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Which probiotic for Excessive gas?

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Hi all, new here!

I'm suffering excess gas after eating, have tried cutting out lactose and gluten for the past week and this has helped but there will still be times when it flares up and I have no idea why and I'm at my wits end. It's so uncomfortable and causing me to withdraw socially, I also suffer acid reflux and both seem to be worse at the same time. Digestive enzymes and charcoal really help but does anyone know of a good probiotic or particular strain which will calm my stomach down re the gas, everything else I can deal with but feeling like you're going to explode is not so easy to control!

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I think its a case of trial and error with pro biotics. This applies to all diets too. There are millions of combinations of foods so it takes a while to fine tune what works for you. Personally I use quest probiotics and they seem to do the trick although I get the odd flare up. Experiment with taking them at different times of the day too. Ive found that can make a difference. As a final tip, tiny changes to your diet can make a difference. It can be something as simple as a brand of a particular food. I can eat salads with no problem. One day I had a bad flare up and realised I had bought a different brand of mixed salad bag and it had iceberg lettuce in it! Really messed me up for a few days. You wouldn't think something as bland that is mainly water would do that but its an example of how touchy guts can be. Good luck with it, it takes time but you'll get there..

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Thank you for your response, I just don't get it! It stresses me out so much which I know doesn't help, I'm moving in with my bf next year and need to get a handle on it before then! Otherwise he's going to wonder what he's got himself into! There seems to be so many foods that set me off like you say, it's so hard to pinpoint.

I've just started super pro 20 from healthspan it's got great reviews. Before that I was taking a boots branded one but wanted to move into a higher dosage. You may need to also look broader at your diet by looking at low FODMAP diet as other foods may be causing you trouble. From my experience a flare up will cause issues for your tummy ongoing which is where the probiotics should help. X

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Also from my experience I avoid all dairy not just lactose as you can have issues with the protein in milk x

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Thanks Nicki I'll look at super pro! X

Alflorex probiotics are a patented strain for gut problems such as IBS. I came across it a few months back and it's change my life. The reviews are amazing and it is backed by leading gut specialist worldwide. It's not the cheapest but I can usually get mine cheaper on eBay for around £30 for a 2 month supply. Xxx

*** sorry, alflorex precisionbiotics I meant xxx

Thank you Neva! I'll look into those x

The clinical studies that back the product are an amazing read. There was a recent conference with leading gut specialists that gave it several mentions. Hopefully, these will help you as much as they helped me. Go for a 2 month course to get the best benefits. They don't even need to be kept in the fridge like some do. Xxxxx

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