Not too bad at the moment.

I've been reading posts & when folk are giving advice I agree with them so not been commenting.

I've begun to put weight on as a different dietician told me to stop using Skimmed Lactose for milk & change to semi skimmed. I still use skimmed for tea & coffee though. But as the dietician has decided that I'm now gluten & wheat intolerant, as mentioned before it's difficult replacing foods. The wraps are more like cellophane & the bread can only be toasted. I seem to be eating more dairy, wheat & gluten free chocolate/cakes. Not exactly healthy. My GP said intolerance tests not done, as like babies just reintroduce different foods.

Should see dietician next week ish & see what she says, 2 to 3lbs increase in 5 weeks isn't exactly what she expects.......I don't think, do you.

Re hot flushes, they're much worse than they ever where. GP says can't have any more HRT as risk of Cancer in my age group increases.......'put up & shut up then'?

So long post, advice please.

Thanks Jackie

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  • 1000 mg of oil of primrose helped me with the flushes i am doing ok on 500mg a day now ,

  • Many thanks, got some in the cupboard.......but forgot I had them!!


  • it took a while for them to kick in but i can tell the difference if i dont take them lol !! i know its different things that work for different peeps but its worth a go x

  • I had evening primrose as was having bad time each month and it sorted it.

    I took it for 2 months straight

    then went to the week before and while on and week after

    then on next period the same

    then came off it

    some may need a bit longer

    In that time I was told to up my good fat intake and keep bad fats to a min

  • Will try again as any help would be good. Radiator turned on then off etc!


    Thanks, Jackie

  • I have a table top fan at the side of me just in case but im not nearly has bad as i use to be !! hubby would just look at me and say " your avin a flush arent you ? either that or your really angry" lol !!

  • I will add I didn't listen to any one about what I can, can't eat I just took a test, cut out the foods asap and then healed the digestive track and added back

    I still make scones with appox 5 ingredients so no yeast wheat etc but sometimes I make them bigger so I use it as a bread roll

    I do eat all foods now healed but in moderation

    following a bant diet is normally good as it covers all nutrients needed daily then as long as not intolerant treats etc in moderation

    Also gluten free can sometimes contain wheat as they just remove the gluten from the wheat

    Yeast, caffeine etc are normally more of a problem to most than gluten wheat etc so it's best to know

    I myself couldn't of had any of them

  • Many thanks & oops another one gluten free to, I forgot to add that to the list!

    My neighbour baked a nice loaf as a thank you gesture & it was lovely. The following day I said it probably had all the ingredients in I can't eat & she said it did & I was fine. I only had one slice & then 2 the day after. Probably OK as had no additives in it?

    So, next step if this continues will be a bread making don't bake! My Dad had one many years ago so will see how I go on 1st.



  • Home made goods are the way to go - you control what goes in them. I find I get very ill off commercial gluten free products, but if I bake them myself, no problems. I don't have a gluten or wheat intolerance though, just ate that during elimination testing.

  • Looks like I'm going to invest in a bread making machine! Will have to research what flour etc to use only 'cos the dietician says I'm now gluten/wheat intolerant too. So On on a good day I may even try some bread I used to eat. If nothing else I can see if I have any reactions to it!

    Not a good start to today though definitely not a good day to reintroduce today.


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