I suffered with ibs about 15 or more years ago but only have the occasional flare up , more bloating and wind like pains for maybe a day then ok , but for the last 10 days have had pain , really bad pain every day & bloating , stomach looks swollen , I've been taking Colofac every day since this started & also a yakault drink every day , I keep wondering is this normal , have other people had the same , keep thinking maybe I should go doctors .

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  • I think it could be due to the many chemicals from the Chemtrail spraying over the UK and rest of world. Mostly your symptoms are due to Mercury in the atmosphere, have a look ay globalskywatch.com.Or geoengineering watch.com

  • Very interesting thank u

  • Did you see the Health article on Global Sky Watch that I told you about? Did you read all the remedies that owner of the site, Russ Tanner takes for his health problems too? I found Russ Tanner on Facebook and sent a message to him asking what he recommends for IBS/blockages. So today I am ordering Magnesium Citrate and Potassium plus Algin to help my problems which have got very bad since September 2015. Let me know if you find the information helpful for your health problems, regards gillydee8

  • What have you eaten or changed recently?

  • I started a low fat diet , but the weekend the problem started I had ate normally , then went back to low fat on the mon ,,

  • I've had IBS for 20 years this year and have recently had a bad flare up - it lasted for around 2 weeks where I was getting pain every day but no matter what I did or took it wouldn't go away. I see that you started a low fat diet and then ate normally - this could be your problem as both my daughters have done this in the past where they have gone on a diet and then eaten 'normally' and suffered an upset stomach for a while.

    I agree with Franjanu below re the sugar in the probiotic drinks - I take probiotic supplements rather than the yogurt style drinks.

    Hope you feel better very soon.

  • Thank u will try those

  • You are most welcome and I order mine from Simply Supplements (UK). I order the strongest ones.

    Best of luck to you :)

  • Yahkult has sugars in it to make it taste better find strong probiotics taken as suppositories or orally and loads of fermented foods and stomach and spleen and kidney massage to help with the bloating and blockages.

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