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Lactose intolerance pain

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So I figured out I was lactose intolerant this whole time however I still get back pains and bladder issues like having to use the bathroom a lot and testicle discomfort. I have only been off dairy for a week now. Just wondering if I should be concerned and see a urologist or another doctor or wait it out. Also what else can I do to help with recovering from being lactose intolerance and not knowing for 2 years. Anything that can help me heal.Please give me your guys thoughts thank you.

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Hello ninorod lactose intolerance doesnt affect your urinary system so i would defo see a urologist or doctor just in case there is something else wrong in regard to the lactose intolerance you should start to feel better after a couple of weeks i would say just stop eating things with it in and u will feel better i found that even lactose free things upset me but i have ibs d as well so ive cut out milk altogether and use good hemp milk and vitalite margarine and violife cheese that sort of thing if you need anymore help i will try and help out for the back pain do you always feel tired at all if so ask your doctor to test you for a vitamin d deficiency as thats what i had and that can make u really tired and cause back pain well all sorts of pain really but yeah good luck

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Thank you for your reply.

I am lactose intolerant also. Here are 2 things which I was surprised to find out: Brie cheese is completely lactose free (the bacteria digest the lactose) AND, sausages contain lactose. I was very surprised about the sausages.

In case you wonder if you can heal lactose intolerance let me share my experience.

I was lactose intolerant, with lactose causing bloating to the extent of pain, big pain!

I started taking Lactose free milk. That eliminated the bloating, but I still couldn't touch any milk products besides lactose free products.

I then decided to take full control of what I eat, avoiding all processed foods. Later on introduced milk kefir to my daily routine, making my own milk kefir.

It took many many months of healthy eating, but the lactose intolerance simply disappeared.

I still avoid processed foods, whenever I can, only because I believe that's the culprit.

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Interesting to know. Thank you. I don't have IBS anymore, and I have got rid of fructose and chemical intolerance. My gut is back to healthy and I digest everything I eat well- except for a glass of milk!

I think you should see a doctor about your testicle discomfort Really get yourself checked out. Lactose intolerance would not give some of the symptoms you are suffering from.

Wish you all the best.

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