Bloating is completely destroying my day to day life please help!

Hi everyone, I'm desperately hoping someone can help me.

I've was diagnosed with ibs a few months ago as I have experienced bloating for the last 4 months. After numerous visits to my GP (who puts it down to IBS) my extreme bloating still haven't improved - if anything it's got worse. It's now at a point where regardless what I eat it how my diet is I look about 3 months pregnant. It's uncomfortable, making me tired and sleepy and getting me down on my appearance. It doesn't ever get smaller and even with going to the gym, meberverline (which my GP prescribed) herbal teas, coal tablets or healthy eating. I'm exhausted of visiting my GP and him just saying its IBS and I have to live with it. Something must be causing this because its comes on so suddenly. I'm defiantly not pregnant also. Does anyone have any advice. I'm only 23 and its really affecting every aspect of my life :(

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  • Hi there.

    Have you been tested for coeliac disease? Does the bloating come and go? Or is it constant?

    Honestly, I would see a different GP. You need to rule out other underlying causes (if you haven't already) and you're being fobbed off by your GP.

    I found that a gluten free, low sugar diet along with introducing a daily probiotic really helped me but its important to continue to eat wheat until coeliac disease has been ruled out.

  • I saw a male GP (only who I could get and being female awkward!!!!) I saw female GP and put me right at ease and said it is very common. I then am due see her on Monday for a follow up appointment. She wants to see I have gained weight. Apparently for a 2o year old you need to weigh more.

    Ask for a dietician and specialist. I am going to ask to be referred a dietician.

  • Ask for a referral to a gastroenterologist, don't be fobbed off with just your GP's opinion. An appointment with a dietitian also might be useful.

  • Hi monterisi, did this issue start after any particular incident such as a virus, stomach bug etc or visiting a foreign country? I think you should insist on tests from your GP to rule out any medical problems eg coeliac, helicobacter and also have your ovaries checked.

  • hi ... I have had every test under the sun in the last 11 months. I was diagnosed with IBS but also i have problems with my bladder. I amon permanant antibiotics for that. I have just had a laparoscopy but nothing was found.

    I have suffered with IBS symptoms for 2 years now , however, I did gluten/wheat free diet and dairy free, no change at al, yet my tummy is bloated every day and i also look 5 month pregnant. I was admitted to hospital last friday with distended abdomen and told after 4 hours it was constipation, yet i knew it wasnt. I would really appreciate it if yiu could send me any informationn about eating etc as nothing changed my bloated tum. thku

  • hi Kerry

    I have just joined due to Ibs becoming worse now i am in perimenopausal stage of life. I've read your comments and am interested to see what your advice is. I've been bloated for 3 weeks now and no amount of probiotics, laxatives and healthy eating seems to be working. Would love to hear from you.

  • Hi Kerry

    Thanks for replying so quickly. Not sure how to send a private message but my e-mail is i am taking 3 acidophilis a day from holland and barrett. Are these ok. Thank-you so much for your help.

  • Hiya. Please can you send msome info too.

    Thank you xx

  • Hello, please can you send me some information too? Thank you from Koren :) x

  • Thank you x

  • Hi may you please send me some info aswell? It would be really really helpful!! Thank you.

  • Hi Kerry can you also send me the report as well? My email is I've been experiencing the same problems. Thanks!

  • Hi i suffer too, and would love to read your info. Would you send the details to me too. Please. Thanks you so much. My email address is or Thanks again claire. x

  • Please send me the report

  • Hi Kerry, I have just been diagnosed with a severe case of its and wondered if I could possibly have a copy of the report mentioned on this thread please. My address is

    Many thanks in advance x

  • Hi Kerry could you please send me info I have such bad bloating and have had every test under the sun and no answers. My email is Thank you so much!

  • Kerrym212---Like the others i can.t seem to private message. I am recovering from my second maj surgery of Thoracic surgery -going through my left chest side..of course cutting the ribs, cutting through the diaphram, this was 9 mons ago. I just had an Esophageal dilation. I am 63 and feel like i have NO life.! Everything i put in this mouth --will bloat me massively, even if i don.t eat anything. I do need to see a dietician because i am at a loss what to eat. I do not have Celiac Disease but do suffer IBS. I have such painful spells on the toilet (sorry) that i nearly pass out! BP and P lip becomes numb and hands tingle so bad they are painful! I am lost. I have been incontinent of embarrassing at my age. me if you can....ty so much...Kerry, very much appreciated.

  • Can you please send me the information as well.

    Thank you so much

  • Kerry, I would like to have that information - I also have experienced bloating for the past month with a little pain/discomfort in the lower left region of my abdominals. I wan't to try a cleanse to see if that would eliminate the bloating and/or pain - what are your thoughts on that? Thank you in advance. I have started to eat better - raw veggies and fruits. I use raw honey to sweeten up things basically only my coffee. Lunch I try to eat Quinoa and things such as that. Supper is basically a normal all american meal - some processed, starchy, meats.....

  • Hi Kerry. Could you send me info please. I am so miserable with bloating symptoms.

  • hi Kerry,

    I have serious bloating and belching problem that going on for 5 years now and I have gone to several different GI doctors and procedures, but still no cure and the problem is getting worse. Would you please send me the report/information as well? My name is Henry and email: Your help will be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi Kerry

    I too have similar problems to the other people on this thread, a permanently distended stomach for over a month. I've had blood tests and an ultra sound, nothing was found other than pockets of gas trapped in my stomach. I'm embarrassed beyond belief as my clothes don't fit and look 5 months pregnant as the swelling starts from under my bust. Feel like I don't want to face people and don't know what to do for the best. Could you also email me your report I'm at a loss and don't know what to do for the best. email:

    Thank you

  • You are probably constipated. That was my problem. 

  • Are you still bloated or have you managed to find a cure?I started to feel bloated just over 3 years ago and has just got worse over time,had lots of tests and they don't show up anything,my life has totally changed because of this,very rarely go out and holidays are out of the question,not able to do anything physical as bending is a problem as I'm so bloated,sure if I were married he would have divorced me by now unless he was a saint!!any advice would be appreciated.


  • hi Kerry! I have the same issue and it's super frustrating so can you please also send me the info?! Thanks so much!!!

  • Hello Kerry,

    Please send me a report that will help me.

    I'm 36 and have had 6 kids in the last 19 years, my youngest is 2. My stomach has always been flat after each birth. Recently, the last month I've noticed a change in my belly. I feel extremely bloated throughout the day. I look like I'm pregnant. I'm 5/1 and weigh 125lbs. Normally, I have the normal bloat a few weeks before my monthly, but this time the bloat will not go away. My stomach is constantly gurgling - it's embarrassing. It feels like my stomach is releasing gas on the inside and not coming out.

  • Have you had any success with your problems?

    my wife is suffering from these symptoms you have described with all the tests under the sun and still no further to finding any solutions

  • Hi Kerry, very sorry to hear you have suffered for so many years. I've had IBS since I was 12 so about 40 years now. When I'm at baseline my only symptom is the dreaded "bloating." My understanding is that bloating is the hallmark of IBS. Once I got married I realized that I'm bloated because I do not pass gas (only in morning when gastric colic reflex is strongest). My husband passes gas at least every hour and can basically do it on command. So I don't think that people with IBS produce more gas than normal (maybe even less) it's that those wavelike motions that move air along are slowed or uncoordinated. There are substances that are supposed to increase these waves like acetylcholine and panthenine and I've had mixed success with these.

    So that's my IBS at baseline, when I'm fatigued and gurgly it's because the Candida has once again gotten out of hand. I take multiple powerful substances to beat it back. I've had the SIBO test done twice over the past 20 years and always negative. The first time I took the test they just checked for the hydrogen producing bacteria. Second time was both hydrogen and methane. Now I hear there might be a bacteria that gives off sulfur (or is it nitrogen) that should be checked for as well.

    When the candida is out of control, nothing agrees and the fatigue is overwhelming. When it's back under control then most foods are just fine. My beloved allergist who used to test my blood for antibodies to candida retired a few years ago (one of the few doctors I found who even recognizes this) so now I just check my tongue for the tell tale coating and how I feel in general.

    My point with all this is that I don't think that a lot of symptoms that people are attributing to IBS have anything to do with their intestines or diet. People are describing stomach flu like symptoms, not just trapped gas or constipation or loose stools. So, I think it has to do with their gut microbiome. Maybe all the symptoms of IBS, even just plain vanilla bloating/trapped gas is related to the gut microbiome? Since scientists who have been researching this for decades don't really know what a healthy gut microbiome looks like it's hard for me to believe anyone when they say they know what probiotics to take.

    For me, the more and longer that I take anti-microbials the better I feel. We are after all more non-human than human. There are 100 trillion cells in our bodies from micro-organisms and only 10 trillion human cells. The world of the very small controls the world of the very large I fear.

    So what do you think is at the root of IBS?

  • hi kerry

    would you be able to send me the report too please,

  • You sound like you've done your research. Constipation is the problem hit its how to solve this problem. I'm trying constella.  

  • Can you send me the free report as well?

  • Hi Kerry

    Kindly forward your Free report. Have had bloated distended stomach with no relief. Nanette Ferrans @ nanette.

  • Hi Kerry, I'm in the same bloated boat. Will you please send me a copy of this report. Thanks!

  • It's constipation. 

  • I'm going through the same thing. I've recently went gluten free and don't feel any difference. I've had a colonoscopy, ultra sound on my liver, kidney and gull bladder. I have another apt with the gastro dr. In a couple weeks. I've looked 5 months pregnant for 3 weeks now. Any info you could share would be great!

  • Hi! PLEASE can I have some info from you too? I have been diagnosed with borderline underactive thyroid levels not low enough to treat, plus IBS which has gone on since I was 19 and had bulimia, I am now 32. I have had colonoscopy which was clear- I take mebevrine. I bloat every day, can't wear tight clothes, cannot lose weight and the gas is so bad I cannot have a relationship (TMI) I would be really grateful if you could send me the report and will try get referred to gstroenterologist when see GP next month!

  • Hi, I just wondered if I could have some info too please? I am 47 but went through early menopause, which I am now taking HRT for. However, over the last few months I have had really bad bloating everyday, I seem to be gaining weight and nothing I do seems to help! I have been tested several times for underactive thyroid levels and diagnosed as borderline. Not low enough to treat! I dont know if this is HRT or Thryroid or what!!?? You mentioned you may have some info on thyroid. Wondered if you could help?

  • Hi Kerrym212.

    Thanks so much for your reply.

    My email address is

    thanks again.

  • It's constipation. 

  • Hi Kerrym212, I have just read your response regarding bloating, I am new to this site and I don't recall a time when I am not bloated. Its got to the point where i am uncomfortable with myself and I hate going out because nothing feels comfortable. You stated you have a report that could be downloaded would it be possible to provided me with the details so I can download it please. From a really desperate IBS sufferer who would appreciate your help..

  • Could you please send it to my email? I have this problem also :(..

  • Hi Kerrym212, I'd love it if you could send me your report as well to

  • Hi I wonder if you could help me , every one is talking about the Lowfob diet book for ,the dreaded I b s .i am looking for an easy to follow book as I would like to give it a try . I have had I b s (d) for many years with cramp bloating and gas and lots of noise and have tried Dr medications also over the counter meds ,but not much help so I thought you may have heard of an easy book to follow.Many .thanks


  • Hi kerrym212 would you be able to send me your report too! I have been experiencing some pain in the lower right part of my abdomen and now I am super bloated all the time... Thank you

  • HI there I was wondering if you would be willing to send me the report. I am not sure what is going on but,I get bloated really easily yesterday I put on a pair of jeans at 630 am and by 10 they were so tight and uncomfortable I couldn't breathe,sitting down and I couldn't change because I was at work. It is embarrassing not sure what to do. All I had to eat,was Greek yogurt, decaf coffee and water. Any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • Since I should mention it doesn't matter what I eat or,dont,eat this happens and,I drink a ton of water.

  • Hi Kerry, Would you also please forward me the report as I have been suffering with bloating symptoms for around a year now. my email address is

  • please send me the report too, been suffering from terrible bloating and constipation for years! can't even breathe most times. I dont dare venture out in a swimsuit.

  • Please Kerry, will you e-mail me the report? I have been severely bloated for 2months now. I tried probiotics, gluten and dairy free but no help.... Feeling so desperate. Thank you

  • Hi! Could you send me the info as well? I'm not sure how to do a private message but have tried everything. I'm in excellent shape, run a gym, train, even at competition level. However, just recently woke up with a bowling ball in my stomach. I eat clean, excerise, get good sleep, and drink plenty of water. I do drink red wine. I feel like I've gained 20 lbs and am exhausted with trying to suck in my stomach... even when I haven't eaten all day. I'm use to eating t meals a day! Something doesn't add up. Just 1 week in but might be DR time. Otherwise I feel fine tho

  • Here's what I was given re bloating:

    "Things that cause bloat:

    Most PROBIOTICS cause bloat (saccharomyces does not)


    All carbonated beverages

    All artificial sweeteners

    Zone bars, power bars

    Fructose corn syrup

    Onions, garlic


    From Dr. Frissora's Plan for Bloat & the "Sensitive Stomach"

    I was up all night with painful trapped gas and bloat. I do my best to avoid the above but try finding out what's in some of what you buy!

    Good luck

  • Pat - Interesting that it says probiotics causing, rather than helping bloat. I have heard of temporary 'die off' bloat. I have heard of Prebiotics causing bloat due to them being polysaccharides.

  • Hello. This sounds exactly like my symptoms which I've been able to manage. I felt like I was bloating on top of bloating and I felt awful. I had no energy and felt weepy. I had a relapse about a ninth ago, abs all the symptoms came back. But I've learned to manage it. Although I agree with the above posts and you should ask for further tests to rule out other problems, perhaps in the meantime you can get relief through managing the food you eat. When I have bloating, I eat only protein and some veg, no carbs, sugar (no fruit) or dairy for 5 days. I got this cleanse from the Hardcombe diet. Then I followed the fodmap diet to identify the foods that irritate my gut. When I fall off the wagon, I redo the cleanse and try up be careful on the fodmap diet. I hope this helps you too, I felt miserable before I was able to manage my ibs. Best of luck.

  • I have changed my diet to a Protein Diet. I had bloating before the diet. I started the diet and the bloating went away. I have the bloating back again and I do not understand as I am eating healthy. I have lost weight on the diet. This has been going on for 8 months now as it comes and goes. I do have an ovarian cyst that they have been checking out and the cyst has not grown. I have had blood tests as well as an ultrasound and everything comes back fine despite the cyst. I was told that I have gastritis, I think it is more than that. I would like any info that you can provide me. My email address is

  • Hi Monterisi,

    Sorry to hear you having a hard time, I suffered terribly for a year or so with bloating and gas.

    I'm surprised no-one has mentioned the FODMAP diet- check if your GP will refer to you a dietician if not it might be worth spending the £35-£70 fee to see someone privately (check their credentials are registered credentials here:

    Also lot's of info on the web but some is out of date and misleading.

    The diet takes approx 2 weeks to take effect an eliminates the food which gas forming bacteria thrive on.

    The FODMAP diet is not a fad diet it's the product of research at Monash University in Australia and is endorsed by the medical community as long as you seek to make the diet as varied as possible within the parameters of the diet. Best to discuss with your GP.



  • I know promoting a proprietary product is likely frowned upon here but we are looking for feedback from IBS sufferers on our natural, new technology immunity product (the technology is registered as a medicinal treatment). We have had very good success with it for many different human digestive health issues and believe it may help with IBS. If this is OK and anyone is interested I will provide further information.

  • Hi everyone thank you for your replies!

    I had many blood tests on Friday to check wether I am allergic to anything so hopefully this will share some light on the bloating. In terms of my eating it doesn't seem to make a difference what I eat diary or non diary wheat or no wheat the bloating does not go down and if anything this is te worst it's been. I look around 6-8 weeks pregnant and my stomach is completely solid to touch. Hoping that I get some news from the doctors soon!

  • hi there just want to make you feel a little better about yourself, I am 61 and look 9 months pregnant, not a good look. I have been like this for 16months, just suddenly happening, I have had many tests and no one can figure it out, I am off gluten and lactose, in fact eat very little, its a nightmare none of my clothes fit me.

  • Hi I also suffer with IBS. Had blood test and endoscopy and everything's "normal". It's not! My advice is you need to find your trigger food it's likely to be either wheat, corn, milk, soy or eggs. I kept a food diary and noted how I felt each day after 6 mths I finally realised wheat in particular gave me nasty bloating, sickness and diarrhoea. I cut out wheat completely and milk as that also made me ill (not as much as wheat tho) and my symptoms are 90% better than they were. Good luck!!

  • i have had same symptoms for 13 years had colonoscopy, mebeverine, buscopa, mottilium. my bloating is so bad coupled with gas and belching! i have daily pain which ruins my working day. i am going to see a michael frankiln in harley st, cannot afford it but i am desperate now. any tips on reducing gas in meantime??

  • I am experiencing the same thing! I'm almost 23 and have been dealing with excessive bloating to the point where I look like I'm 8 months pregnant on a daily basis for the past year. It has been getting worse and worse and I am now to the point where I only eat almonds, apples, and carrots, which are even starting to make the bloating worse as well. I've seen 3 different Gastroenterologists and have been tested for Celiac Disease, Ovarian Cancer, over production o acid in my stomach, bacteria over growth in the small intstine, and Colon Cancer. Every one of those tests were negative. I had an upper endoscopy done and everything was normal, and the only thing seen in the colonoscopy was that my colon was long and curvy. I've also had several blood tests and nothing abnormal came up from those.

    My primary physician put me on an antidepressant thinking that this was do to stress, but it didn't help, so my GI switched me to a different antidepressant that is thought to help with bloating issues like these, but that didn't help either. None of my clothes fit me anymore because I am so bloated even though I don't eat more than 500 calories a day. I definitely know what you're going through and all I can say is hang in there and keep getting tests done until you figure it out! My next step is to probably go to the Mayo Clinic to see if they can help me because I'm getting married in a year and want to be able to fit in a dress and not look pregnant!

  • You are eating FAR too little :( I thought my diet was limited but yours is so narrow... Both apples and almonds are ruled out on the low FODMAP diet... have you tried this (it hasn't worked for me but has for so many others that I have seen writing on networks.. just thought I would suggest it (though you sound as though you've tried everything so probably have already tried this)..

    I feel for you as I hate hate hate this pregnant appearance... I always wanted to be pregnant, but not without a baby to show for it after 9 months :( I want my body back :(

  • Hi there I feel very sorry for you, especially because you are so young, I am in the same situation as you but age 61, doctors here don't know whats going on so say ibs, I believe that is an out for them. wishing you well and please let me know if you get any answers.

  • Hi

    You have not said whether you have ibs c or d or a combination. Does the bloating go down overnight? March is ovarian awareness month and if you have visited your GP this month he /she should have considered whether you need referring on for further tests. In the meantime I would critically look at what you are eating and there are many rogue foods that can cause bloating, also caffeinated drinks, sugar and fuzzy drinks. I would definitely speak further with your GP about further testing given that all GPs have been advised not to simply default to ibs all the time.

    You must let the forum know how you get on and all the best in the meantime.

  • Hi Kerry. Id love to be able to hear from you with personalized advice re my IBS issues if you have time. Im not sure how to send private messages on here, as Ive only just joined?

  • Hi can you please send me some info? I have major problems with bloating and I can't figure it out! I'm so depressed and don't want to leave my home! Any advice will help!

  • hi kerrym212 - would love that report -

  • Hi Kerry, have been reading through this thread as a desperate attempt to sought out some advice. I am 21 years old and have been suffering with a hard, bloated stomach for 2 years, some days are better than others. Celiac disease has been ruled out, and one doctor even told me it's all in my head. I would love to have some more information if that's ok? My email address is

    Kind regards x

  • Hi Kerry. I've been extremely bloated for 3-4 weeks. I have insurance but am low on funds to visit the doctor right now. Can you also send me the info? Thank you.

  • Hi Kerry can you email me the report too, might help,

    Many thanks

  • Hi Kerry, could you please send me these details too? I am struggling mainly with the bloating and it's starting to affect my mental health! Thanks! X

  • Hi Kerry, Could you send me report please as I have had IBS for about 10 years now and one of my main issues is bloating and trapped wind. Thanks

  • Hi Kerry, i wondered if you could also send me your report too? my email address is;

    I'm overwhelmed by how widespread this problem is, and GPs fobbing people off, you always think your on your own! Like a lot of people on here I have also suffered from IBS a long time and in the last 3 years, my symptoms have exploded and its been what the GP keeps telling me is 'chronic IBS' and I just have to live with it, which I refuse to accept!

    Thank you for sending your report, it very kind of you to share some of you research and experiences with everyone.

  • HI Kerry would you be able to send me this report. I have had ibs for 10 years now. Within the last couple years I have started experiencing terrible bloating that feels like my stomach is going to explode. I gave up wheat cause I found out that was a terrible trigger but now I cant seem to figure out what is still causing problems. Seems like everything I eat bloats me. My email is

  • Making sure you are getting enough fibre is also important. I take Psyllium Husk tablets each day which helps speed up my digestive flow, helping to combat bloating (which is exacerbated by eating foods which are slow/ difficult for me to digest or ones which create bacteria and gas in the gut). The fodmap diet is helpful- and its also a good idea to keep a food diary. Exercise such as swimming is also important to help with digestion. And massaging your stomach can also be helpful.

    If you have a hard stomach it may be better to start with a detox and let your system clear out naturally, rather than compacting the situation. Eat a light, high fibre diet including (wheat free) soups and salads, vegetable juices and avoiding heavy carbohydrates like potato and grain based or processed foods. Just focus on lighter, more easily digested proteins like fish and tofu, and steamed vegetables (avoiding windy veg like broccoli, cauliflower and onions), Yoghurt can be good for constipation (if you are ok with dairy obviously). Plenty of water. Take out sugar and sweets. Focus on what you can eat rather than what you cant. After a week or so if you still have a large hard stomach then go back to your doctors.

    I also find that eating little and often (say 4 light meals) can be better than 3 larger meals and it is best to not eat late in the evenings. Turn the TV off while youre eating and avoid stressful people. Its important to eat slowly and listen to your body. Its difficult not to start hating food I find, as you can come to see it as an enemy sometimes but if you start slowly and simply, wait for your system to clear out with the help of fibre tablets and then start again from scratch, keeping a food diary, I found that I started to feel in control again. Some people just have a more sensitive system and all the modern, processed foods are just too much, so go back to basics is my advice. But first things first is making sure that its not something else and finding a doctor or specialist who is on board. They should prescribe Buscopan at the very least which is great for when you are caught off guard with stomach cramps.

    This is all just from my own experience of living with IBS for many years so hope at least some of it is useful.

  • I have posted a reply to the bloating problem elsewhere in another post but feel it may be relevant here too:

    I'm past the age of being accused of being pregnant now, which means that I worry now that people will think I am just a greedy unfit old lady! I guess what hits me hardest is feeling so unhappy about how others may see me. Yet it is a medical condition - it is not something that is easily treated and although we can make efforts in lifestyle and diet control, it is medical. If we had a bad leg that was swollen I am sure we would feel sorry for the person, not point fingers at them.

    There is also discomfort and pain of being so bloated and the inconvenience of when travelling having to take three sets of clothes - normal size, bloated size and large kaftans for when my stomach is going to have nothing vaguely tight around it! I guess I have had IBS for so many years now I am beginning to accept this as part of my life. Getting frustrated and unkind to myself has increased my stress levels - and we all know what happens then: increased IBS symptoms!

    I don't have a 'recipe' to help other than speaking to your body with love, being kind to yourself as you plan your days, try one adjustment or medication at a time to see if it may help or not, rest when your body tells you it needs to, eat as healthily as you can and if you find out what really upsets your tummy listen to it and act accordingly.

    Kindest regards to all. My heart goes out to you.

  • ive just read this whole post - this year i turn 30 and twice i have had such severe bloating to the point where my jeans barely do up and i look severely pregnant. i've kind of worked out that i think pikelets are the cause (so odd but its the only thing i can pinpoint). i am so embarrased andi am 170cm and only 56kgs. so i am thin with this bloating that is getting me down. it went away last time and its just come back again - have not been to the doctors yet. any advice?

  • Hey Monterisi, I'm 23 and suffer with IBS too! It started about 2 years ago suddenly after a stomach bug. I stopped being able to eat my normal diet of whole wheat foods and found all I could eat was things like white bread and crisps otherwise I'd be going to the loo all day. BUT that meant really bad bloating!!

    Over the last few months I've slowly changed my diet (sudden change was obvious no no) been drinking lots of peppermint tea, walking a lot, and reducing my meal sizes, as well as cutting out things like crisps and white bread as the main culprits of the bloating. I've found porridge, (proper) home made yogurt, and banana have really helped and are my "fall back" foods when having a bad day of bloat.

    Also - I suggest you get a referral to see what's really happening inside! I got told my tummy problem was all in my head by one DR 2 years ago. Just 1 month ago, after a lot of tests, I've been diagnosed with Bile Acid Malabsorbtion which explains a lot of the problems. Don't just settle with a "it's just IBS" diagnosis - get it checked out!

  • Hi Moo946,

    This is really interesting to know as I too got told my bloating was all in my head, I got accused of having an eating disorder/body dysmorphia/boyfriend telling me I'm fat (he never has) etc etc - all by one doctor in one appointment!

    Did you go to a different doctor or ask to be referred to a specialist?

    At such a loss, I'm 21 and embarrassed to wear dresses when I go out with friends as I look pregnant! Not a good look when you're out drinking! I hope your symptoms have subsided since your diagnosis? Thank you for sharing your story.

    Kind regards x

  • ok so it's late and i just got back from eating out with a friend. I'm severly bloated as I have been for the last 5 years straight and i've decided to go back on a paleo/fodmaps/gaps diet to get thing back under control. I don't want to burst anyones bubbles ahaha but there really is no such thing as ibs. everyone who has ibs has some kind of gut disorder due to a combination or a singular cause which usually involve, taking a lot antibitoitics. stress, or poor diet. you can return to good normal health by following a form of the paleo diet, gaps, low fodmaps, etc but you must also try to find your identify which if not all the aliments you have. I believe i have the magic combination, candida, leaky gut, sibo. you may have just one. the only catch is that you have to maintain this deit pretty rigidly if you want to be free from bloating, ibs, chronic fatigue (there is no final of yet) sounds easy but i lived bloat free for over a year it was great. but then i went on holiday and ate normal again and im back at square one. I couldn't see anyone mentioning anything like this in thread so I thought id just put it out there. there are so many people suffering from gut disorders with no help from mainstream medicine. mainstream medicines got there head in the sound about it because the these disorders are mainly caused by antibiotics. the one thing they don't want bad press about right now. good luck to everyone x x x x

  • i never take antibiotics ( only last year when I had tooth absess) my bowel troubles are a combination of extreme anxiety problems due to my Autism but also food which isn't natural, I get worse if I eat food which is processed so make all my own food now, wheat doesn't help and sugar, the fodmap plan helps and ginger tea

  • hi kerrym121

    would really appreciate report also

  • My wife has suffered with lower abdomen pain and severe bloating with no urinary problems or diarrhoea/bowel issues for around 6 months.

    After 3 xrays, 3 ultrasounds, 7 blood tests and up to 10 urinary tests Local GP's, nurses, Doctors and Consultants at hospital/surgeries have literally no answer and the symptoms are now becoming more frequent and day to day is becoming frustrating and unbearable for her.

    She has no food allergies and there is categorically no link to food or drink which trigger her symptoms

    The symptoms begin with(pain rating from 10 the worst ever experienced - 1 normal pain free life)

    1.Very slight dizzy light headed (floaty) sensation

    2. Dull ache right across the lower abdomen

    3.Tired, energy less and fatigue

    4.lower abdomen swelling (approximately 2-4inches outwards) with dull ache stretching across entire abdomen

    5.More intense ache from lower abdomen right the way across and from top of stomach to pelvis, pain ranging from 9-6 (compared to the feeling of a contraction) referred to as waves of pain by her

    6.Continuous ache every day ranging from 3-5 which is now been happening for 5-6 months.

    Swelling does go down at any given time and will return with all the listed symptoms in that exact order every time.

    We are at a complete loss and need professional advice and a more thorough service other than what she has received at hospital and local GP surgery.


  • HI I had all these issues too! It was hell, I had every test under the sun at the doctor so she decided to blame it on anxiety and stress so wanted to put me on anti depressants, when I knew that that was not the issue. I was complaining to a med student one day and they had me try the fodmap diet! It basically eliminates any food that is even mildly hard to digest. Through it I have learnt that little things like garlic make me bloated, I can't even eat apples. I know if I eat an apple in the morning I will be bloated for the day, and have ongoing fatigue the next! This diet has changed my life I can not recommend it enough. Before going on it I just got so so so bloated after every meal, I was buying new clothes to hide the fact that after lunch I miraculously looked pregnant, I was also constantly fatigued, I went from taking 5 gym classes a week to none.

    There is a monash university fodmap app that you can get on your phone, it tells you what you can and can't eat and serving sizes, I think it was $10, try this for a week! It honestly change my life!

    I recommend fodmap above everything else, but I also learnt that I was vitamin B deficient, yet this didn't come up in any original tests, as my body was receiving plenty of B vitamins. But because of my bad digestion my body had stopped converting the b vitamins, into B12. So I now take a B12 supplement every day as well, this wont help with the bloating but will improve the fatigue. A B vitamin will not work though, you need to get the converted B12.

    I hope this helps! I can not encourage you enough to try this! I suffered from all your wifes symptoms for over a year, and it is hell as no doctors can offer any answers or help.

  • HI I had this issue too! It was hell, I had every test under the sun at the doctor so she decided to blame it on anxiety and stress so wanted to put me on anti depressants, when I knew that that was not the issue. I was complaining to a med student one day and they had me try the fodmap diet! It basically eliminates any food that is even mildly hard to digest. Through it I have learnt that little things like garlic make me bloated, I can't even eat apples. This diet has changed my life I can not recommend it enough. Before going on it I was like you I just got so so so bloated after every meal, I was buying new clothes to hide the fact that after lunch I miraculously looked pregnant, I don't know about you but I was also constantly fatigued. There is a monarsh university fodmap app that you can get on your phone, it tells you what you can and can't eat and serving sizes, I think it was $10, try this for a week!

  • I suffer terrible bloating and have to have clothes ranging from a size 14 to 18 so I have to wear the big stuff on a bad day. It's horrible.

  • Hi there everyone im only 18 but I started getting really bloated stomach like all the time about 8 months ago I also use the toilet quite often? It goes away if I don't think of it and it also makes me get a real sore stomach sometimes.. I haven't changed my diet at all and also my dad auntie and nan all have Ibs? My doctor about 4 months ago gave me these bloating captule things but they don't work at all, what do you guys think? Thanks

  • I have IBS. Im 30 and ive had it since I was at least 15 but probably before that, I just don't remember. I have extreme constipation, gas and I bloat every single day. I follow a low fodmap diet with extra exclusions. Ive had every test you can think of, seen a gastroenterologist and have a dietician. Im told I don't have a gluten sensitivity but being gluten free helps a little. I don't eat dairy and it helps a little but I haven't been tested whether I have a lactose sensitivity or not. Nothing has ever helped stop the bloat. I wake up flat and look pregnant by the time I go to bed. If I eat too many carbs than I don't even wake up flat. Sometimes I go up a dress size from the bloat and cant fit into my own clothes. I have lived with it everyday and it means I cant lead a normal life. Im uncomfortable, hate myself, always worried about food. The only thing that has helped the tinyest bit is a very low carb diet. But all it does is mean ill wake up flat. Im still bloated by the end of the day. And I cant sustain it because Im fairly active and I got Adrenal Fatigue from going low carb.

  • That's exactly like me nothing will stop it and always get crampy pains in my tummy

  • Kerry, could you please send me the info too? My email is

    Thank you!

    I'm 26 and have just been 'diagnosed' with IBS. I have no other symptoms aside from extreme bloating, which isn't relieved by exercise, going to the toilet or anything. Whether I eat or not, it comes and goes as it pleases. Sometimes it stays for weeks. Right now, I'm wearing size 18 trousers (instead of the size 12 I normally wear) and have had to resort to maternity tops. I recently got moved to the front of a toilet queue in the theatre by a lovely kind usher, asking if anybody minded if the 'very pregnant lady' went first. One woman said I looked like I was about to pop at any point. I'm trying to laugh about it but it's really getting me down!

    Right now I look about 8 months (bigger than my friend who's due in a few weeks) and I've been on a no gluten, no dairy, no fizzy drink and very low sugar diet for the past week.

    Anyone else having literally just the bloating without the gas or toilet issues? Has anyone been diagnosed or tested for something other than the bog standard go to for last doctors of IBS because it's something you can't prove you don't have?!

  • Hey,

    im in the exact situation. Ive been severely bloated for past 3 months and have undergone every alllergy/scan/bloods/scope/xrays going and nothing was found so they diagnosed me with IBS, not happy with that so i went to a naturapath and she said i have candida and to give up yeast & sugar, i had no digestive enzymes so im on tablets for that and although i am improving my bloat hasnt, maybe it just takes time. Let me know how you get on.

  • Hi Kerry sorry to be a pain could you also send me the report ..... thank you in advance.

  • could you please send me info so I can feel better. thank you

  • i have pretty extreme bloating. I do think i have work to do with controlling my cravings and portions...but its really hard and i wish i knew what to focus on to eliminate, rather than trying to eliminate everything because i fail at that. I know i have gallstones but don't want surgury - i've never had pain, but found them by accident with an ultra sound. The last time i went to the doctor they found that i had a hyper thyroid, which i have been on medication for a year now, but doesn't seem to change my bloating issue/digestion issue? But again, i don't eat perfectly, i can't claim that, but definitely am health conscious. I just don't know what my next step should be.

  • Hi Kerry, please will you send me the info too, I've been bloated now for months and the doctor says there is nothing wrong with me. I am struggling on a daily basis and it's difficult at work.

    Many thanks

  • I just turned 50. Weight has stayed same for ever- ranging from 120-125. However, a month ago I started bloating with every single thing I eat and it leaves me depressed and tired. I had colonoscopy, CT, and blood tests which came back fine. I've always had bouts of this here and there over the years but none have stayed this long or been this constant and miserable. After the colonoscopy I was still bloated. Also gaining weight ( I gained 20 lbs! and haven't changed my eating habits) and I eat perfect and work out. I have been in menopause with hot flashes for 5 years. If I don't figure this out soon I'm going to scream. Of course they diagnose IBS-I was diagnosed with that at age 28- found out my IBS was I was pregnant. I was put on Linzess a week and a half ago for IBS but hasn't helped. Help lol And btw- I drink a lot of water- and have literally tried everything there is to help including senna, black cohash, gas medicine, prilosec, teas, ginger, milk of magnesia, milk thistle and on and on and on---it's all temporary.

  • I would ask for a scan. Not sure if your Doc will push for this re NHS cut backs (if you live in the U.K). I've been suffering for weeks now with both pain and bloat. My Doc too prescribed me Mebeverine tablets 135mg...But has had no effect. I'm will definitely be pushing my Doc for a possible scan to see what's going on in my stomach. Hope you get it resolved. It's horrible and I empathise with you.

  • It is really depressing how much IBS changed my life 25 and ive had it since i was 19, every day, every single day- bloated so constipation or diarrhea but i would take them over bloating anytime. I wake up looking more/less normal while going into bed looking like i ate a ball. Just wanted to test again candida diet and treatment and ofc it got better with no grains, sugars, mold etc but at the cost of constant ocupation do i have smth to eat in my fridge etc...i am barely maintaining not going really skinny with this its always messing with food for me while stomach still hurst and is bloated but less :/ Not to mention walking around in jeans or smth with belt is literally a nightmare...or laying down in the middle of the day or smth.......if there was atleast some condition i can point at and say i have that but being said from doctors i got IBS- man i really hate that word

  • , please will you send me the info too, I've been bloated now for months and the doctor says ok..I am struggling day to day.. I'm at end of my rope.. Please any help would be appreciated...

  • Hello, please could i have the information too?

    Thank you!

    Have suffered for 5 years

  • Hi Kerry, i wondered if you could send me your report too? My email address is Thank you so much!

  • Please, if anyone has the cure for bloating and gas, please share. It is almost impossible to have a personal life now. Please send to email

  • Hi, sorry you feel so desperate :(

    This is a copy of the mail I send you. I hope there are some solutions for you in it.

    I solved my bloating and gas by

    1. understanding FODMAPS: don't feed the bacteria. This led to a severly reduced in fiber diet. No vegetables, no whole grains.

    2. Also a reduced volume diet was important. ("low residue diet")

    3. thirdly I eat until 2 o'clock in the afternoon, after that it's bouillion and tea. A lot of tea.

    3. is because food stays 1 hour in the stomach and then takes about 4,5 hours to travel through the small intestines. By the time I go to bed all the food is in the colon, where the gas producing bacteria live. I lie down on my bed and massage the colon (right side) to help and coax along the food and the gas bubbles. I'm trying to avoid air bubbles getting stuck in the bends.

    I then take a long, meditative sit on the toilet. Often a bowel movement comes after about 5 minutes.

    Lastly there is motility to consider. This is governed by the bulk you eat (again: no fibre gives the colon a rest: low residue diet) and by two neurotransmitters/hormones. Serotonine for increased motility; dopamine for decreased motility. Both can be influenced by supplements. There's an interesting study called "amino acid responsive Crohn's disease: a case study" which explains the ins and outs of this.

    I'll tell you what I eat to give you an idea:

    chickenstock, full cream butter, fat yoghurt with gelatine, chocolate, fish, fat meat, tomato sauce, white bread, cake, cookies, egg yoke, supplements. All kinds of herbal and spice tea, some I take with milk.

    It's a different kind of eating habit but I think you're ready to consider that there's no such thing as a normal or human eating habit. Disregard what "they" say about 5 meals a day or colourful vegetables.

    I eat small portions, high in nutritional value. Only sweets, bread and cake need additional vitamins for processing. Fat meat and fat fish and egg yokes contain all the minerals and vitamins they require for digestion.

    I think I could also eat courgette/ zuchinni or something that I chew to juice: walnuts, spinach. One glass of wine or champagne.

    Nowadays I'm without bloating although my colon is often swollen at the ascending colon and painful. But the flatness of my belly is amazing! Also: a low fibre diet gives a lot of energy.

    Nowadays here's a treshhold in fibre I can have in 24 hours:

    one clementine or a hand full of nuts or meat/chicken the size of half my hand or some sushi or half an oat cookie.

    Never: raw vegetables, raw fruit, stuff with skins (grapes, tomatoes, sausage), whole grains, fiber supplements (including soluble), fizzy drinks

    Here are some more parameters I have to work within:

    - I know I'm not lactose intolerant so I take dairy but it's mostly lactose free diary.

    - tyramine rich foods give me a head ache so I avoid cheese, ripe ananas, beer, saurkraut, deli meats, tapas.

    - I cannot handle sweet stuff so no sweet tasting stuff: sugar, honey, sweeteners. Only little bits of table sugar in my treats.

    - sensitive to vanillin = the cheap vanilla flavouring. Avoid vanilla aroma and essence. Only take true vanilla and vanilla extract.

    - sensitive to MSG = E263. Avoid. No Chinese food.

    - sensitive to caffeine. No coffee, no black or green tea.

    I'm a healthy weight. I'm not hungry.

    Hope this helps a bit. I'll copy it to Health Unlocked for others to read.

    Best wishes, Anna

  • Oh! I also need to do a lot of walking every day to diminish bloating. Every evening I need to walk a block. I aim for 1 mile or 1 km but I never quite make it. But anything is better than sitting.

  • Hi there,

    Have you been checked out by your GP for Candida or SIBO?:

    I had Candida going on for years without realising it, making me bloat whatever I ate. This is really worth ruling out, or treating.


  • I know I have candida and treating it but these bloating symptoms are miserable. Any advise helps.


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