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Ouch! Can IBS really do this?

Oh boy, here it comes again..! I'm in an awful lot of pain of late, and while the pain itself causes anxiety I'm not sure the anxiety is the cause of the pain, if you know what I mean? It almost sounds like IBS or something similar, but I'm not certain. Do these things sound familiar?

- Random chest/abdomen pain, usually after standing up or eating. Accompanies a tight chest.

- Pretty spaced out and lightheaded with some nausea and short of breath.

- I think I'm constipated; it's at least a struggle to pass anything at the moment.

- Random burning in my throat/stomach/abdomen. It usually gets worse when I become anxious and may cause ear pain too. This one doesn't concern me so much; sounds the most like anxiety.

Unfortunately my usual treatment of hypnotherapy, ginger manuka honey and Gaviscon Advance is not having any effect right now, and the pain I mentionned first and foremost is enough to make me fall onto my knees in sheer pain and discomfort..! If it helps I just had to stop Lansoprazole of late and I occasionally lose my appetite, but I do try and MAKE myself eat anyway; a skinny lad like me needs it! Any ideas what I could be going through? ^^;

Thanks again everyone!

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It mostly sounds pretty standard Ibs. Prob best to see a doc just for reassurance. It's important to try and eat little and often. There are lots of food groups to avoid although I'm sure you already know that. Ibs is very much trial and error and what works one week may not work the next. A hot water bottle is usually quite helpful with the abdomen pain


Hi daxter,

I too suffer all the symptoms you have described, it's sounds like a flare up of your IBS, but it is always wise to see your doctor, just for peace of mind, try stem ginger, it is so soothing on the stomach,and the light heady feeling and breathlessness is common if your feeling anxious, it's a vicious circle I'm afraid, know what your going through, and it's not nice, I to took lanzaprozal, but have stopped them, I know take merbervine, and domperdone, which seems to work well together at the moment

Wishing you well




what's stem ginger? I take crystal ginger, from the health food store, for nausea and I cook with fresh ginger root.


Doesn't sound like standard ibs to me xx


Your symptoms sound very similar to my 12 year old daughter. When she has a flare up she is in absolute agony, can't stand up or move, it's like watching someone in labou. She's had these symptoms for 3 years and has just been diagnosed with very severe IBS.


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