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Acid and reflux with my usual IBS

Hello, I am a newcomer to the group!!

I am 65 yrs of age and suffered IBS and diverticular problems since my mid thirties.

Four yrs ago I was diagnosed with a cyst on pancreas which I had surgery for.

Since December I have been suffering the most awful acid in upper half of stomach, it makes me feel bit sick and nothing I take seems to help.

Meanwhile in the IBS department, I suffered severe constipation for many weeks, now I am back to urgent bowel movements with pain down lower side. I feel my whole digestive system has been through the mill and just cannot seem to settle.

Has anyone else suffered this ghastly acid? I have been under quite a lot of stress lately and that always makes tummy problems worse, but this acid thing is the worst I've ever had. Lynda

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Yes I have had this for a little while together with chest pain, cough and sore throat. Have been prescribed gaviscon xtra by my gp which has done nothing. Saw my gastro enterologist last week and having an endoscopy soon to see whats going on. Have you seen your gp and if so what did they say. Apparently acid reflux is fairly common and I think often in older people (I am 66) I wish you well its not nice on top of ibs which I have had for a year or so.


I'm 67, diagnosed with IBS in 2013, although I'm sure I've had it for some time, and diagnosed with laryngopharyngeal reflux disease about two months ago. You're right, it's very unpleasant. My reflux affects my throat and larynx, so I saw an ENT consultant for a nasal endoscope camera investigation, which confirmed my GP's original diagnosis. At the moment I'm on 30mg Lansoprazole daily, plus Gaviscon Advance and things have definitely improved since I first saw my GP in November. I am also restricting my diet (was given a diet sheet by the hospital) which has also made a difference. Do see your GP, if you haven't already, as it really needs to be diagnosed properly and, hopefully, he/she will be able to help you. Perhaps he/she can also help further with your IBS? I hope you're soon feeling much better.


Hi .acid reflux is pretty common alongside IBS.i have been down the same path as you .Have had IBS for years and developed severe acid reflux on top of that in my late 50s early 60s. So GP started me on the gaviscon and a proton pump inhibitor (PPI ) Gaviscon gave short term relief ,PPI had a short term effect which did not last ,at best gave esophagus time to heal .next step was a throat endoscopy (camera down throat ,not too bad ) which revealed an hiatus hernia .but nothing else . Having read about effects of long term use of PPI s did not want to use them anymore so went down the diet route to reduce stomach acidity and increase alkalinity .Also started to sleep on a wedge pillow .Now touch wood I only have occasional flare ups which I can usually identify to something I have eaten even 2days before .

I always suspected that my Heart burn /acid reflux started when I started to take a calcium channel blocker Amlodopine for high blood pressure . This acts by relaxing smoothe muscle in the body and thus dilates the arteries .however this also relaxes the esophagus and valve at the top of the stomach allowing acid reflux particularly if you have a hiatus hernia . My theory was pooh poohed by a number of gastros and Bp specialists until recently a new BP consultant said this could most definitely happen with some people ,particularly if you also had gut motility and spasm problems such as those associated with IBS .I also now think that the same thing is happening to the smoothe muscle of my gut exacerbating slow transit and thus making my IBSC worse .So if you are taking Calcium channel blockers for Blood pressure control it might be worth talking to your doc about this possibility ,but don't stop taking them til you do as they are very good for high blood pressure control ,which is a much more serious condition than reflux or IBS .

I did FODMAPS which identified trigger foods for me ,I have to be very careful about what I eat and in what combinations ,I eat no junk food very little bread ,not too much fibre make a lot of home made soups ,have small meals 3 times a day ,no snacking very little sugar .never eat later than 7 pm , keep well hydrated do regular walking exercise ,use flaxseed on my daily porridge ,use fruit pulp and stewed apple to keep my IBSC gut moving along ,sleep always on a wedge pillow and with all that now only suffer from regular early morning stomach cramps which are gone within 20mins of getting up and moving around . Any deviations and I will pay for them !

Sounds a lot of palava and it has taken a long time to find the regime that allows me to live an almost regular life ,but like all the other IBSers on here what works for me may not be of any use to you ,so I am afraid it's trial and error and food diaries and gaining support and help from your friends on this site . Welcome and good luck ,


I have ibs and acid reflux apparently common with ibs I'm 60 but take amtriptyline for ibs calmed it a little other day got it I'm my throat burning are u ever sick with ur ibs d sometimes I am


Take Opramazole for acid reflux and Buscopan for the pain/discomfort


Hi there

I've also got acid reflux with IBS. Found the formap diet very good in finding the trigger...fruit and veg for me. Get a diet sheet from nutritionist and work out your trigger. Was on tablets for it, but by avoiding the food I no longer need to take them. Good luck.


You poor thing, I have really bad acid reflux, it's make me so miserable, I brought a jar of root ginger on the advice of my 82 year old mother lol, when my reflux is really bad I chew a bit and find it very soothing, just wish it would all go away, would like to feel normal for a whil, I wish you well

Kind regards




I do sympathise. I would highly recommend a book by prof John Hunter. He is a consultant physician at Addenbrookes Hospital and is a recognised authority on all gut problems. I recently bought this book online for about £8 and I find it invaluable. This was mentioned recently by another poster but I cannot find the post to thank them. It explains in very simple terms how to recognise type of ibs you have by a range of questions. I have reflux which causes painful colic type wind under my ribs. I have discovered from this book that it is due to excessive air swallowing due to incorrect breathing. This causes excessive wind and also reflux. The book explains that poor breathing habits over a prolonged period need to be addressed. it explains that correcting this process is possible but can take some time. It details how to assess how you breathe and what exercises you need to do to reverse these habits. This book has been a revelation and thus the advice is helping.

I hope this is helpful


Glad it's helped - if it's "Irritable Bowel Solutions" then it may be me - I have recommended it a couple of times on this site. It's the best IBS book I have come across. I have an air swallowing problem too.


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