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Enzyme pills?

I just found out that people who has an intolerance to lactose can take lactase pills if they want to consume dairy. I was wondering if there is anything like this for gluten? Or onions and garlic? The fodmap diet has worked for me and I believe onion, garlic and wheat/gluten are the main culprits so a pill like this would make eating out so much easier as nearly all foods contain one of the above.

Also, is it possible to not be lactose intolerant (blood test was fine) but still be affected by it?

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There are products on the internet if you search - like Glutaneze and others Enzymedica do a whole range of products for people with problems to dairy, gluten, wheat, carbs etc. take a look at their site or search on Amazon. My partner had a nightmare yesterday as he took his mum out for lunch - he doesn't eat a meal at lunch time as such usual coffee and cake as likes his main meal at night - place he went didn't do gluten free (he's just been diagnosed as celiac) so ended up with a plate of disgusting chips that he ate a few but left the rest. By the time he got home he felt quite ill - dizzy and weak due to lack of food (he's a sugar burner so needs to have enough to keep him going) and he said he was starving - thank goodness Bounty Bars are acceptable for celiacs and he had a couple of free from biscuits. I don't care how small a restaurant or café is the number of people that have gluten problems that are on the rise - should have at least a couple of biscuits or cakes they can have.


Not if someone shows a true intolerance to onions etc on a intolerance test.

Intolerance is totally different to an enzyme deficiency.

If intolerant to a food the body sees it as an invader. Its as simple as that.

No amount of enzymes will rid one of intolerance like that.

If one is not intolerant to a food, say beans, lentils etc but lack digestive enzymes to break them down, then yes digestive enzymes is what they need.

I had over 20 intolerances. I also had low digestive enzymes.

I was placed on enzymes for 3 months to start with. And also taken off foods i was truly intolerant to for 3 months to start with to.

After 3 months both tests were done again, i still had alot of intolerances but some had gone. Them foods got put straight back into my diet.

I then had to do enzyme therapy for another 6 months, again tests were redone. More foods got added back to my diet etc.

Unfortunately i will be on digestive enzymes for life as i have ibd etc in family so i seem to be genetically low on enzymes.

I actually had another intolerance test this week and after nearly 4 years im not intolerant to oinions, garlic, potatoes or leeks anymore🎉🎊🤗😁

I have got my pork intolerance back lol so no more pork for me. I still have my coconut intolerance but its now boarderline😆 i haven't ate it for a year but my body clearly doesn't want it yet lol.

What confuses alot is "lactose intolerance" its not a "intolerance"

Its a enzyme deficiency.

It should be called lactase enzyme deficiency.

Accuracy for lactose intolerance test (lactase enzyme deficiency as i call it lol) is not that accurate as far as im aware my gp said alot are not offering tests anymore in certain areas.

Also lactose is not normally the problem. Alot are actually intolerant to cows milk etc

My test has showed cows milk and cow cheese for 3 years running lol🙈.

1st test it didn't then i ate cow dairy on my healing plan and my nutritionist warned me not to, and within a year i was intolerant to it lol🙈

Also some have a problem with a1 protein in milk and find a2 better.

I think its best to just drink goats milk or almond etc. As so many can't eat cow products.

I found eating out easy with over 20 intolerances lol. Tell the staff to speak with the chefs about exactly what you can and cant eat.

If your truly intolerant to a food then its a sign you should not be eating it and should change your diet. Until the body doesn't see it as a invader.

If you find from blood tests that you have Celiac disease then ones body will require a whole food diet to heal. If they keep eating processed foods/sugar etc they are very likely to get more auto immune diseases and intoerances. Due to leaky gut etc. Of course even when healed they can not eat gluten still.


I had food intolerance tests some years back and was given enzymes. After a couple of days I was so ill with rushing to the loo and passing almost liquid in the end. I was too scared to carry on with them. I'd recommended a friend to have tests and exactly the same thing happened to her. As far as lactase tablets go I do take them if I have a heavy dairy item of food and I think they work ok. I still have cow's milk in tea and coffee and seem to be able to tolerate in small amounts. However, I have almond milk on cereal and in porridge which I think is nicer. My very best move was to substitute onions for spring onions starting with just the green part. I've been doing this for a while now and find I can eat the white part too now in cooking. Garlic oil is a great substitute for whole or chopped garlic and both give plenty of flavour. Even my partner can't tell the difference. If I'm out I'm careful about what I order which is a pain but if I've eaten anything marginally suspect I just take half or one Imodium as a precaution.


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