always sick. My husband thinks that I make up my symptoms to get out of things, which couldn't be further from the truth.

  • Look up Dysbiosis see if u think it may be that and ask for a test for it, I am finally on the right road.

  • I know how you feel, I get ready to go out and have to cancel as the thought of not knowing where the toilet is starts it of. Stress seems to be my main problem. I also have all of the above symptons and nothing seems to help. I have now been put on Citalopram which is to help calm me dowm.

  • Hi babe you are not alone with these horrible automunne symptoms you are getting I get all of them & find more new ones from back ach to tingerlen in back of neck & burning sensations every where theres no end to what you are going to get next they thought mine was ibs for yrs the stomach cramps nausea & never far from the toilet untill they went deeper so I went the hospital only to be sent home with paracetamol sayen it was ibs & anxiety & depression untill I had to have a blood transfusion right away becouse I had severe anemia brought on by not getten the right nutrients & eaten gluten unknown to me I was eaten gluten all the time & dident no what I still had untill I lost so much weight so then I had a biopsy & they said you have coeliac disease a autoimmune disease that attack it own tissue so dont rule out coeliac disease becouse it has the same symptoms as ibs be strong patricia get a blood test for it hun

  • I really feel for you and in particular where your family think that you are a hypochondriac, if only it was that easy! I am slowly but surely overhauling my diet and my first port of call is cutting right back on sugar, it's energy zapping and no good for you. I also can't eat cauliflower, sweetcorn(that is definitely a no no), onions, in particular raw ones, raw carrots and can only eat broccoli on rare occasions - these are what are classed as healthy foods but I've had no choice but to cut them out. I now peel my apples and most other things.

    I really hope that you find something but one thing that helped me a lot years ago and I still take them are Multibionta multi vitamins by Seven Seas - I rarely get anything else wrong with me other than IBS - I think IBS is enough! I recently had a tummy bug (not good when you suffer with Emetophobia) and that was the first one I had had since I was 18, I am now 57!

    Best of luck


  • I suffer from Emetophobia too! How did you handle your tummy bug? Were you vomiting? The thought of it terrifies me.

  • It's so good to know that there are many others out there like me that have Emetophobia; you kind of feel daft but then to know there are others makes you think you aren't quite as daft. I only vomited once but that was enough but I actually coped with it very well, I didn't even wake my husband up who's a light sleeper - that was a feat in itself! Luckily enough he didn't get it as he also panicks when he's sick but he doesn't actually have Emetopbia as he doesn't worry if a bug is going round.

    I worried more about my husband getting it and it took me weeks to settle down, I still think about it now although not quite as bad.

  • Hi crazyfitness,

    I had emetophobia for about 20 years, which i cured by using something called The Thrive Programme. I was completely better, but then out of no where a couple of years later i ended up with IBS. It's strange to hear that you suffer with both as well, maybe there's some link between them?

    After about a year of IBS symptoms i noticed that again there was a link between the physical symptoms and what i was thinking. So again i went back to The Thrive Programme, and it completely sorted me out. It's a way of thinking that maintains the problem, that's why there's never a magic pill out there that doctors can give to genuinely just get rid of anxiety or IBS. It was my way of thinking that kept the problem going, and most of the time made it worse.

    Have a look at I saw her for the IBS, but you can use it for Emetophobia too.

  • Hi 1963worksforme,

    Thank you so much for the reply and I have ben looking at the Thrive Programme (I have seen the book on Amazon) for a few months now and wasn't sure whether to purchase the book or not as there were some comments, not many, that were sceptical and thought that the people that made those comments had some kind of connection with the author of the book, Rob Kelly. This is incredibly helpful as I have been a lot worse with the Emetophobia since I had a tummy bug back in December. Also, I hate winter as I always think of the Norovirus as that of course is when it's most prevalent.

    I'm glad that you are much better since you have worked with the programme again. I will now order the book - there is nothing to lose!

    Once again, thank you.


  • Hi 1963worksforme, I've just downloaded the research paper and will have a read of that now. Thank you

  • What research paper?

  • There is a link to a research paper on Sophie's link you provided above - the paper is entitled 'Exploring The Efficacy of the Thrive Programme with Emetophobic Clients: Results of a Survey.


  • Oh yes sorry, i know what you mean now, have a look. Makes for a positive read :)

  • Thank you and I certainly will :)

  • Definitely order the book!

    I was a bit skeptical initially as well, the whole' sounds too good to be true' thing came to mind but when i went through it i probably would have tried anything to get rid of it so just jumped in anyway.

    If you have any questions or need any advice you could always email her anyway, she was helpful for me. I went through the book on my own at first and then decided to go through it with the consultant to get as much as i good out of it, and make sure i was 100% incorporating all the tools into my day so that i made sure i got over it.

    Go Girl! ;)

  • Thank you and I will - really really you getting back to me on this as it's a debilitating phobia.

    :) x

  • It really was, but i'm excited for you knowing that i've had the opportunity to pass some worthwhile information on. Let me know how you get on :)

  • Aw thank you, I so so appreciate you passing this on and I almost ordered the book yesterday but wasn't sure. You have now assured me and I will now purchase the book. Thank you and I will let you know how I get on.


  • Hi sorry to hear this. Have you cut anything specific from your diet. I paid for private blood tests which highlighted a sensitivity to wheat, gluten and dairy which I have cut from diet and much better. Also take mebeverine 3 times a day. Still suffer at times though so starting to look at the FODMAP diet. I suffer with anxiety too now made worse by the IBS so sometimes it does not matter what I eat. I'm starting counselling this week. If you think anxiety related (you mentioned your phobia) could look at getting some support too?


    Nicki x

  • I've had blood test and cut certain things out of my diet. I've been hospitalized a few times because my symptoms were so severe. Nothing seems to help. I do have some good days, but lately the bad ones have become an everyday occorance. I'm always sick with pain. I just don't know what to do anymore.

  • Hi, when I read letters like yours I feel blessed that i am on my own-you poor creature

    Hope you are soon feeling better

    tell everyone at home to get stuffed; they havnt a clue what you are going through

  • Sounds awful. Keep on at the docs to help and look into it sounds serious. Could it be Crohns?

  • Sounds exactly like something i went through for about a year. I tried everything i could think of to ease the stomach discomfort and nothing worked, the further i got into looking for some cure the more pain i was in, the worse the symptoms got. After completely turning my diet upside down, and taking every IBS related medicine out there i decided to go through a therapy route as i noticed a link between how i was thinking about it and how much pain i was in. In the end i worked through something called The Thrive Programme and haven't had problems ever since. It was really difficult to accept that i was at the very least maintaining the problem but it got me my life back!

    Have a look at - this is who i saw.

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