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'Magic Pill'

Hi, all. This time next week I will be taking the Preparation of Moviprep twice that day following a low residue diet prior to the prep.

The following day my Apt at Liverpool Royal Hospital is @ 8.15 am until 6pm. I find the whole procedure of what follows to be fascinating & how far technology has progressed. I swallow a capsule the size of an antibiotic capsulefor my Capsule Endoscopy & this contains a minute camera taking thousands of photographs of my alimentary tract. This is to try & get a Diagnosis of IBS that I've had for nearly 4yrs. I've already been down the route of invasive tests a Colonography & Colonoscopies BAM test CT Scan. Blood tests, Stool samples. My Calprotectin levels are still 300 plus much higher than expected of 50. So my Professor now thinks 'we are duty bound to offer this test'. It's £500 for the NHS test & I feel this should be offered before this non -invasive route earlier to prevent the other costs to the NHS. So 2 weeks later after another Consultant has viewed the results, 3hrs of his time to come up with a diagnosis. Google the Magic Pill & you'll be amazed & see some of the route.

Thanks all for reading this essay!