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Colorectal Consultant?

Hi everyone.

Long story short as you can see from my previous posts I've been having problems for a while now. Awful abdominal pain, running to toilet 8/9 times a day for a BM. Then it'll switch to constipation for 5/6 days. I'm getting awful back pain, nausea, no appetite, constant urination and really just feeling unwell in general and so tired. I had a flexible sigmoidoscopy done in December and all that was found was 3 internal henmerhoids and a chronic fissure. Back in December I had to take 2 weeks off work as my health had deteriorated rapidly. My GP said she'd write me a referral. I had it through today, and it says it's with a colorectal Consultant. Any ideas what he might ask, what to expect from appointment etc? I'm pretty nervous. I'm UK based btw.

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