Acid stomach and ANY medication

Has anyone experienced such bad acid reflux with their ibs that you go through a phase of being unable to take any medications at all or it flares it up really badly? Im finally getting through this latest flare up i think eating bland diet etc but i have had to stop taking my back pain medication as it was making things worse. But my back/leg is agony and im desperate for some pain relief. Its awful when u have to choose whether u would rather have back pain or stomach pain. Errrrr neither please !!!!

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  • Hi,

    I can really empathise with you on this as I have a back problem for which I have to take pain relief and I used to have an ulcer which caused reflux/heartburn and indigestion which was aggravated by co-codamol.

    I managed to cut my pain killers down to 2 doses a day (15mg/500mg co-codamol) and, having had no joy with prescription meds for digestive probs, put myself onto Gastrazyme tablets:

    I used to take 3 tabs before meals and 3 before bed, these killed off my ulcer very successfully and all other associated symptoms. Now, I just take them if I think I'm about to eat something which may give me a problem.

    Well worth a go as they really worked brilliantly for me.


  • I went on a course of garlic and parsley tablets along with a good probiotic and it worked well as sometimes one can have fermentation going on and it causes reflux.

  • Rosie you are an angel...i think i may have an ulcer going on and have a gastroenterolgy appointment at the end of the month. Iv tryed meds but they dont work and just give me terrible stomach pain so iv stopped taking them just trying to eat well! And yes my painkillers are co codamol 30/500mg im so pleased that i managed to stop them completely for 2 weeks now since this flare up started as i thought id have terrible withdrawals after taking for 2 years. However iv had a couple of days where the pain in my back has been unbearable and i tryed taking some which has gave me terrible stomach pains. You just cant bloomin win with IBS lol. I will deffo look into what you have suggested. Thankyou :0))

  • Hi! Glass of water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and some lemon juice works for me.

  • I tryed the apple cider vinegar but unfortunately it didnt work 🤔

  • For minimizing acid reflux, try taking fennel seed powder everyday after each meal. Being cool in nature, fennel gives soothing and calming effects to stomach acid. It is all natural. You can google about the benefits of fennel in reducing acid reflux.

  • Probiotics, apple cider vinegar diluted, flying rabbit liquid medication. Peppermint tea. Powered magnesium. Coconut kefir drink or probiotic yogurt.

    Amazing stuff for ur issue and no side effects

    I'm a nutritionist and treat clients with the same issues.

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