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Rectal pressure pain

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Does anyone get a sickening pressure type pain in rectum. It hurts to sit and is on the left. I don't have piles or bleeding and had a clear colonoscopy pelvic ct and abdo ultrasound. The pain is awful. 5th day. Have had it years back but this is worse. Dr says JUST ibs but i have not read ibs does this. It is constant not just stabs. I am in a flare with lower left pain but the rectum is the worsr. Even had ovarian scan all fine. Anyone else

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I haven't had this in a very long time but when I was prone to IBS C, which I no longer am, I also used to get it and it was painful to sit down. I now tend to alternative with IBS C and D with nausea.

I occasionally get this. A few months ago I kept getting spells of this off and on actually. I find that when I am hyper focused on it (hard not to be as it’s painful as heck) it’s worse. Light walking helps some and a warm bath.

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Was your pain constant or pn off stabs. Mine has been constant five days. Nauseating

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Mine would come and go.

Hi, I just wondered if this might be your problem. My husband has had this on and off for some years but he does not have IBS. It's called Proctalgia. Link attached.

My husbands only lasts a few minutes though, so it may not be this at all, but thought it was worth a mention.

I get this as well apart my pain is on the right side . I just walkabout to ease it but-nothing seems to work . Sometimes having a BMhelps but walking and trying not to focus on it . But it’s very-sore. Wish I could tell you what helps as doctors just say is ibs and nothing they can do . If you find out what helps let meno . I use hot water bottle on my back to help ease the pain . .

Is yours constant. Mone is a sick throbbing at times. Sometimes bottom pelvic bone aches. I hate it. Also have my lower left pain. how long do your flares last. Pain so bad right now I just have to lay flat on the bed.

Yes it can be constant and I only get relief once in bed lying flat . When it happens it last the full day . I can’t sit so spend my day walking about the house . I get this often not every day . But at least twice a week . Hot baths help To ease it as well .

Thank you for replying, it really helps. I have had this a week now. Have you ever had it last weeks. I am worried it wont go.. may i ask if you have been diagnosed with levator ani. I am in uk and not so many facilities here as in states

I’ve had it about 3days at a time . But not been diagnosed levator ani . I’ve got loopy bowel andslow track bowel with diverticulitis. Means I’m in pain constantly .im on laxido and constella 290 . But cramps pains in my back-passage get really uncomfortable . I soak in a bath of Epsom salts to help relax the muscles . . Doctors just tell me trial and error with diet and laxatives . Go back to doctor and see if he can help . Hope you get some relief soon .

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