Has anyone tried Constella/ Linaclotide for IBS C ?

Hello, I have suffered with IBS C for years, but over the last 2 years thing have got loads worse with bloating and wind, it's the wind that's the worst and effecting my life to be honest. I've tried everything from the doctors but nothing works or makes things worse, I;ve been to see a digestive heath specialist she put me on pro biotics, magenesium, vit B & D, which has helped with the constipation I go every day but do not feel like it's totally emptying etc, and everyday after lunch onwards my stomach bloats right up, I've just been to the hospital and the doctor has given me Constella/ Linaclotide, which helped you go to the toilet, but I'm not reading very good things about it and I'm thinking it might make things worse, does anyone have any experience with it please?

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  • It took this drug about 7 days to work for me ! and then it was messy. I have tried it 3 times. The 3rd time was better, I took it at night with my evening meal. It did seem to regulate me to a morning BM. But I felt very unsure about it because of my 1st episode. I only took for it about 6days the 3rd time.

  • Thank you, I'm just unsure about starting it as I have the feeling it will make things worse

  • I have been taking this for a month.

    It has pro's & con's for me!

    It works! Very well! I take it at 4pm, and MUST be home by 6pm otherwise I am desperate for the loo! As soon as I have eaten I get gurgling which is quite gross and loud, and then the toilet visits start - very loose stools, very watery, as if you had had the prep before a colonoscopy!

    This goes on for up to 3 hours, so you can not nip to the shops or go out in this time really which is restrictive and a nuisance.

    On the plus side, I feel better than I have in about 10 months! No pain, nausea, bloating etc, I feel slim around my tummy and I think I am sleeping better.

    I see my consultant next week & I will ask to remain on this, but perhaps take every other day, so that I can reclaim my evenings back!

    Most reviews I have read say they take it first thing, but this would impact my work too much, so I leave it until the evening.

    Feel free to ask any questions!

  • thank you, I think I will give it a try, we are going away next week so think i'll wait till we get back then give it a go. My greatest issue with the IBS is excess wind, through bloating would you say this has got any better for you or worse? cheers

  • I waited until a Friday night so I had all weekend to experiment and ensure I could cope.

    It did help with my wind & bloat, because for me the tablet worked so there was nothing backed up & trapped. However about an hour after the tablet I get a slight hint of nausea, some wind which is easy to pass & some bloating until the diarrhoea has ended. None of it is unbearable or uncomfortable and better than without the tablet.

  • thank you very much for your help, I will defiantly give it a go, cheers

  • I think you should try it and see how you feel. Even if it's just clears out your system for a day or two. Make sure you aren't too 'back up' , then it should works sooner rather than later.

  • Hi there, I soak Golden Linseed in water for my constipation. I use Holland & Barret Organic (I would rather buy organic and it's not that expensive) Golden Linseed and sock a round dessertspoon in around a 3rd of a mug of water and soak for 1/2 an hour to an hour. Reason why I like this is because it is natural and it works.

    Very best of luck

  • Hello, is that flaxseed? I've tried Flaxseed but I felt it made things worse. Do you do this on an evening to work overnight? I would rather go down the natural route as this is what is putting me off the tablet from the hospital as I think it might make things worse.

  • First and foremost it certainly would have helped if I'd spent time proof reading my message - sock lol!! Anyway sock should be approx. so I don't know where I got that from? Yes linseed is flaxseed and so sorry it made things worse for you.

  • Would this be the same for flaxseed, i.e soak it in water for an hour then drink it?

  • Yes it would but you can grind it down to a powder as some people do as they find it more digestible i.e. sometimes it can appear out the other end if not soaked enough.

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