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Burning in lower left side of tummy

Hi,I have been told that I have IBS which has been controllable using buscopan. Flare-ups usually onlying last for 2/3 days,but I have had burning sensation in lower left side of tummy for over a week and ithe comes after whatever I eat or drink. Does anyone else have this and if so what can I take to ease it. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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The lower left side of the intestine is the ending of the intestine (connecting to the anus). Pain felt in the end of the intestine is caused by too much bloating or gas. This happens because some food was not well digested or some food intolerance (lactose intolerance is the most common).


I’ve found Colpermin very good as a more natural alternative to Buscopan. It’s basically Peppermint oil, but in capsules that protect it until it has passed through your stomach. I take it as advised on the instructions and usually find that the painful sensation has faded within 24 hours.

Hope that helps!


Peppermint capsules from holland and barratt usually work for me and there cheap! And try to lay of gluten dairy and red meat for a while as there all the things our digestives system finds hard to digest. Also a little heat ie hot water bottle


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